Prince Andrew apparently thinks that his use of conspiracy terms “pizza” and “adrenaline” will protect him.

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When it comes to guilt by association, it doesn’t get much worse than frequent involvement with Jeff Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, as Prince Andrew is finding out. Andrew recently stepped down from his “public duties” (whatever that means, I’m an American). He’s agreed to speak to the FBI, but won’t fly to the U.S. because he thinks he may be arrested.

Public Duty

The charges against Epstein thus far have amounted to statutory rape and human trafficking for that purpose.  We still don’t know how bad this scandal is, however.  There’s a growing sense that the scandal includes some of the worse crimes imaginable.

I like to be “facts-based,” and the evidence on these conspiracy theories has been a little thin to blog on up until now.  That was before Prince Andrew’s November 11 interview (full text here) where he made deliberate references to the conspiracy theory buzzwords “pizza” and “adrenaline,” drawing reference to “pizzagate” and “adrenochrome.”  Just the simple fact that Andrew mentioned pizza and adrenaline so prominently in this interview while denying any knowledge or involvement with Epstein is noteworthy. First let’s look at his use of the word adrenalin.

Andrew: “I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenalin in the Falkland’s War when I was shot at and I simply…it was almost impossible for me to sweat.”

Is Andrew saying that he can’t sweat in the literal sense, or the figurative one? Not only does it seem like an odd subject of conversation, there is reporting of Andrew actually sweating well after the military conflict between Argentina and Britain occurred over the Falkland Islands.

On April 3, 2018, “QAnon,” whoever or whatever that is, published some photos and made claims that there were underground facilities on Little St. James Island.  This led to the “adrenochrome” theory, that victims were terrorized and murdered to harvest a hallucinogenic substance that your body produces under tremendous stress.  

I couldn’t dismiss this theory as nonsense because when I was researching the relations of the Clintons to Epstein and Maxwell, I found these February 12, 2000 photos of Andrew, Trump, Maxwell, Epstein, and Melania, and they appear to be under the influence of some type of drug. 

Maralago, February 12, 2000.
From left, American real estate developer Donald Trump and his girlfriend (and future wife), former model Melania Knauss, financier (and future convicted sex offender) Jeffrey Epstein, and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell pose together at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000. (Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images)

October 31, 2000 is another date where Trump and Melania have the same goofy look on their face. Just so happens that Prince Andrew was with them. Just so happens that Prince Andrew was with Ghislaine Maxwell this day too, and is wearing the same suit.

I researched the history of “adrenochrome.”   In 1950, Dr. Humphrey Osmond is credited with discovering adrenochrome.  Osmond found that adrenaline had a similar molecular structure to mescaline.  He said an overproduction of adrenalin was associated with schizophrenia and determined that vitamin B3 aided in recovery.  Osmond, along with writer Alduous Huxley, first coined the term “psychedelic.”

In 1951, Osmond left England for Canada where his research was subsidized by the Rockefeller foundation.  They experimented with LSD, mescalin, adrenalin precursors and derivatives, and later published the results of their studies.  They had a very interesting conclusion.  “We concluded that LSD did not act as an hallucinogen per se but that it induced an increase in the production of adrenochrome which was the hallucinogen.”  

It’s hard for most people to believe that prominent politicians and VIPs would be involved in torture and murder.  I believe it’s possible because when I researched Bohemian Grove to separate facts from rumor, I couldn’t escape the conclusion that human sacrifices had occurred there as part of a blackmail operation.  There’s just too much information there over too long a period of time from too many sources.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about adrenochrome until Prince Andrew mentioned adrenaline.

Yes this is where your politicians hang out.

Further still, a former IT contractor for Epstein on Little St. James Island reported that he saw a room full of the same t-shirts, white Lacoste polo, size medium. The maids there said Epstein only wore one shirt a day and that the old one was cut into rags for the maids to clean with. It’s conceivable that this was done to provide an alibi for any DNA that might wind up on Epstein’s shirts.

On to Andrew’s use of “pizza.” The famous photo of Andrew, Ghislaine and Virginia was taken by Jeff Epstein with Virginia’s camera on March 10, 2001. Andrew doesn’t remember anything about that, but does remember going to get pizza on that very day. Andrew: “On that particular day that we now understand is the date which is the 10th of March, I was at home. I was with the children, and I’d taken Beatrice to a Pizza Express in Woking for a party.”

The interviewer asked, “Why would you remember that so specifically? Why would you remember a Pizza Express birthday and being at home?” Andrew replied: “Because going to Pizza Express in Woking is an unusual thing for me to do, a very unusual thing for me to do.”

Well alrighty then Andrew.

Pizzagate” has received plenty of attention thanks to Mike Flynn. It involves Hillary Clinton, Satanic rituals, and it even has its own wikipedia page.  Just briefly, in case you don’t want to click the link:

In November 2016, Michael T. Flynn, then on President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team and Trump’s designate for National Security Advisor, posted multiple tweets on Twitter containing conspiratorial material regarding Hillary Clinton. They alleged that Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, drank the blood and bodily fluids of other humans in Satanic rituals, which Politico says “soon morphed into the ‘#pizzagate’ conspiracy theory involving Comet Ping Pong.” On November 2, 2016, Flynn tweeted a link to a story with unfounded accusations and wrote, “U decide – NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc … MUST READ!”

None of this is court evidence, I know that. It’s just that when someone is getting anxious about being investigated and starts making references to other crimes, unfounded or not, that’s reason to believe that they are saying they will disclose evidence and not be prosecuted alone.

Bottom line: The FBI raided Little St. James Island.  Whatever happened there, they know it.  (Epstein was dead three days later).

Of course, the FBI has covered up for Epstein’s network for a long time.  As Virginia Roberts Giuffre said back in February 2015, “Based on my knowledge of Epstein and his organisation, as well as discussions with the FBI, it is my belief that federal prosecutors likely possess videotapes and photographic images of me as an underage girl having sex with Epstein and some of his powerful friends,” she said. 

Only serious pressure from the public and Congress can make the FBI tell us what they found on Little St. James Island.  

P.S. The NYPD was there too, though. Maybe they’ll tell us.



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