The FBI Needs to Investigate Ghislaine Maxwell’s ties to Children’s Charities and “Project Monarch”

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Some pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell were recently released. These photos caused a stir because Ghislaine was with Caryn Zucker, wife of CNN’s Jeff Zucker, in several locations.  I previously reported on the photos of Caryn and Ghislaine at a book party in New York in 2008, which was not long after Epstein began his “sentence. ” This gathering was also attended by Donald Trump and Steve Mnuchin.  The mainstream media, as usual, failed to connect the dots on this.

Caryn and Ghislaine attended another event together in May 2014.  This was the “Fresh Air Fund” event honoring Mariah Carey for her charitable donations to “a retreat for inner city children to explore career development.” The River Fund, a parter of the Fresh Air Fund, enrolls children “aged six years old and up for visits with host families across 13 different states and Canada.” What bothers me is the use of the Monarch butterfly at this event, and of course, Ghilsaine Maxwell’s attendance.

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 29: Caryn Zucker and Ghislaine Maxwell attend The Fresh Air Fund Spring Gala honoring American Hero Mariah Carey at Pier 60 on May 29, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Anyone who’s read Trance: Formation of America will instantly recognize that Project Monarch was a vile offshoot of the U.S. Government Program MK Ultra.  The program exploited children who were victims of incest and provided them to politicians. Mariah Carey “expressed her gratitude for the evening’s décor, which was an over-the-top butterfly theme in her honor, including light projections and thousands of different decorations of the colorful insects.”

Children+Butterflies+Epstein/Maxwell isn’t a good combination. Here’s another reference to butterflies from Cathy O’Brien’s book. Kelly, Cathy’s daughter, was raped by President George H. W. Bush at a young age, and later sent here.

Many people have wondered why the government would go to such lengths to protect Jeffrey Epstein.  As I’ve said before, Epstein’s blackmail network didn’t just spring to life when Epstein bought Little St. James Island.  Recently the government has declassified some documents on “The Finders,” as reported by Cathy Fox.   When you add in “The Franklin Coverup” and Bohemian Grove you start to see that this blackmail program goes back a long way and it has a great deal to do with the government’s MK Ultra program. 

Ghislaine herself made a most unsubtle reference to the U.S. Government when she allowed herself to be photographed reading the book “the secret lives and deaths of CIA operatives spies” at a restaurant shortly after Epstein’s mysterious death.  It’s just a matter of time before the government has to admit that Epstein was involved with the government.  The FBI raided Little St. James Island around this time, after reports of underground facilities emerged.

The sad thing about Ghislaine being involved with children’s charities is that the last thing I want is to have a chilling effect on charity or make a false claim about them.  I make no claims about Mariah Carey or the Funds. It is possible that good intentions have been mixed with bad. The FBI simply needs to investigate Ghislaine’s role here.  

P.S.  Although the symbol of the Monarch butterfly is used online to depict Project Monarch, I suspect there’s a better symbol:  the Monarch Crown.  MK Ultra was not confined to the  United States.  The U.S. is one member of the Five Eyes alliance of nations along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain.   The United States apologized to Canada for involving them in the program.  In her book, Cathy O’Brien reported that she was provided to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  Fiona Barnett, from Australia, had similar experiences to Cathy, including being raped by President Richard Nixon.  Add that to the involvement of Ghislaine and Prince Andrew and you’ll understand why my suspicions about “Project Monarch” are about more than butterflies.


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