Adriana Ross knows too much about Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton for her own safety

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Yesterday Adriana cried leaving church as reporters asked her for a comment about her former employer, Jeffrey Epstein.  The Daily Mail quoted a man believed to be her husband Duncan Ross: “You don’t know anything. It’s not for you to make a judgment. You don’t know anything about it.”

Photo, Adriana Ross leaves church with Duncan Ross.

It’s easy to understand why her stress levels would be high with the recent death of Epstein and President of the United States retweeting conspiracy theories about former President Clinton being involved in foul play in Epstein’s death.  In a rare time where the large majority of the country will agree with the President at least to an extent, clearly foul play was involved.  The only debates seem to be whether Epstein’s death should be called a murder or some form of criminally-negligent assisted suicide, and who was behind this death that was apparently coordinated within the jail.  A spokeswoman for the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner said that an autopsy had concluded that the cause of death was suicide by hanging,” although at this point the public can’t take for granted that Epstein was alone in his cell due to serious irregularities at the jail which resulted in two jail guards placed on leave and the warden reassigned by the DOJ.


Adriana Ross testified in a deposition (page 103) that she came to the United States from Poland in the Fall of 2002 on an invitation from Elite Models on a “business tourist visa.”  She changed her name from Adriana Mucinka to Adriana Ross after marrying Duncan Ross on July 12, 2003.  Adriana said she met Duncan In Europe, where he was associated with Elite Models, before she moved to the United States.  She graduated high school in 2002 in Warsaw, Poland, received an associate’s degree from Miami-Dade college in 2008, and was at the time of the deposition in March 2010, pursuing her bachelor’s.


In her deposition, Adriana was talkative at first about her background, then asserted her 5th Amendment rights every time after attorney Bradley Edwards went into a prolonged period where he asked very incriminating questions of her.  A small sample of some of the questions asked Adriana, which she would not answer:

  • Do you know a guy by the name of Jean-Luc Brunel?
  • Do you know of underaged females being transported into this country to work for the modeling company MC Squared? 
  • Do you know of those underaged females being given work visas and staying at the 301 East 66th address?
  • Have you ever met Bill Clinton?

Edwards asked the following line of questions pursuing whether Bill Clinton, via Sandy Berger, was involved in a tip to Jeffrey Epstein that a raid was forthcoming at Epstein’s Palm Beach residence.  (Page 121).  Adriana answered none of these questions.

  • Who is Sandy Berger?
  • That’s somebody else that was affiliated with Bill Clinton at one point in time, correct?  A close friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s?
  • He called the house within three weeks of the search warrant being executed.  Did he tip off Jeffrey Epstein?
  • Is he somebody that’s involved with underage minors?

Adriana was asked many questions about removing computers from Epstein’s Palm Beach home with the assistance of Bill Reilly, as follows, and ultimately asked if she took the computers to her residence.  (pages 113-115).  None of these questions were answered.

  • When Mr. Epstein was being investigated criminally how did you first learn about that?
  • At some point in time he was tipped off that his home– that a search warrant was going to be executed on his home, correct?
  • And just a month before the execution of that search warrant– less than a month before the execution of that search warrant he ordered you to do something with certain evidence, didn’t he?
  • In fact, there were at least three very key computers that contained a lot of the information that I’ve been asking about.  You’re familiar with those computers that were in his home, correct?
  • And he ordered you to come over and take those computers out of his house, correct?
  • And you could basically take the local database that exposed his criminal enterprise that I’ve been talking about dealing with sex with underage minor vehicles–  minor underage females and you could take the evidence from his home, correct?
  • And you’ve seen the material that’s on those computers, correct?
  • And if I were to look at those computers it would display exactly what I’ve been describing to you today, right?
  • And you went to his house with a male, correct?
  • There was one other guy with you that assisted you to take these computers from his home;  is that right?
  • Where did you take those?
  • Did you take those– was it Bill Reilly that went to the home? 
  • Do you know who Bill Reilly is? 
  • He’s one of the investigators hired by Roy Black to represent Jeffrey Epstein?
  • Did you take those computers over to your house? 
  • And I guess the house that I would be talking about is the 1040 South Shore Drive, have those computers ever been to that house?

Testimony of Janusz Banasiak

Even though Adrian did not incriminate herself, housekeeper Janusz Banasiak testified in his deposition that he saw Adriana and another man remove three computers from Epstein’s home (page 368).

  • Q.  Do you remember who it was that personally removed the computers and equipment from the property?  Was it Mr. Epstein, was it a lawyer, was it, do you remember?  
  • A.  It was Adriana.
  • Q.  All right.  And am I of the understanding that there were several computers that were removed from the house, correct?
  • Mr. Goldberger:  Form.
  • The witness:  Yes, three of them. 
  • Q.  Three?  And to your knowledge Adriana removed all of them?
  • A.  She show up one day with gentleman.  I don’t remember his name.  And she told me that they were moving out those computers.

Death of Palm Beach Detective Joseph Recarey

The following is an excerpt from a Miami Herald article where Banasiak’s testimony on the removal of computers from Epstein’s home prior to the Palm Beach police department raid.

Janusz Banasiak, a butler for Epstein, testified in a civil deposition years later that one of Epstein’s assistants, Adriana Mucinska Ross, and another unidentified man were instructed in advance of the arrival of Palm Beach police to remove the multiple computers in the house. Krischer never issued a subpoena for the computers, even though it was known they were in the hands of Epstein’s attorneys by that time, the lead detective, Joseph Recarey, told the Herald.

Joseph Recarey, “one of the most decorated police officers in the history of the department,” died May 25, 2018, after what the Palm Beach Post reported was a “brief illness.”

Photo: Palm Beach Detective Joseph Recarey

Barry Krischer was the former Palm Beach County state attorney.  The Herald article did not reference when lead detective Joseph Recarey spoke to the Herald about Krischer.

Unprotected Legal Status and Security

Potential co-conspirators” Sarah Kellen, AdrianaRoss, Lesley Groff, and Nadia Marcinkova were previously protected under the non-prosecution agreement of Jeffrey Epstein.

Recently the Epstein deal with the state of Florida was put into legal question by Judge Kenneth Marra’s ruling on Feb 21, 2109 that the deal had illegally violated the rights of Epstein victims rights under the Crime Victims Reporting Act, or CVRA.  As David Boies explained, from the Miami Herald article:

“As a legal matter, the non-prosecution agreement entered into by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida does not bind other U.S. Attorneys in other districts. They are free, if they conclude it is appropriate to do so, to bring criminal actions against Mr. Epstein and his co-conspirators,’’ said lawyer David Boies, representing two of Epstein’s victims.

Epstein was later indicted by Manhattan prosecutors in July, based on the what seemed to be much of the same evidence that Florida and the FBI had collected in their investigation during the time when Ross was employed by Epstein.  Attorney Barr announced after Epstein’s death that any co-conspirators “should not rest easy.”  What does that mean, William Barr?

Is the United States going to leave a then 20-year old Polish immigrant vulnerable to what appears to be a real threat of assassination and not investigate the possibility of former President Clinton’s role in a what amounted to a coverup of Epstein’s larger criminal network?  Or can we expect a plea deal soon that will ensure her safety?



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