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This report contains publicly available information researched through Google Search and Wikipedia. These are the only sources of information. I will present the links to “facts” or premises as I go, which can be researched and challenged for veracity. I will try to be transparent in the difference between facts and the assumptions that I make from these facts. Lastly of course, I will make conclusions.


FALSE FLAG #1: The Murder of Seth Rich

7.10.16  Seth Rich was murdered

8.21.16  Roger Stone tweeted: “Trust me, it will soon the [sic] Podesta’s time in the barrel. #CrookedHillary.” (1)

John Podesta’s emails were not released by wikileaks until 10.7.16. (3) How is it that Roger Stone could be so prescient about the coming speculation regarding John Podesta’s involvement in Seth Rich’s death, without the emails being released yet? What would cause Roger Stone to want to take a shot at John Podesta specifically? The emails of John Podesta released by Julian Assange and Wikileaks contained what the alt-right deemed a smoking gun against Podesta. This was written in an email by Podesta on 2.22.15: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.” (2)



According to the declassified DNI report released 1.6.17: “We assess with high confidence that Russian military intelligence (General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate or GRU) used the Guccifer 2.0 persona and DCLeaks to release US victims data obtained in cyber operations publicly and in exclusives to media outlets and relayed material to Wikileaks.” (4)

8.06.16  RT Published an English-language video called ‘Julian Assange special: Do wikileaks have the email that will put Hillary Clinton in prison?'” (RT is Russia Today) (4)
8.12.16  Guccifer 2.0 released documents obtained from the DCCC: (5)
8.12.16  Guccifer 2.O tweets to Roger Stone: “@RogerJStoneJr thanks that u believe in the real #Guccifer2.” (6)
8.17.16  Guccifer 2.0 tweets to Roger Stone: “paying u back,” in reply to a tweet from Stone: “how the election can be rigged against Donald Trump.” (7)
8.18.16  Roger Stone stated in a C-SPAN interview that he was in touch with Assange “we communicated through an intermediary, someone who is a mutual friend.” (8)



3.19.16  John Podesta clicked on malicious link contained in an email that looked like an alarm from google, giving hackers access to his gmail account. (9) There has never been any evidence of a “leak,” despite the misleading suggestions of Sean Hannity and Julian Assange, which we will get to later. Podesta’s Gmail account was hacked by Russian military intelligence, and they gave the emails to Julian Assange, although it’s unclear to me when Assange had the emails.

Let’s stop here and think about the possibilities. First, Roger Stone and Julian Assange were genuinely concerned that Podesta was a murderer, and were being helpful by releasing the information in this email to the public, raising awareness to help the public solve the murder. The second possibility is my theory, that Seth Rich was murdered as a false flag operation, which the murderers intended to frame on John Podesta, sullying the reputation of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and thereby reducing Clinton’s chances of winning the election.  Third of course, this is all a big coincidence.
Exploring the possibility that Assange and Stone were good Samaratins, if they were so concerned about Podesta, why wait until October to release the email? Why wouldn’t Assange alert the public on the day after Seth Rich was murdered? Why wait until 1 hour after Clinton’s camp launched their own October Surprise, the Access Hollywood video with Trump bragging about grabbing women’s pussies? (10) I believe that they held this email for effect as their own October Surprise.



The family of Seth Rich hired, or allowed, two people to look into the murder of their son- Jack Burkman and Rod Wheeler.

1.6.17   In an interview by Maggie Howell on the YouTube channel Infowars, Jack Burkman, working for the Rich family, claimed he received calls from 2 callers on 12.26.17 and 12.27.17 who told him that “Seth Rich had uncovered information that the Russians had done the hacking into the DNC, and that therefore Seth was killed by the Russians and specifically the killing was ordered by Putin himself. Both of these callers suggested that Seth had discovered this information first, that he was in possession of this information long before anyone else, and that the Russians wanted him out of the way.” (11)

Jack Burkman seems to me a reasonable, credible Republican who believed Russia was responsible for the murder of Seth Rich. And Burkman strongly believed the calls he received were members of the US intelligence community. But I admit, a few anonymous (at least to us) phone calls is little to go on.

Still, the information the anonymous callers gave to Burkman seem plausible to me.  It seems to me that Seth Rich’s “uncovered information” and Podesta’s “making an example of a suspected leaker” are regarding the same issue. In other words did Seth Rich figure out how the “hacking” of the DNC occurred and tell Podesta (or whoever), to which Podesta in turn informed others in the DNC that we’re going to make an example of this? Or did Seth Rich “leak” something and John Podesta had him murdered? What’s more plausible?

I’ll state something that I think should be obvious here. I think Podesta is more of the “firing” type than the “murdering” type. If you want to see a murderer looks like, look at Vladmir Putin’s face. But these are opinions.

Now I know there’s option 3, that this was just a random mugging. There’s no finding of that. I believe the family was coached to lay low, and the police buried the public comments as the FBI investigated. What this does is limit the effectiveness of the false flag, and it also forces co-conspirators to make more exposing efforts to perpetuate the false flag.


Continuing with the timeline:

2.20.17  GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman finishes his work and writes a letter to Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, US House of Representatives, requesting investigation into Russia’s involvement in Seth Rich’s murder. (12)

Chaffetz does not initiate an investigation and later retires from public office.

3.15.17  James Comey briefs members of Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator Feinstein: “‘This briefing was all on sensitive matters and highly classified, and it’s really not anything that we can answer any questions about,’ Feinstein told reporters, noting that she was speaking on behalf of herself and Grassley.” The ashen looks on the faces of the Senators, the fact that Feinstein was the only one to say a word to the press with Grassley standing beside her, despite Grassley being the Chair of the Committee and Feinstein being in the minority party, and the subsequent facts and circumstances surrounding this briefing, lead me to believe the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed on the murder of Seth Rich on this day. (13)

Yes, that’s what I’m saying, I think Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that agents of the Kremlin murdered Seth Rich.  Watch the video.  (13)  Feinstein also says:  “The Chairman and I had written a letter asking for a briefing on certain topics which I’m not going to go into.”  Again, Burkman wrote a letter to Congress requesting an investigation into the Kremlin’s involvement 23 days earlier.


There is a lull in any activity for awhile, then activity explodes in May.  The reason why speculation in this time period is important will come into sharp focus later.  But let’s just go through what happened in May first.



Brad Bauman, spokesperson for Rich family, said Ed Butowsky contacted the Rich family (unclear on what date) and recommended to the family that Rod Wheeler investigate Seth Rich’s murder. (14) “‘You have a family who can’t afford a PI. Their son was killed. So I offered to help out,’ Butowsky said.” (15)

5.15.17  FOX 5 DC publishes an article: “Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family, suggests there is tangible evidence on Rich’s laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death… ‘The police department nor the FBI have been forthcoming,’ said Wheeler. ‘They haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer, which I believe is either at the police department or either at the FBI. I have been told both.'”
“When we asked Wheeler if his sources have told him there is information that links Rich to Wikileaks, he said, ‘Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.'” (16)


The next day, Wheeler recants.


5.16.17  “I only got that [information] from the reporter at Fox News,” Wheeler told CNN. (15)
Note this closely.  Rod Wheeler sat down to give an interview.  He repeated the information Fox News gave to him, and Fox News attributed it to him.

5.17.17  FOX 5 DC follows up on their previous article: “What he told FOX 5 DC on camera Monday regarding Seth Rich’s murder investigation is in clear contrast to what he has said over the last 48 hours. Rod Wheeler has since backtracked.” (17)

5.23.17  Fox News comments on the 5.15.17 article: “The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed.” (18)

5.23.17  Sean Hannity: “All you in the liberal media — I am not or I retracted nothing.” (19)



5.17.17  Despite Wheeler publicly backtracking and Fox 5 DC changing their story to reflect it, Sean Hannity continues to push the narrative that the DNC is behind the murder of Seth Rich:

HANNITY:  “Explosive developments in the mysterious murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich that could completely shatter the narrative that in fact Wikileaks was working with the Russians, or there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” Hannity said, introducing the Rich story during his opening segment. “Now, if true, this could become one of the biggest scandals in American history, and could mean that Rich could have been murdered under very suspicious circumstances. Now, according to former homicide detective Rod Wheeler, who had been hired by the Rich family to investigate the killing, newly discovered evidence shows that the 27 year-old former DNC employee was, in fact, communicating with Wikileaks before he was gunned down in Washington, D.C.” (20)

5.17.17  Wheeler makes comments on Sean Hannity’s show.

WHEELER:  “I have never seen the emails myself directly, I haven’t seen the computer that Seth Rich used,” he said. “With the totality of everything else I’ve found in this case, it’s very consistent for a person with my experience to begin to think, well, perhaps there were some email communications between Seth and WikiLeaks.” (20)

In other words, Rod Wheeler told Hannity on his own damned show that he knew absolutely nothing.

With Hannity’s source Rod Wheeler being burned, having recused himself because he knew he had been played, Hannity acquires a new source 2 days later.

5.19.17  @KimDotcom tweets to Sean Hannity: “I’m the evidence!!” HANNITY replies: “You are the evidence? Can you explain that in more detail?” (21)

5.20.17  @KimDotcom tweets to Sean Hannity: ” I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the @wikileaks source. I was involved.” (22)

5.21.17  Sean Hannity tweets:   “Stay tuned. Public invitation Kim Dotcom to be a guest on radio and TV. #GameChanger. Buckle up destroy Trump media. Sheep that u all are!!!” (23)

At this point, I’d like to point out that Sean Hannity has pushed so far beyond common sense that he is clearly working at the behest of the Kremlin, whether through intermediaries or directly.  He’s too smart not to understand what’s going on. He’s guilty of not registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Accessory to Murder or some similar charge, and blackmail.



5.24.17  Washington Post reports: “Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from, attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based Internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom… According to experts and Rich’s family, the emailed invitation from appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich’s email… Joel Rich, who monitors his late son’s Gmail account when new emails come in, did not click the link… Dotcom had not worked at Mega itself for years, but he was promising on Twitter to prove that the younger Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks — and Fox News host Sean Hannity was telling his 2.37 million Twitter followers to be ready for a -revelation.” (24)

I’ll make an assumption here. I think that Joel Rich was coached by the FBI to allow some communication with Kim DotCom, who then implicated himself completely when he sent the spear-phishing email to Seth Rich’s Gmail account. I believe New Zealand, a close United States ally, will extradite this man to the United States to face charges one day.



Odds are you already knew about Sean Hannity pushing the theory that the DNC killed Seth Rich. And if you spend much time on the internet boards, twitter, etc., you probably heard plenty of other people speculating about it. One thing you didn’t hear about during that time, none of us did, was what happened the day before Rod Wheeler spoke to Fox.

5.14.17  Peter Smith was found dead in his hotel room. (25)
5.15.17  The media blitz begins.

Coincidence?  Let’s look at what we know about Peter Smith’s death.

5.04.17   Peter Smith meets with Shane Harris of the Wall Street Journal. According to Harris, Peter Smith told him that he had attempted to contact hackers in Russia, who he believed had the 30,000 missing emails of Hillary Clinton, and that Michael Flynn was aware of his efforts. Peter Smith told Harris he had been involved other times in other elections in gathering information before that was useful to discredit political candidates that he didn’t like. (26) Shane Harris said on the Rachel Maddow show later on 6.29.17 that “He was in no way ashamed of what he had done. He was actually quite proud of it and fervently believed that these emails would eventually surface.” (27)

OK, so that’s the background on Peter Smith. The man was talking to Russia and Michael Flynn at the same time, and then he went and told the Wall Street Journal about it.

5.14.17   Peter Smith’s death was ruled a suicide. The cause of death was described as “asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium.” He apparently had a bag over his head connected to a helium tank. There was a note in the hotel room, of which the Chicago Tribune posted at least some of the text (not likely all of the text) ” “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER. RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017. LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING” (25)

5.15.17   Twitter “Bot” Network pushes #SethRich: “Hundreds of accounts with few or no followers began tweeting links to the story. By the next morning, #SethRich was trending nationally on Twitter.” (28)

5.15.17   Following the lead of Fox News and in particular Sean Hannity, many right-leaning websites, in particular Breitbart, push the theory that the DNC is behind the murder of Seth Rich. Just search “Seth Rich” on a search engine in the appropriate dates if you want to see that yourself.

5.15.17  Media and Twitter Bot blitz is successful: “Within a day of the Fox 5 report, Google searches for Rich had overtaken searches for James Comey, even amid continuous news about the former FBI director’s conversations with Trump.” (29)


Sadly, let’s look at the death of Peter Smith in a bigger context that relates him to Russia.

5.04.17  Peter Smith interviews with WSJ.
5.09.17  James Comey, Director of FBI, is fired.
5.14.17  Peter Smith “suicide”
5.15.17  Bot swarm pushes #SethRich
5.15.17  Media blitz, led by Fox News, followed by Breitbart and others, speculates DNC was involved in Seth Rich’s murder

This timeline is suspicious to me even if you believe it’s normal for people talking to Russian hackers to wind up with a bag over their head that leave a note saying “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” in all caps.

I believe this period was a critical time in our nation’s history. The Trump Administration, in concert with Russia, murdered a source of information who was talking to the press, and fired the man investigating them.

This was a “coup” of sorts. First, they committed murder and framed it on a political opponent to gain power. Second, when they were being investigated, they murdered another man who was talking in order to silence him, fired the man investigating them, and ran a media blitz coordinated by the Kremlin to create confusion in the public media and cover their tracks.

And still, the IC laid low, gathering evidence. Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel on 5.17.17.

I’m either crazy as hell and paranoid or this is all going to come out and shock the world.

I believe that twice – twice – elements associated with the Kremlin have murdered Americans on American soil, and that they have used paid American assets in the United States to cover their tracks. I don’t even have to substantiate that the Russians want Trump in office or substantiate any involvement between Trump’s team and Russia. It’s all too painfully obvious at this point.



I don’t know if I discovered a piece of evidence not in the public domain or not. I’ll leave it to others with better technical skills to look into it. But I want to talk about this one piece of shit website I found on the internet during the course of my research. A piece of shit website that has a video of Seth Rich’s family asking for help to solve their son’s murder, when the owners of this website are the very ones complicit in his murder.

It’s a slightly laborious process to establish their importance.

You’ve noticed quite a few sources quoted so far, which means I’ve spent a lot of time in Google Search. It’s one hell of a tool. After I noticed that Roger Stone tweeted about Podesta before his emails were released, I wanted to know who else was talking about both Podesta and Seth Rich before Assange released the emails, as I figured that they might also be complicit. So I did a simple search of +”Seth Rich” and +”John Podesta” in the appropriate time period between Seth Rich’s death and Roger Stone’s tweet about Podesta. It’s a pretty tight window, between 7.10.16 and 8.21.16. Steelmit and Impiousdigest have the same identical text claiming that John Podesta ordered a hit on Seth Rich. The date Google shows for the Steelmit article is first, on 8.10.16. The date Google shows for Impiousdigest is next on 8.11.16. But there’s a catch. The Steelmit article is nothing but plain text, in paragraph form, just like you’re reading now. The Impiousdigest article, however, has words overlaid onto pictures, and in the background you can see “Pentagon Insider Latest Info – August 8, 2016.” So although Google lists the publication date as 8.11.16, I believe the text was prepared on 8.8.16 on Impiousdigest. I believe the date 8.8.16 is important for two reasons. First, because I believe the first website to publish this particular Podesta theory in this timeframe knowingly and intentionally published it in concert with the Kremlin, and it’s hard to say if those who followed later had the same level of guilt, or if they just parroted the first site.
Secondly, if we assume that this was the Kremlin’s message, what they published was essentially a gameplan of what they wanted from False Flag #1 to help them win the 2016 election.


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.58.43 PM.png


“As of this morning, here is the latest information from our Pentagon insider ANON.”

“Seth Rich was murdered by a hitman connected to Mossad and was hired by John Podesta. ANON tells VL that Huma and Hillary are both aware of the hired hit for Seth Rich. This happened because Rich leaked documents to Wikileaks.”

On June 1st, Rich’s email was hacked. Then his Linked in was hacked, as well. The hitman was hired out of Chicago.
Wasserman Schultz is also aware and even Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, knows about the hit. If hackers are able to work as a team to uncover Seth’s tracks, they can receive the $20k reward money offered by Wikileaks, but even more so, they can uncover a number of recent deaths tied to DNC and Hillary.

“People who cross the path to Hillary are dying, the US regime is getting nervous.“

According to ANON, this information goes all the way up:
“Obama himself is getting briefings and wants Assange killed. The administration is in a real pickle. Mossad sent a kid to do the hit and he did a piss poor job.”
This “kid” left many clues, says our ANON. “This murder will be the undoing of the Democratic mafia.
Keep checking back for the latest leaks and REAL NEWS from our insider. (30)


Let me add a few facts about Julian Assange and Wikileaks at this point.

8.9.16  Julian Assange gives a long interview to Dutch television program Nieuswsuur on this day. Assange strongly implied that Seth Rich was a source for Wikileaks. Assange was extremely nervous and deceptive as the reporter challenged him. Assange did not mention John Podesta. (31)

8.9.16  On twitter, @wikileaks: “WikiLeaks Offers $20K Reward for Information in Murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich” (32)


Notice the website impiousdigest mentioned the $20K reward a day before wikileaks tweeted the reward offer. From this timeline I assume that the text of this web page was made by elements working in concert with wikileaks. It’s way too much of a coincidence to assume otherwise. Further they mentioned John Podesta, even before Roger Stone or wikileaks did, which is the reason I found them in the first place.

Back to the gameplan. This text published by Impiousdigest was not written by some 15 year-old “alt-right” kid who is into conspiracy theories. It’s calculated to achieve a goal. It’s extremely specific, not general. Podesta used a Mossad hitman, not just a hitman. He was hired from Chicago. And so on. What this does is build credibility when evidence they released later seems to corroborate the story. To the followers of this website, when the Podesta emails were released on 10.7.16, it made them believe that the rest of the details contained in their “Pentagon Insider” must also be true. It’s a smoking gun, all right, but one that they fired and planted.

Of course everyone chasing the Podesta hitman theory is never going to find any evidence of it because it didn’t happen. But, they don’t have to find it. All they need to do is look and believe and spread the theory, baseless in any fact. That’s the gameplan. The internet is full of allegations against the Clintons, and this new information contributes to it greatly, and has a true impact on the average voter who is inevitably exposed to it.

It’s interesting that the text implies as much: “they can receive the $20k reward money offered by Wikileaks, but even more so, they can uncover a number of recent deaths tied to DNC and Hillary.”

Note to the people on the “right” politically. I am not defending the Clintons. I believe there is plenty of cause to distrust them. What I will tell you is that the Russians played on your preconceived notions. In fact, this False Flag wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if there wasn’t some basis for suspicion. It had at least a slight effect on even the rational elements of our politics. I’m not telling you that the circumstances surrounding Vince Foster’s suicide aren’t questionable. I’m telling you that they used you. And the irrational crowd, talking about 30+ “body bags” and so forth, they took it hook, line and sinker.

Now you’ve probably noticed that my false flag theories involve front organizations, various media outlets, friendly assets, and a few leaps of faith. Yeah, that’s exactly right, and it’s by design.

The DNI said the same thing.
1.6.17 DNI report:  “By their nature, Russian influence campaigns are multifaceted and designed to be deniable because they use a mix of agents of influence, cutouts, front organizations, and false-flag operations.” (4)

Let’s not wait for “false flag” #3 please. #1 and #2 are horrible enough. As the stakes get higher, the false flags may get bigger. Could the Russians “hack” a missile in flight from North Korea, and aim it at South Korea for instance? War would be one hell of a distraction as they fire Robert Mueller and his team, and Jeff Sessions destroys evidence.



































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