Roy Cohn, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton

1927. Roy Cohn born. His father is Albert Cohn, a New York State Supreme Court justice and prominent Democrat.

1937. Roy Cohn is introduced by his father President Roosevelt at age 10.

Spring 1949. Roy Cohn writes a memo on Albert Hiss.

1950. The Judge presiding over the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg called Roy Cohn from a phone booth and asked him if they should get the death penalty.

January 1953, Roy Cohn becomes Chief Counsel for Joseph McCarthy’s Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations; Robert F. Kennedy becomes assistant counsel.

1954, Cohn tries to punch Robert Kennedy at the McCarthy hearings. Roy Cohn: “And I got pretty tee’d off. And as we were walking out of the hearing room, we sort of came up against each other, and I said to him I…. something to the effect that I thought that was a pretty shoddy thing to do. And one word led to another and finally he was screaming at me and I was going back to him, so finally I said, “Well, look, this is no place to have an argument. You want to settle it, let’s step outside and settle it.” At that moment Senator Mundt [Karl E. Mundt], someone intervened, and fortunately because, as I say, I don’t think my physical condition, not being a mountain climber or running kayaks up and down the Colorado River or something, I don’t think I would have been too much of a match for him. But anyway, that fist fight was averted.

1958. Herbert Hoover is filmed by Roy Cohn at the Plaza Hotel. ” Mrs. Rosensteil claims to have attended the orgies with her husband in 1958. On the first occasion Hoover, whom Mrs. Rosensteil had met and recognized, was wearing ‘a fluffly black dress, very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings and high heels, and a black curly wig.  ‘He had makeup on, and false eyelashes. It was a very short skirt and he was sitting there in the living room of the suite with his legs crossed. Roy introduced him as ‘Mary.  Young boys joined the party and engaged in sexual activities with Hoover, Cohn, and her husband, according to Rosensteil, who said Hoover had one of the boys read from the Bible while the other played with him.”

December 1962. Roy Cohn on Bobby Kennedy: “I saw Bobby next at George Sokolsky’s funeral, which was in December of 1962. We were both honorary pallbearers. And we had a very—I was sort of running things, in charge of the arrangements, and Bobby came. I shook hands with him cordially and I said, “The family is, I know, very appreciative that you came up”—which he thought was very amusing, because I got a kickback afterward that I had the nerve to say to him that the family was appreciative he came up or something like that but….

November 22, 1963. JFK assassinated. Roy Cohn: “when, in November of 1963, Bobby received the phone call of the attack on his brother in Texas, Bobby was at that moment having lunch with Morgenthau at Bobby’s home in Virginia discussing my case.”

December 5, 1964. United Dye and Chemical Corporation stock fraud case.  Bobby Kennedy and Roy Cohn.  “Three of the six sentenced yesterday testified for the Government in its case against Roy M. Cohn and a co‐defendant, Murray E. Gottesman. A Federal Court jury exonerated Mr. Cohn and Mr. Gottesman of having conspired to obstruct justice in the United Dye case.”

June 6, 1968. Robert Kennedy is assassinated. Roy Cohn: And then, finally, after the last Morgenthau grand jury was about over with, he came up with another indictment, the end of ’68 followed by still another superseding indictment really in January of 1969, which was a six count indictment that went to trial in September of 1969 and took two and a half months, and the jury was only out a little over three hours and acquitted me on each and every count. And within a matter of a few days thereafter President Nixon [Richard Milhous Nixon] fired Morgenthau. Getting back to—and of course by this time, Bobby Kennedy had met with his unfortunate demise.

September 5, 1969. Life Magazine article:  “Cohn Lobby,” by William Lambert.  References how Cohn and Rosensteil referenced each other as field commander and supreme commander.  

September 8, 1969. Cohn writes a letter to FBI Director Herbert Hoover. “When I started fighting Communism as a young voice in the wilderness of the Justice Department, I suppose I realized that those who did not like what I was doing would be after me for a long time,” Cohn wrote on Sept. 8, 1969, according to documents obtained by The Post. “You are such a great institution up and down this nation, that I hate to see you diverted or annoyed for even a minute — thus my sense of deep regret.” Hoover wrote back eight days later: “Your generous comments regarding me are indeed gratifying.”

October 16, 1971. Cohn acquitted of all charges Bus Line case.  Mr. Cohn was accused of concealing required information in two proxy statements and an annual financial report to the Securities and Exchange Commission and stockholders of Fifth Avenue Coach Lines when, he was general counsel for the bud company five years ago.

November 1971. From Behind the Pine Curtain: “Ben Rose informed the New York City Detectives that in November of 1971, three boys, ages 14-15 years, were sexually abused and then murdered in his apartment on East 64th Street in New York City by three men he identified as Dr. (name deleted) (a surgeon), (name deleted) (OPEC), and (name deleted) (CIA). The bodies were then transported to Connecticut by car and then buried on a farm.”

“During the investigation by the New York State Select Committee on Crime, information was received that Roy Cohn (famed attorney who represented Senator Joe McCarthy at the notorious McCarthy Hearings) helped in covering up the murder and the disposal of the bodies. When Cohn was questioned about the murder of the three 14-15 year old boys at Ben Rose’s apartment, he stated that he was aware of what had happened, but would comment no further. Information at that time was that Cohn was often used to compromise people and, if situations such as those described by Rose occurred, Cohn would take care of them.”

June 2, 1973. The 97-foot Defiance catches fire and sinks offshore of Florida, killing Charles Martensen. Roy Cohn collects insurance. Martensen’s father developed information that his son was shot and wanted the FBI to salvage the boat to investigate. The FBI refused.

October 16, 1973. The Department of Justice brings suit in federal court in Brooklyn against Mr. Trump and his father, Fred C. Trump, charging them with violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968 in the operation of 39 buildings.  Cohn later took case.

October 1973. Trump meets Roy Cohn at Le Club and asks for advice on how to proceed with the federal suit. “My view is tell them to go to hell,” Cohn said, “and fight the thing in court.”

November 30, 1973. After 25 years of law, friends of Roy Cohn gather in his honor to raise money for two charities – the Cardinal Spellman Foundation and the American Jewish League Against Communism. It was later revealed that Cardinal Spellman had been abusive to children. Like Herbert Hoover, Spellman liked to be called Mary.

December 13, 1973. Roy Cohn, representing Donald Trump, files lawsuit against Federal Government.

June 24, 1976. Dade County Judge rules that Roy Cohn misrepresented to Lewis Rosensteil a document that Cohn helped Rosensteil sign on his deathbed which made Cohn a trustee of Rosensteil’s $75 Million estate.

April 1977. “Trump and Ivana go to opening night of Studio 54. The owners were impresarios named Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, and their lawyer was Roy Cohn.” “What went on in Studio 54 will never, ever happen again,” Trump told writer Timothy O’Brien. “First of all, you didn’t have AIDS. You didn’t have the problems you do have now. I saw things happening there that to this day I have never seen again. I would watch supermodels getting screwed, well-known supermodels getting screwed on a bench in the middle of the room. There were seven of them and each one was getting screwed by a different guy. This was in the middle of the room. Stuff that couldn’t happen today because of problems of death.”

1977. Michael Jackson gives interview at Studio 54.

Michael Jackson with Woody Allen at Studio 54

December 14, 1978. Studio 54 raided for tax evasion suspicion. Cocaine confiscated.

1979. Roy Cohn meets Roger Stone, and later refers Stone to Donald Trump.

February 1979. Studio 54 has a birthday party for Roy Cohn. Donald Trump attends.

May 15, 1981. Donald Trump attends Israel Ballet Company performance to raise money for the Jewish National Fund. Roy Cohn is chairman. Donald donates.

January 18, 1983. From Consortium News: “By February 1983, Cohn had already arranged a face-to-face meeting between Reagan and Murdoch (on Jan. 18, 1983) and had brokered a collaborative relationship between Murdoch and Charles Z. Wick, director of the U.S. Information Agency who oversaw U.S. propaganda operations worldwide.”

January 27, 1983. Also from Consortium News:, quoting Roy Cohn: “’I had one interest when Tom [Bolan, Cohn’s law partner] and I first brought Rupert Murdoch and Governor Reagan together and that was that at least one major publisher in this country would become and remain pro-Reagan,’ Cohn wrote in a Jan. 27, 1983 letter to senior White House aides Edwin Meese, James Baker and Michael Deaver. ‘Mr. Murdoch has performed to the limit up through and including today.’”

March 12, 1983. Andrew Stein marries Lynn Forester.  Donald Trump, Roy Cohn, Ron Perelman in attendance.  Photo from Diana Mara Henry.

September 18, 1983. Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald Trump’s sister, is “nominated by President Ronald Reagan.. to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.” The New Yorker reported Cohn’s Secretary, Christine Seymour’s comments: “Roy got the White House to give her her judgeship,” Seymour writes. “Roy was out and the call came in to tell her she got it. I took the call and called her to tell her. Ten minutes later, Donald called to say thank you.” The New York Times quoted Donald Trump: “’I’m no different than any other brother that loves his sister,’ Mr. Trump said when asked about Mr. Cohn’s pressure on the Reagan administration. ‘My sister got the appointment totally on her own merit.’”

October 1983. Roy Cohn attends the opening of Trump Tower with Donald Trump.

May 14, 1984. Ronald Reagan gives Michael Jackson an award at the White House. This award seems to be referenced in documents the FBI released on Michael Jackson, although the complaint the FBI investigated referenced the ceremony as taking place in “1985 or 1986.”

June 13, 1984. A Fire at Horace Mann school destroys records. Roy Cohn and William Barr attended this prep school.

November 4, 1984. Doctors tell Roy Cohn he has AIDS.

November 15, 1984. Article in Washington Post discusses Donald Trump’s desire to be a “nuclear negotiator” for the Reagan Administration. Trump: “It would take an hour-and-a-half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles . . . I think I know most of it anyway. You’re talking about just getting updated on a situation . . . You know who really wants me to do this? Roy (Cohn) . . . I’d do it in a second.”

December 17, 1984. Ryan White learns that he has contracted AIDS.

March 11, 1985. Cohn writes a letter to FBI Director William Webster complaining about wiretapping of his business. “Since 1950 — the year I prosecuted the Rosenberg atom-spy trial at age 23 with the magnificent investigative help of the Bureau, up to the present, 34 years later, I have had a first-rate relationship with and respect for the Bureau,” Cohn wrote… A confidential internal FBI memo the next month offered more detail: Field agents had conducted surveillance of Cohn’s office, with the aim of “installing a monitoring device to intercept the conversations of Genovese Boss Anthony Salerno,” who apparently was using Cohn’s office for his own business.

May 10, 1985. “Robert Trump, Fred Trump, Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, Elizabeth Trump, Mary Anne Trump and Roy Cohn attend 38th Annual Horatio Alger Awards Dinner on May 10, 1985 at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City.”

March 5, 1988. Donald Trump meets Michael Jackson backstage at Madison Square Garden.

March 28, 1988. Donald Trump buys Plaza Hotel. Tom Barrack was involved in this sale.

April 1988. Michael Jackson becomes sole owner of Neverland Ranch.

Winter 1988. Macaulay Culkin references 1988 as year he met Michael Jackson at a performance of the Nutcracker with Donald Trump. He was 8 years old at the time. This interview is from 2018. When Culkin testified at Michael Jackson’s trial in 2005, he said Michael Jackson had called him out of the blue.

December 1989. (Ivanka) Trump danced in “The Nutcracker,” a New York holiday tradition, in December 1989 and December 1990, appearing in both years as Party Scene Girl and Angel.     People: “Ivana also recall how Jackson, at the peak of his fame, went to see young Ivanka perform in the Nutcracker.”  ‘Michael told me that she looked like an angel that night,’ Ivana recalls.

April 6, 1990. Donald Trump and Michael Jackson attend grand opening of Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ.

April 8, 1990. Donald Trump and Michael Jackson fly to Indiana to see Ryan White, who died that day.

From above, Trump: “Where is the… where are the parents now? I think, I’m sure they’re at the house. Normally the mother… they must be at the house… It’s a shame. He was a great boy and we’re going to do everything we can for the parents… wonderful parents, wonderful mother.”

August 1, 1992. Donald Trump, Marla Trump, Michael Jackson together.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MJ-Trump-Aug-1991.jpg
UNITED STATES – AUGUST 01: Michael Jackson , Marla Maples and Donald Trump (Photo by The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

November 24, 1992. Michael Jackson attends function for plane loading supplies for Jackson’ new charitable foundation Heal the World and Americares to Sarajevo.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MJ.Americares.jpg

November 15, 1993. PepsiCo announces that they are dropping Michael Jackson from their advertising.

December 20, 1993. Michael Jackson’s body photographed by police.

Winter 1993/1994. Michael Jackson stays at Trump’s Maralago estate with Lisa Marie Presley. “Jackson spent the week with Lisa Marie and her two children, Benjamin Storm, 21 months, and Danielle, 5. She and Michael stayed in separate bedrooms but were otherwise inseparable and affectionate.” 

March 1994. Michael Jackson rents apartment in Trump Tower.

May 26, 1994. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley wed in the Dominican Republic.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley move into Trump Tower.

December 10, 1995. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley separate.

November, 2000. Michael Jackson and the Clintons attend a G & P Cancer Foundation Gala where Michael received a reward for his charitable activities.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MJ.Clintons.Nov2000.jpg

April 24, 2002. Michael Jackson performs for Bill Clinton fundraiser at Apollo theater in New York.

May, 2002. “Living with Michael Jackson is a television documentary, in which Martin Bashir interviewed Michael Jackson over a span of eight months, from May 2002 to January 2003, about different aspects of his life. It was shown first in the United Kingdom on ITV (as a Tonight special) on February 3, 2003, and in the United States 3 days later on ABC, introduced by Barbara Walters.” This documentary leads to an investigation of Michael regarding Gavin Arvizo.

2002. Bill Clinton and Chris Tucker meet Michael Jackson and his children at what looks like Neverland.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MJ.BillClinton.ChrisTucker2002.jpg

September 21, 2002. Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and others fly with Jeffrey Epstein and others to Santa Maria, Ghana, Nigeria and Rwanda.

February 2003. Chris Tucker, in May 25, 2005 testimony at the molestation trial of Michael Jackson, testifies that he “flew the family (of Gavin Arvizo) by private jet to Miami in February 2003 because the accuser told him that he wanted to go there to be with Jackson.”

November 8, 2003: “the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Santa Ynez, California….  The search was for evidence in support of child molestation allegations against Jackson.  The alleged victims are 13 year-old (redacted) and his 12 year-old brother (redacted).  Additional locations searched were a private investigator’s office in Beverly Hills, CA, and the West Hills, CA business premises of an individual who filmed the victims making coerced statements in support of Jackson.  Michael Jackson FBI Files, file 4 pages 8-9.     

Jan 16, 2004. Michael Jackson arraigned on molestation charges of Gavin Arvizo.

March 29, 2004. The Santa Barbara Sherrif’s Department requests assistance from the FBI:  COMPUTER ANALYSIS RESPONSE TEAM is forwarding four (4) DVDs, labeled as Derivative Evidence (DE) and containing image files to the Forensic Audio Video Image Analysis Unit (FAVIAU) so they may convert the files to a readable format. Details: The image files contained on the four (4) DVDs cannot be read by standard graphics viewers. It is requested that FAVIAU convert all graphics files on enclosed media to a form readable by standard graphics viewers. Per previous conversations with FAVIAU personnel, the formats are proprietary, but specialized digital processing can render the files readable by non-proprietary viewers.” Michael Jackson FBI Files, File 2, Page 37. There is no evidence in the redacted FBI files released to the public on the FBI’s reply to Santa Barbara Sherrif Department.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FBIMJFile2Page37-1024x915.jpg

May 11, 2005. Macaulay Culkin testimony: Q. Who is that? A. That’s Michael Jackson. Q. Is he a friend of yours? A. Yes, he is. Q. How long has he been a friend of yours? A. I first met him when I was nine or ten years old. Q. And how did you meet him? A. He kind of called me out of the blue one time, just said, “Hey,” you know, “This is Michael Jackson.” And this is after the “Home Alone” movie had come out. So it’s kind of like — it was like, “I think I understand kind of what’s happening, and I’d like to get together and talk.”

November 15, 2005. Michael Jackson attracts attention in UAE by using women’s bathroom.   “Since his June acquittal on child molestation charges, Jackson has made several trips to Bahrain as a guest of Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain’s king.”

November 24, 2005. Michael Jackson says:  “Jews conspired to leave me penniless.”

March 12, 2008. Foreclosure of Neverland Ranch canceled after Tom Barrack, Colony Capital, buys the note.

June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson dead, “According to the 2009 autopsy report (pdf), “the cause of death is acute propofol intoxication.””

July 7, 2009. Bill Clinton says Michael Jackson “basically meant well.”

July 14, 2009. Reputed Miami Mobster Lays Claim to Michael Jackson’s Son.  Al Malnik says Jackson named him executor of his will as well as guardian of “Blanket.”

December 22, 2009. FBI releases some Michael Jackson’s files, does not release others.

September 10, 2009. On Jermaine Jackson:  “Jermaine has revealed a plan had been drawn up to secretly fly the King of Pop (Michael Jackson) to Bahrain if he was found guilty of child molestation charges.”  



Prince Andrew thinks his use of conspiracy terms “pizza” and “adrenaline” will protect him.

When it comes to guilt by association, it doesn’t get much worse than frequent involvement with Jeff Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, as Prince Andrew is finding out. Andrew recently stepped down from his “public duties” (whatever that means, I’m an American). He’s agreed to speak to the FBI, but won’t fly to the U.S. because he thinks he may be arrested.

Public Duty

The charges against Epstein thus far have amounted to statutory rape and human trafficking for that purpose.  We still don’t know how bad this scandal is, however.  There’s a growing sense that the scandal includes some of the worse crimes imaginable.

I like to be “facts-based,” and the evidence on these conspiracy theories has been a little thin to blog on up until now.  That was before Prince Andrew’s November 11 interview (full text here) where he made deliberate references to the conspiracy theory buzzwords “pizza” and “adrenaline,” drawing reference to “pizzagate” and “adrenochrome.”  Just the simple fact that Andrew mentioned pizza and adrenaline so prominently in this interview while denying any knowledge or involvement with Epstein is noteworthy. First let’s look at his use of the word adrenalin.

Andrew: “I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenalin in the Falkland’s War when I was shot at and I simply…it was almost impossible for me to sweat.”

Is Andrew saying that he can’t sweat in the literal sense, or the figurative one? Not only does it seem like an odd subject of conversation, there is reporting of Andrew actually sweating well after the military conflict between Argentina and Britain occurred over the Falkland Islands.

On April 3, 2018, “QAnon,” whoever or whatever that is, published some photos and made claims that there were underground facilities on Little St. James Island.  This led to the “adrenochrome” theory, that victims were terrorized and murdered to harvest a hallucinogenic substance that your body produces under tremendous stress.  

I couldn’t dismiss this theory as nonsense because when I was researching the relations of the Clintons to Epstein and Maxwell, I found these February 12, 2000 photos of Andrew, Trump, Maxwell, Epstein, and Melania, and they appear to be under the influence of some type of drug. 

Maralago, February 12, 2000.
From left, American real estate developer Donald Trump and his girlfriend (and future wife), former model Melania Knauss, financier (and future convicted sex offender) Jeffrey Epstein, and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell pose together at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000. (Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images)

October 31, 2000 is another date where Trump and Melania have the same goofy look on their face. Just so happens that Prince Andrew was with them. Just so happens that Prince Andrew was with Ghislaine Maxwell this day too, and is wearing the same suit.

I researched the history of “adrenochrome.”   In 1950, Dr. Humphrey Osmond is credited with discovering adrenochrome.  Osmond found that adrenaline had a similar molecular structure to mescaline.  He said an overproduction of adrenalin was associated with schizophrenia and determined that vitamin B3 aided in recovery.  Osmond, along with writer Alduous Huxley, first coined the term “psychedelic.”

In 1951, Osmond left England for Canada where his research was subsidized by the Rockefeller foundation.  They experimented with LSD, mescalin, adrenalin precursors and derivatives, and later published the results of their studies.  They had a very interesting conclusion.  “We concluded that LSD did not act as an hallucinogen per se but that it induced an increase in the production of adrenochrome which was the hallucinogen.”  

It’s hard for most people to believe that prominent politicians and VIPs would be involved in torture and murder.  I believe it’s possible because when I researched Bohemian Grove to separate facts from rumor, I couldn’t escape the conclusion that human sacrifices had occurred there as part of a blackmail operation.  There’s just too much information there over too long a period of time from too many sources.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about adrenochrome until Prince Andrew mentioned adrenaline.

Yes this is where your politicians hang out.

Further still, a former IT contractor for Epstein on Little St. James Island reported that he saw a room full of the same t-shirts, white Lacoste polo, size medium. The maids there said Epstein only wore one shirt a day and that the old one was cut into rags for the maids to clean with. It’s conceivable that this was done to provide an alibi for any DNA that might wind up on Epstein’s shirts.

On to Andrew’s use of “pizza.” The famous photo of Andrew, Ghislaine and Virginia was taken by Jeff Epstein with Virginia’s camera on March 10, 2001. Andrew doesn’t remember anything about that, but does remember going to get pizza on that very day. Andrew: “On that particular day that we now understand is the date which is the 10th of March, I was at home. I was with the children, and I’d taken Beatrice to a Pizza Express in Woking for a party.”

The interviewer asked, “Why would you remember that so specifically? Why would you remember a Pizza Express birthday and being at home?” Andrew replied: “Because going to Pizza Express in Woking is an unusual thing for me to do, a very unusual thing for me to do.”

Well alrighty then Andrew.

Pizzagate” has received plenty of attention thanks to Mike Flynn. It involves Hillary Clinton, Satanic rituals, and it even has its own wikipedia page.  Just briefly, in case you don’t want to click the link:

In November 2016, Michael T. Flynn, then on President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team and Trump’s designate for National Security Advisor, posted multiple tweets on Twitter containing conspiratorial material regarding Hillary Clinton. They alleged that Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, drank the blood and bodily fluids of other humans in Satanic rituals, which Politico says “soon morphed into the ‘#pizzagate’ conspiracy theory involving Comet Ping Pong.” On November 2, 2016, Flynn tweeted a link to a story with unfounded accusations and wrote, “U decide – NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc … MUST READ!”

None of this is court evidence, I know that. It’s just that when someone is getting anxious about being investigated and starts making references to other crimes, unfounded or not, that’s reason to believe that they are saying they will disclose evidence and not be prosecuted alone.

Bottom line: The FBI raided Little St. James Island.  Whatever happened there, they know it.  (Epstein was dead three days later).

Of course, the FBI has covered up for Epstein’s network for a long time.  As Virginia Roberts Giuffre said back in February 2015, “Based on my knowledge of Epstein and his organisation, as well as discussions with the FBI, it is my belief that federal prosecutors likely possess videotapes and photographic images of me as an underage girl having sex with Epstein and some of his powerful friends,” she said. 

Only serious pressure from the public and Congress can make the FBI tell us what they found on Little St. James Island.  

P.S. The NYPD was there too, though. Maybe they’ll tell us.


Why Disney would bury the ABC News report on Jeff Epstein

On November 2, 2019, Project Veritas released a “hot mic” recording of ABC News anchor Amy Robach.  Robach complained that she had interviewed the former Virginia Roberts, (now Virginia Giuffre).  

“I’ve had the story for three years.  I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts.  We would not put it on the air.  First of all, I was told, ‘who’s Jeffrey Epstein?  No one knows who that is.  This is a stupid story.’  Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.  We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we, that also quashed the story.  And then Alan Dershowitz was also implicated because of the planes. She told me everything.  She had pictures.  She had everything.  She was in hiding for 12 years.  We convinced her to come out.  We convinced her to talk to us.  It was unbelievable what we had.  Clinton, we had everything.  I tried for three years to get on to no avail, and now it’s all coming out.  And it’s like these new revelations, and I freaking had all of it.”  (it continues).

ABC News is owned by Walt Disney Company, a “diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate” that’s going to have about $70 Billion in revenue in fiscal year 2019.  

In addition to Disney’s association with the coverup of the interview with Virginia Giuffre, Disney is associated with the attempted coverup of another sexual assault victim- Cathy O’Brien, via their former employee Harvey Weinstein.

Disney purchased the independent film producer Miramax from Harvey and Bob Weinsten in June 30, 1993 for $60 Million and the assumption of some debt.  Harvey and Bob continued to operate Miramax for Disney until they left the company in 2005.

Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips published Trance: Formation of American in 1995.  This book exposed how the U.S. Government program Project Monarch had provided victims to U.S. Presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush #1, along with many other notables such as Hillary Clinton, Robert Byrd, Dick Cheney and Canadian Prime Minister Phillip Trudeau.

In his role for Disney, Harvey Weinstein attempted to buy the rights for Cathy’s story.  Mark and Cathy agreed to meet with Weinstein, but were skeptical about his motives.  Mark asked Weinstein if the Clintons would be included in any movie he made, and Harvey replied no.  Mark and Cathy left and told Harvey “There is not enough money in the world to shut us up.” The photo is from Cathy’s blog.

Harvey is a close friend of Hillary Clinton, but there may have been another motive for Harvey to buy this story in his role for Disney.

From the time she was a child, “Fairy tale themes were used to confuse fantasy with reality, particularly Disney stories and the Wizard of Oz, which provided the base for future programming… I lost myself in the books my father suggested I read:  The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Disney Classics, and Cinderella…. My television viewing was restricted and monitored in keeping with my father’s gained knowledge.  I was, however, permitted to watch the “best” of movies:  The Wizard of Oz, Disney Classics, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella – over and over again.”  (Trance, pages 84-85)

It’s unclear to me if Disney was deliberately created content to be used in the MK Ultra (Project Monarch) program.  The Wizard of Oz, for instance, was used by Dick Cheney to traumatize Cathy.  The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939, but this was in the 1980s while Cheney was Vice President.  Cheney would say things to Cathy like “time’s running out” and “I’ll get you my pretty” as he flipped over an hour glass like the witch did to Dorothy, which was a threat to kill her and/or her young daughter Kelly.  When you add in the facts that these children were subjected to hypnosis, LSD, and other forms of trauma, what jury could believe their recollections beyond a reasonable doubt?

Dick Cheney and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the U.S. liaison to Osama bin Laden
Wizard of Oz Hourglass

Commands were given to the MK Ultra victims in coded language of popular movies to provide a level of plausible deniability if the program was ever exposed.  It’s easy for a defense attorney to create reasonable doubt in a jury’s mind by saying “you’re confused and saw that in a movie.”  When George H. W. Bush received Cathy’s 3 year-old daughter Kelly to rape, Cathy reported how George H. W. Bush closely mimicked “Mr. Rogers” in appearance, mannerisms, vocal inflection, and common phrases Mr. Rogers used in order to confuse the truth of anything she might say later. 

It seems unlikely that any programming for MK Ultra would have been conceived as early as 1939 before the MK Ultra program existed.  In any case, the use of Disney content as a tool to control the minds of sex slaves raped by U.S. Presidents is a bad look for Disney, and burying the story could have saved Disney some bad press, (but it turns that didn’t matter much, because the press just ignored Cathy and Mark’s book).

That’s not to say that Disney would not have included programming messages in their media at a later date than 1939 after the MK Ultra program began.  Disney does have a history with United States military propaganda.  On December 8, 1941, the day after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, 500 Army troops moved into Walt Disney studios in Burbank, California.  This was the only military occupation of a Hollywood studio in U.S. history.  Soon after, Disney began producing propaganda and military training films at the request of the U.S. Government.

Disney animated the motion picture “Prelude to War,” the U.S. government film shown to soldiers and later released to the public.  Frank Capra was the Director. This film was the U.S. message on why the Axis had to be defeated. This graphic is about Germany’s false propaganda, apparently.


Disney Animation “Prelude to War”

Later, in 1943, Disney released “Victory Through Air Power.”  This film was about how air power could be used to win WWII.  It influenced President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill.  

Disney was also involved in propaganda with other movies and they used their characters for war bonds, propaganda posters, etc.

Germany surrendered July 1945, the U.S. began bringing German “scientists” to America under the program Operation Overcast, which came to be known as Operation Paperclip.  The government reviewed files on the German scientists and would put a paperclip on the ones they thought would be useful.  Many of these scientists were rocket scientists like Werner Von Braun, who became the lead on America’s rocket program.  Von Braun’s team moved to Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama, on April 1950 to work on rocket technology.

Walt Disney later collaborated with von Braun on the Man in Space episode of the series Disneyland, which aired March 9, 1955. 

Von Braun, Disney TV production, 1953:  “If we were to start today on an organized and well-supported space program, I believe a practical passenger rocket could be built and tested within ten years.”  By May 1961, Von Braun’s team had put an American (Alan Shepard) in space for the  first time in the Mercury-Redstone 3 rocket.

Alan Shepard

Rocket scientists were not the only ones brought to the United States under Paperclip.  German scientists had done “research” in the field of psychology using torture techniques at Camp King, Auschwitz, and Dachau.  The U.S. Government continued the German’s work with the same German scientists in projects Bluebird and Artichoke.  Allen Dulles began the MK Ultra program on April 13, 1953, shortly after he became CIA Director on February 26, 1953.   Dulles said in an April 10, 1953 interview that. This was a concerted effort by the government to perfect methods to control the human mind for several purposes including but not limited to interrogation, mass propaganda (psychological warfare), and an assassination program.  In fact, the term psychological warfare first entered English speech in 1941 with the translation of the German term Weltanschauungskrieg (world view warfare).   Allen Dulles was also very instrumental in Hitler’s rise to power in Germany by financing the Nazi coup in 1933. (1)

From Acid Dreams:

In a speech before the National Alumni Conference at Princeton University on April 10, 1953, newly appointed CIA director Allen Dulles lectured his audience on “how sinister the battle for men’s minds had become in Soviet hands.” The human mind, Dulles warned, was a “malleable tool,” and the Red Menace had secretly developed “brain perversion techniques.” Some of these methods were “so subtle and so abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them.”

Sadly, Cathy O’Brien reported that she was “programmed” at Redstone Arsenal and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  (Trance, 112). They also programmed Cathy’s daughter Kelly at age 2, before her personality even had a chance to form.  In the early 1980s, NASA had some advanced technology not available elsewhere, such as virtual reality used to train astronauts.  NASA also had very large water tanks to teach astronauts how to use tools in space for any repairs they might need to perform. They used these tanks for the purpose of sensory deprivation of Cathy.  When it’s completely dark and quiet, and you’re floating in water that matches your body temperature, you lose touch with all external stimuli and your mind starts doing some weird things.  You can see that NASA experimented sensory deprivation in the Twilight Zone’s first episode “Where is Everybody” released October 2, 1959.  In this episode, the astronaut trainee hallucinates after being locked in a confined space for a period of time, but that’s nothing compared to the type of extreme sensory deprivation they used on Cathy, which was also coupled with LSD.

I look for more revelations to come about major media’s coverup of all things Epstein. Disney was perhaps involved in the MK Ultra program, which could explain their coverup of Robach’s interview with Virginia in 2016, but that doesn’t explain the rest of the media. I believe Epstein was associated with MK Ultra in some way.

Remember “Katie Johnson,” the woman who claimed to have been raped in two lawsuits in the spring of 2016 by Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein ? The media treated that like nuclear waste. Hillary Clinton’s emails were way more important to them than a Presidential candidate raping a 13 year-old girl. (It’s wasn’t important enough for Hillary to mention either, and what kind of politician doesn’t mention rape lawsuits against their opponent?!?!). Then again, Hillary and Donald are just two sides of the same coin, or as I refer to them, Mr. and Mrs. Puppet. If neither the Democrats or Republicans want something exposed, that seems to be something 100% of the mainstream media respects for some odd reason.

Sometime around 1996…

“Katie Johnson” was represented by Lisa Bloom. Katie withdrew her lawsuit after death threats against her. It just so happens that Lisa Bloom was receiving money for representing Harvey Weinstein.

P.S. I have seen unsourced rumors that ABC interviewed a second girl named as being raped by Trump and Epstein in Katie Johnson’s lawsuit, a girl named Maria, and that ABC refused to air that interview as well. These rapes occurred in the summer of 1994 during the Presidency of Bill Clinton.


(1). The Nazi Hydra In America: Suppressed History of a Century (2008), by Glen Yeadon with John Hawkins, Page 50:

“The radicalism cost Hitler and the Nazi Party dearly.  They lost 34 seats in the Reichstag and their source of funding from business leaders was severely cut.  Nevertheless, Hindenburg asked Hitler to form a government under two conditions.  Hitler refused the offer, resulting in Schleicher’s appointment as chancellor.  But business leaders soon opposed Schleicher, who restored the inviolability of union contracts and launched a large-scale public works policy to reduce unemployment.

 With the arrival of a new year, the Nazi Party’s future looked dim.  Hopes were dashed by the November election, and the party experienced severe financial difficulties.  However, business leaders turned against the new Schleicher government and arranged a meeting between Hitler and von Papen .  The objective of the meeting at the Cologne home of Kurt von Schroeder was to form a new government led by Hitler and von Papen.

Baron von Schroeder was a member of the most influential group in Germy the Herrenklub, as well as the Thule Society.  He later held several high positions in the Nazi government and directed ITT’s Germany subsidiaries.  Moreover, von Schroeder had extensive financial contacts in New York and London.  He was a co-director of the Thyssen found with Johann Groeninger.  Prescott Bush’s New York bank partner.  Schroeder also was vice president and director Prescott Bush’s Hamburg-America line.

The meeting took place in utmost secrecy on Jan. 4 1933 with two Americans present:   John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles.The Dulles brothers were there representing their client, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., which had extended large, short-term credits to Germany and needed assurance of repayment from Hitler before committing to support him.  Goebbels recorded the success of the meeting in his diary on Jan. 5, 1933:  “If this coup succeeds, we are not far from power… Our finances have suddenly improved.”

The FBI Needs to Investigate Ghislaine Maxwell’s ties to Children’s Charities and “Project Monarch”

Some pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell were recently released. These photos caused a stir because Ghislaine was with Caryn Zucker, wife of CNN’s Jeff Zucker, in several locations.  I previously reported on the photos of Caryn and Ghislaine at a book party in New York in 2008, which was not long after Epstein began his “sentence. ” This gathering was also attended by Donald Trump and Steve Mnuchin.  The mainstream media, as usual, failed to connect the dots on this.

Caryn and Ghislaine attended another event together in May 2014.  This was the “Fresh Air Fund” event honoring Mariah Carey for her charitable donations to “a retreat for inner city children to explore career development.” The River Fund, a parter of the Fresh Air Fund, enrolls children “aged six years old and up for visits with host families across 13 different states and Canada.” What bothers me is the use of the Monarch butterfly at this event, and of course, Ghilsaine Maxwell’s attendance.

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 29: Caryn Zucker and Ghislaine Maxwell attend The Fresh Air Fund Spring Gala honoring American Hero Mariah Carey at Pier 60 on May 29, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Anyone who’s read Trance: Formation of America will instantly recognize that Project Monarch was a vile offshoot of the U.S. Government Program MK Ultra.  The program exploited children who were victims of incest and provided them to politicians. Mariah Carey “expressed her gratitude for the evening’s décor, which was an over-the-top butterfly theme in her honor, including light projections and thousands of different decorations of the colorful insects.”

Children+Butterflies+Epstein/Maxwell isn’t a good combination. Here’s another reference to butterflies from Cathy O’Brien’s book. Kelly, Cathy’s daughter, was raped by President George H. W. Bush at a young age, and later sent here.

Many people have wondered why the government would go to such lengths to protect Jeffrey Epstein.  As I’ve said before, Epstein’s blackmail network didn’t just spring to life when Epstein bought Little St. James Island.  Recently the government has declassified some documents on “The Finders,” as reported by Cathy Fox.   When you add in “The Franklin Coverup” and Bohemian Grove you start to see that this blackmail program goes back a long way and it has a great deal to do with the government’s MK Ultra program. 

Ghislaine herself made a most unsubtle reference to the U.S. Government when she allowed herself to be photographed reading the book “the secret lives and deaths of CIA operatives spies” at a restaurant shortly after Epstein’s mysterious death.  It’s just a matter of time before the government has to admit that Epstein was involved with the government.  The FBI raided Little St. James Island around this time, after reports of underground facilities emerged.

The sad thing about Ghislaine being involved with children’s charities is that the last thing I want is to have a chilling effect on charity or make a false claim about them.  I make no claims about Mariah Carey or the Funds. It is possible that good intentions have been mixed with bad. The FBI simply needs to investigate Ghislaine’s role here.  

P.S.  Although the symbol of the Monarch butterfly is used online to depict Project Monarch, I suspect there’s a better symbol:  the Monarch Crown.  MK Ultra was not confined to the  United States.  The U.S. is one member of the Five Eyes alliance of nations along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain.   The United States apologized to Canada for involving them in the program.  In her book, Cathy O’Brien reported that she was provided to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  Fiona Barnett, from Australia, had similar experiences to Cathy, including being raped by President Richard Nixon.  Add that to the involvement of Ghislaine and Prince Andrew and you’ll understand why my suspicions about “Project Monarch” are about more than butterflies.

The Death of Robert Maxwell Appears to have been Ordered by George H. W. Bush

November 4, 1991.” 



“Subject:  Meeting with Ed Williamson – October Surprise”

“— ..In this regard, Ed mentioned only a cable from the Madrid Embassy mentioning that Bill Casey was in town, for purposes unknown.” 

November 5, 1991.  Robert Maxwell is found dead, floating in the sea off the Canary Islands of Spain.  

The “October Surprise,” as it came to be known in the press, was an operation by members of Ronald Reagan’s campaign to stop the release of U.S. hostages by Iran, which they feared would be released in October of 1980, giving President Carter a boost in public opinion before the 1980 Presidential election.   “In 1983, a congressional investigation into the theft of Carter’s debate briefing book during the 1980 presidential campaign revealed that the Reagan campaign had an elaborate 24-hour-a-day operation, overseen by Casey, to monitor Carter’s efforts to free the hostages.” 

Former President Jimmy Carter has said in interviews that he received reports after late summer 1980 that the Rea­gan campaign was dealing with the Iranians to delay the release of U. S. hostages.”

Jamshid Hashemi, who supported the 1979 Iranian Revolution, said he and his brother Cyrus acted as interpreters between Medhi and Hassan Karubi on the Iranian side and William Casey and two other men on the American side in meetings in Madrid July and August of 1980.   There they discussed exchanging arms for hostages after the Republicans came to power.  In a good example of how absurd the rules of classification on this subject are, you can read the above account in a document declassified by the CIA in 2012 of a transcript of a TV report by Ted Koppel in 1991 of this event that took place in 1980 here.

William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager and future CIA Director, had an alibi that he was not at the meeting with the representatives of Ayatollah Kmohmeini.  Casey was lying.  As Robert Parry  explained it,

“Casey had skipped the key morning session on July 28, 1980. The significance of this confirmation of Casey’s trip to Madrid can hardly be overstated. The influential October Surprise debunking stories – ballyhooed on the covers of Newsweek and The New Republic – hinged on their joint misreading of some attendance records at a London historical conference which they claimed proved Casey was there and thus could not have traveled to Madrid.”

There is no shortage of reporting and speculation that Mossad killed Robert Maxwell because Maxwell threatened to go public with information damaging to Israel unless they fixed his financial problems.  While correct to an extent, this analysis does not take into account: how Maxwell’s knowledge could have damaged the Reagan/Bush Administration; the nature of the relationship between the intelligence communities of the United States and Israel was at the time; the strange coincidence between the timing of the November 4, 1991 “Beach memo” and Maxwell’s death; or the multitude of other people related to IranContra who met fates similar to Maxwell.  

Certainly Mossad was involved in Maxwell’s death, however.  It’s not a secret that Robert Maxwell worked for Israel, not after his funeral.  Gordon Thomas in Gideon’s Spies, The Secret History of the Mossad wrote: 

On November 10, 1991, Maxwell’s funeral took place on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, the resting place for the nation’s most revered heroes.  It had all the trappings of a state occasion, attended by thee country’s government and opposition leaders.  No fewer than six serving and former heads of the Israeli intelligence community listened as Prime Minister Shamir eulogized:  “He has done more for Israel than can today be said.” (1)

The Washington Post wrote “Israel Gives Maxwell Farewell Fit for a Hero.”  

On Maxwell’s role for Israel, Thomas wrote:  “Maxwell was Mossad’s high-level Mr. Fixit.  He opened the doors to the highest offices.   The power his newspapers meant that presidents and prime ministers were ready to receive him.” (2) 

Robert Maxwell Leonid BrezhnevRobert Maxwell Prince Charles Princess DianaRobert Maxwell, John Tower, Donald Trump

At the time of his death, Robert Maxwell had information that would have been very damaging to the United States and Israel.  Maxwell knew the financial side of America’s arms sales to Iran brokered through Israel.   Thomas wrote that on March 15, 1985, Maxwell set up a meeting with Nahum Admoni and Ari Ben-Manashe of the Mossad and introduced them to Viktor Chebrikov of the KGB.  At this meeting an agreement was reached to deposit the profits from arms sales to Iran into banks in the Soviet Union.  Robert Maxwell was paid a commission for arranging the meeting.  (3)

Previous to this meeting, in March of 1981, Rafael Eitan and Air Ben-Menashe moved to New York to facilitate the shipment of American arms and software to Iran via Israel.  They formed a company, Ora Limited, as a front company in this venture. (4)  In March of 1983, Eitan told Ben-Menashe to hire Nicholas Davies to be a representative of Ora Limited in London. (5)  Davies was employed by Maxwell as foreign editor of the Daily Mirror

By 1991, Maxwell was in serious debt.  He had overextended himself financially when he borrowed $3 billion in 1988 to buy Macmillan Publishing Group.  This acquisition was on the advice of Robert S. Pirie, President of Rothschild, Inc.   Maxwell sold what assets he could and stole £450 million from his employee’s pension fund, but it wasn’t enough.

As Thomas described, Maxwell considered Mossad to be the party guilty of the theft.  On September 30, 1991, Maxwell called Nahum Admoni and “said that unless Mossad arranged to immediately return all the stolen Mirror pension fund money, he could not be sure if he would be able to keep secret Admon’s meeting with Vladimir Kryuchkov, the former head of the KGB.” (6)   This appears to be a reference to the March 15, 1985 meeting that Maxwell brokered regarding the deposits of the proceeds of America’s sale of weapons to Iran into USSR banks. 

It all hit the fan when on October 21, 1991 when Seymour Hersh published his book  The Samson Option:  Israel’s Nuclear Option and America’s Foreign Policy.  Thomas wrote “News of the book had caught Mossad totally by surprise and copies were rushed to Tel Aviv.” (7)   This book mainly reported details of Israel’s nuclear program, but also contained Hersh’s assertion that Nicholas Davies was involved in the sales of arms from the United States to Israel to Iran. (8)  Nicholas Davies was foreign editor for Maxwell’s Daily Mirror.

Two days later, on October 23, 1991, members of Parliament called for an investigation “to establish the truth or otherwise of the allegations and, if they are well founded, the extent of foreign intelligence penetration of Mirror Group Newspapers.”  Maxwell promptly sued Hersh on October 25, 1991 over Hersh’s reporting.

After Maxwell’s September complaint to Admoni, Maxwell received a call from the Israeli Embassy in Madrid on October 29, 1991.  The caller informed  Maxwell that everything could be worked out and that he should fly to Gibraltar, board his yacht, travel to the Canary Islands by sea and wait for further instructions there. (9)  Maxwell did so and arrived at the Island of Tenerife on the port of Santa Cruz October 31, where he dined with an unknown person at a Hotel. (10)

Angel Delgado, the Island’s Governor, gave a press conference at midnight the day Maxwell was found in the sea.   

At a hastily-improvised midnight press conference at Reina Sofia airport in the south of Tenerife, the island’s Civil Governor, Angel Delgado, said Mr Maxwell’s motor yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, left Santa Cruz in the north of the island at 10pm on Monday and put into Puerto de los Cristianos at 9am yesterday.

But, he said, Mr Maxwell’s body was found by a fishing boat floating 19 to 20 miles from Gando on the other side of the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria – more than 100 miles from the obvious route between the points of departure and arrival. Asked to explain how the body could have got there, Mr Delgado replied: “That’s a good question.”

Gordon Thomas’ account, however, said that Maxwell ordered his captain to motor around the island for 36 hours, staying well offshore, in contrast to the 11 hours of travel that Angel Delgado reported. (11)  Thomas relayed Business Age magazine’s account of how Mossad boarded the boat and killed Maxwell. (12)

In addition to the damaging information that Maxwell knew of the banking deposits of the arm sales into the Soviet Union, it’s possible that Robert Maxwell also came to possess a copy of the cable from the “Madrid Embassy” or other related information proving that William Casey was in Madrid on July 1980, thus breaking Casey’s alibi in the arms-for-not-releasing-hostages deal.  The timing of Maxwell’s death with the Beach memo has not been vetted by journalists and authors.    

It is noteworthy that Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert’s daughter, was the first Maxwell family member to board the Lady Ghislaine after her father’s death.  She ordered the crew to destroy documents.   

  Ghislaine Maxwell shred dox

This would not be the first time that documents could have implicated Bush in knowledge and participation in arms-for-hostages deals.  Such information would be an issue in the assassination order of Amiram Nir and the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.  But first, let’s take a look at the relationship between the U.S. and Israel in the Reagan/Bush administration.

As described by Gene Tatum, National Security Decision Directive #3 signed December 4, 1981 by Ronald Reagan put the Vice President (Bush) in charge of “crisis management.”  In a “crisis,” the Department of Defense, the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff and others would report to Bush.  This group which would report to Bush was called the Special Situation Group (SSG).  Subsequently, April 10, 1982, NSDD #30 added the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TWIG) to the SSG.  Tatum claims that Israel and Britain both had a member in this 6-person group and that any of the 6 could “call a mission,” where “mission” clearly means “assassinate” (although you won’t find that information in the NSDD #30). (13)  So, if you believe Tatum’s account, in someone like Maxwell’s case, whether “Bush did it” or “Mossad did it” isn’t much different, in that Bush could call a mission and Mossad could implement it, or vice versa.  

Amiram Nir, according to Tatum, was Israel’s representative on TWIG for some time. (13) This fits with Thomas’ account that Nir “became one of the most important members of Israel’s intelligence community in 1984, when Peres appointed him to the ultrasensitive post of his adviser on combating terrorism.” (14)  Arimam began working with Oliver North on the still ongoing sales of arms to Iran.  Nir flew with North from Tel Aviv to Tehran on May 25, 1986 with a shipment of TOW missiles and Hawk missile spare parts.  (15)  Iran rejected the shipment for an unexplained reason and used the shipment for a “massive propaganda coup.” (16)  (President Reagan later gave a televised speech in November 1986 denying that ransom was paid for hostages).  

In July 29, 1986, George Bush flew to Jerusalem to discuss the arms for hostages operation with Amiram Nir. (17) (18)  Craig Fuller, aide to Bush, took notes.  “These notes were deleted from the Boren Committee report of January 1987 for ‘diplomatic’ reasons, according to the State Department.” (19)

The Boren Committee nevertheless painted a clear picture of the nature of the arms for hostages program. (20)  Although they didn’t state it in these terms, the following is obvious.  Bush and his cronies got money.  Israel got what they wanted- a stronger Iran in the Iran/Iraq war.  The hostage takers got money.  Iran got arms.  The only ones who got screwed were the hostages, Iraq, and the U.S. taxpayers.  The only thing necessary to keep the program going was— hostages.   

Amiram Nir recorded the entire July 1986 conversation he had with Bush on the program. (17)  I speculate that Bush expressed a desire for continued hostage taking as a basis to keep the arms sales strong.   Nir resigned from Mossad in March 1987. (21)

Oliver North, John Poindexter and two others were indicted March 17, 1988 for conspiracy to defraud the United States.  They weren’t reimbursing the taxpayers for the arms they were selling. 

Amiram Nir was scheduled to testify at North’s trial.  Ari Ben-Menashe approached Nir in November of 1988 and questioned him about what his testimony would be.  Nir made it clear that his testimony would be damaging to both the United States and Israel. (22)

Soon after speaking to Ben-Menashe, Nir was in a mysterious plane crash in Mexico on November 30, 1988.  It is unclear whether he survived.  He traveled to Mexico with his companion Adriana Stanton.  They could have taken a direct flight to Mexico, but along the way went through, once again, Madrid, Spain, using false names. (23)  One can only assume this Nir went through Madrid to gather information on the meetings with Casey and the Iranians or other information damaging to the United States and/or Israel.  

Mueller Pan Am 103

On December 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded in air after departing London over Lockerbie, Scotland.  The flight originated in Frankfurt, Germany.

On board the aircraft as it left London on that December night in 1988 were eight members of the U.S. intelligence community returning from duty in the Middle East.  Four of them were CIA field officers, led by Matthew Gannon.  Also on board were U.S. Army major Charles McKee and his small team of experts in hostage rescue.  They had been in the Middle East to explore the possibility of freeing the Western hostages still held in Beirut. (24)

Matthew Gannon and Charles McKee were also at the meeting between Bush and Amiram Nir on July 29, 1986. (17)

For insurance purposes, Pan Am hired a private investigator to prove the crash was a result of terrorism. (25)

Aviv had concluded that the attack had been planned an execute “by a rogue CIA group, based in Germany, who were providing protection to a drug operation which transported drugs from the Middle East to the U.S. via Frankfurt…

Aviv’s report claimed McKee had learned about the “CIA rogue team,” which had worked under the code name of COREA, and that its members also had close ties to another of those mysterious figures who had found his niche on the fringes of the intelligence world.  Monzer Al-Kassar had built a reputations an arms dealer in Europe, including supplying Colonel Oliver North with weapons for him to pass on to the Nicaraguan Contras in 1985-86.

The report further claimed McKee had discovered the scam while pursuing his own contacts in the Middle East underworld in an attempt to find a way to rescue the Beirut hostages.  Aviv stated in his report that “McKee planned to bring back to the U.S. proof of the rogue intelligence connections to Al-Kassar.”(26)

COREA used a person in the baggage handling area at Frankfurt to swap checked suitcases for ones containing drugs.  Gannon’s suitcase was never discovered, leading to the theory that his suitcase contained the bomb.  McKee’s suitcase was returned to Scottish investigators intact and was logged as “empty,” leading to the belief that he had documents on the arms-for-hostages scam which were confiscated.  (27)

That’s the death of three people, with potentially 5 separate sets of information damaging to the George Bush on the arms for hostages scam.

  1. Robert Maxwell, and his meeting brokering the deposits of arm sales to USSR in March 1985;
  2. Robert Maxwell, and whatever information he may have gathered around the time of his death in November 1991 when the White House reported a cable had been discovered stating that William Casey was in Madrid;
  3. Amiram Nir, and his recorded conversation with George Bush in July 1986 on the arms for hostages program;
  4. Amiram Nir, and whatever information he may have gained on his layover in Madrid on his way to Mexico in November 1988 before his plane crash;
  5. Charles McKee, and whatever information he may have gained from his “Middle East contacts” while trying to obtain a release of hostages in Beirut.

The object of this report is not to do a full accounting of all the questionable deaths related to the arms for hostages program, but to reframe the context of the death of Robert Maxwell with other similar and notable deaths in the arms for hostages program.  A full accounting would be quite lengthy.  According to the EIR investigative team, just by 1989 when they published this report:   “Over 20 persons with estab­lished or suspected connections to Iran-Contra operations have died over the past several years.”  Those are listed in the report.



(1) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 210

(2) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 177

Maxwell was Mossad’s high-level Mr. Fixit.He opened the doors to the highest offices. The power his newspapers meant that presidents and prime ministers were ready to receive him.  Because of who he was, they spoke to him as if he was a de facto statesman, never realizing where the information would end up. 

(3) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 176

Not until Admoni and Ben-Menashe entered Maxwell’s office suite in Mirror Newspapers headquarters in London’s High Holborn did their host announce there would be one other person present to share the bagels, lox, and coffee Maxwell had ordered must be available whenever he was in the building.

Like a conjurer producing a rabbit out of a hat, Maxwell introduced Viktor Chebrikov, vice chairman of the KGB, and one of the most powerful spymasters in the world.  With masterful understatement, Ben-Menashe would subsequently admit that “for a KGB leader to be in a British newspaper publisher’s office might seem a fanciful notion.  But at the time President Gorbachev was on very friendly terms with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, so it was acceptable for Chebrikov to be in Britain.”

More debatable is what the founder of Thatcherism and its free-trade principles would have made of the agenda for the meeting.  Sprawled in Maxwell’s hand-tooled leather armchairs, Admoni and Ben-Menashe led the discussion.  They wanted to know if “very substantial amounts” of currency were to be transferred to banks in the Soviet Union, could Chebrikov ensure the deposits would be safe?  They money was from ORA’s profits in the sale of U.S> arms to Iran.

Chebrikov asked how much money was involved.

Ben-Menashe replied, “Four hundred fifty million American dollars.  With similar amounts to follow.  A billion, maybe more.”

Chebrikov looked at Maxwell as if to ensure he had heard correctly.  Maxwell nodded enthusiastically, “This is perestroika!” He boomed.

To Ben-Menashe the sheer simplicity of the deal was an added attraction.  There would be no galaxy of middlemen chipping away their pieces of commission.  There would just be “Maxwell with his connections and Chebrikov, because of the power he wielded.  His involvement was a guarantee the Soviets would not steal the funds.  It was agreed the initial $450 million would be transferred fro Credit Suisse to the Bank of Budapest in Hungary.  That bank would disburse the money to other banks in the Soviet bloc.”

A flat fee of $8 million would be paid to Robert Maxwell for brokering the deal.

(4) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 169

 …With the full approval of the prime minister, Ben-Menashe was released from all other duties to work with Eitan.  The two men moved to New York in March 1981.  Their purpose, Ben-Menashe would recall, was straightforward:  “Our friends in Tehran were desperate to have sophisticated electronic equipment for their air force and air and ground defenses.  Israel, of course, wanted to help them as much as possible in their war against Iraq. 

Page 170  

As the volume of the New York operation increased, it became necessary to have a central holding company to process the billons of dollars involved in the purchasing and selling-on of arms.  The name chosen for the company was ORA, “light” in Hebrew.  

(5) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 170

In March 1983, Ben-Manashe was told by Rafi Eitan to recruit Nicholas Davies into ORA…

Ben-Menashe remembered:  “We agreed he would be our London conduit for arms, our contacts man for various Iranian and other deals.  His home address would be used on ORA stationery and during the day his direct off phone number— 822-3550— would be used by our Iranian contacts.”  

In return, Davies would receive fees commensurate with his newfound role as a key player in the arms-for-Iran operation.  In all, he would receive $1.5 million, deposited in bank accounts in Grand Cayman, Belgium, and Luxembourg.  

(6) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 207

On September 30, 1991, further evidence of Maxwell’s bizarre behavior became public when he telephoned Admoni.  This time there was no disguising the threat in Maxwell’s words.  His financial affairs had once more taken a turn for the worse, and he was being investigated in Parliament and the British media, so long held at bay by his posse of high-priced lawyers and their quiver of writs.   Maxwell then said that unless Mossad arranged to immediately return all the stolen Mirror pension fund money, he could not be sure if he would be able to keep secret Admon’s meeting with Vladimir Kryuchkov, the former head of the KGB.  Kruchkov was now in a Moscow prison awaiting trial for his role in an abortive coup to oust Mikhail Gorbachev.  A key element of the plot had been a meeting Kryuchkov had on Maxwells yacht in the Adriatic shortly before the coup was launched. 

(7) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 208

The matter for Mossad could only have become more urgent with the publication of a book by the veteran American investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh, The Samson Option:  Israel, America and the Bomb, which dealt with Israel’s emergence as a nuclear power.  News of the book had caught Mossad totally by surprise and copies were rushed to Tel Aviv.  Well researched, it could nevertheless still have been effectively dealt with by saying nothing;  the painful lesson of the mistake confronting Ostrovsky’s publisher (also the publisher of this book) had been absorbed.  But there was one problem:  Hersh had identified Maxwell’s links to Mossad.

(8) The Samson Option, Seymour Hersh, Pages 309-310

Hounam and the editors at the Sunday Times did not know that as they worked, Mordecai Vanunu had been compromised to the Israelis by a Fleet Street colleague named Nicholas Davies, the foreign editor of the Daily Mirror, sister newspaper of the Sunday Mirror. Davies’s contact was Ari Ben-Menashe. He and Ben-Menashe had been partners in an international arms sales firm initially known as Ora Limited, which had operated out of Davies’s London home since 1983. Ora Limited, set up with the approval of the Israeli government, according to Ben-Menashe, was designed to get arms flowing into Iran—one of many such undercover operations around the world. “Davies was my main backup on all the Iran arms sales,” Ben-Menashe said…

…Nick had a friend in the Mossad,” Ben-Menashe recalled, and there was a casual meeting in London. Davies accepted an invitation to visit Israel; it was just a few more steps before he became an Israeli asset. As a Catholic from northern England, Ben-Menashe said, Davies was the perfect cutout, a well-dressed charmer with a strong taste for the good life.

Ben-Menashe’s files include hundreds of telexes and other documents indicating that Ora Limited was actively involved in arms trafficking with Iran at the highest levels. One 1987 cable, sent to Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, pro vided terms for the sale to Iran of four thousand TOW missiles at a cost of $13,800 each. The cable declared that a British citizen named Nicholas Davies, as a representative of Ora Limited, “will have the authority to sign contracts in Iran. . . .” An other series of documents revolved around the 1987 efforts of Ora Limited to set up a communications company in Tucson, Arizona, to be headed by Robert D. Watters, then a broadcast engineer at the University of Arizona’s television station. Watters, an expert on satellite voice communications, recalled many meetings with Ben-Menashe in Tucson and many telephone conversations with Davies in London. “I thought Nick was the money man,” Watters said. “He was there representing Ora.”

(9) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 209. 

On October 29, 1991, Maxwell received a call from a katsa at the Israeli embassy in Madrid.  Maxwell was asked to come to Spain the next day, and, according to Ostrovsky, “his caller promised that things would be worked out so there was no need to panic.”  Maxwell was told to fly to Gibraltar and board his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, and order the crew to set sail for the Canary Islands “and wait there for a message.” 

Robert Maxwell agreed to do as instructed.

(10) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 209.

On October 31, after Maxwell reached the port of Santa Cruz on the island the island of Tenerife, he dined alone in the Hotel Mency.  After dinner a man briefly joined him.  Who he was and what they spoke about remain part of the mystery of the last days of Robert Maxwell.   Shortly afterward, Maxwell returned to his yacht and ordered it back to sea. 

(11) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 209.

For the next thirty-six hours, the Lady Ghislaine sailed between the islands, keeping well clear of land, cruising at various speeds.  Maxwell had told the captain he was deciding where to go next.  The crew could not recall Maxwell showing such indecision.

(12) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 209.

Gideon’s Spies, 209.  On October 30, four Israelis arrived in the Moroccan port of Rabat.  They said they were tourists on a deep-sea fishing vacation and hired an oceangoing motor yacht.  They set off toward the Canary Islands.    

In what it claimed was a “world exclusive,” headlined “How and why Robert Maxwell was murdered,” Britain’s Business Age magazine subsequently claimed that a two-man hit team crossed in a dinghy during the night from a toro yacht that had shadowed the Lady Ghislaine.  Boarding the yacht, they found Maxwell on the afterdeck.  The men overpowered him before he could call for help.  Then, “one assassin injected a bubble of air into Maxwell’s neck via his jugular vein.  It took a few moments for Maxwell to die.” 

(13)  Gene Tatum

General Colin Powell represented the Department of Defense; William Casey, the CIA; and Donald Gregg, the National Security Council. “FBI guys rotated in and out,” Tatum says. “It was like they couldn’t get anyone,” he concludes. Representing British Intelligence was Sir Colin Figure. Formerly head of MI6, Sir Colin transferred in 1986 to become “Security Coordinator”, one of the top slots at the Cabinet office under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. He retired in 1989. Amiram Nir represented Israeli interests until his assassination by an “Archer” team led by Tatum-at the request of high-level Israeli individuals-in 1988. Any of these six could “call a mission”. In addition, George Bush could do likewise. Of significance, too, was the occasional representation on the TIWG of Lord Chalfont. The British lord was an adviser on “Mid-East affairs” between 1986 and 1990.

(14) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 319

His previous knowledge of intelligence sprang from his work as a reporter with Israeli television, and then from working for the country’s largest daily newspaper, Yediot Aharonot; it was owned by the Moses dynasty, into which he had married…  Nir’s marriage not only had made him the husband of one of the wealthiest women in Israel, but had also provided him with ready access to the higher echelons of the country’s political hierarchy.

Nevertheless, there was astonishment when he became one of the most important members of Israel’s intelligence community in 1984, when Peres appointed him to the ultrasensitive post of his adviser on combating terrorism.

(15) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 319

On May 25, 1986, posing as technicians employed by Aer Lingus, the Irish national airline, Air and North flew from Tel Aviv to Tehran on an Israeli aircraft painted with Are Lingus’s distinctive shamrock logo.  On board were ninety-seven TOW guided missiles and a pallet of Hawk missile spare parts.  Nor was traveling on a false U.S. passport.  It had been provided by North. 

(16) Gordon Thomas, Page 320

The first Mossad knew of the mission was when the aircraft entered Iranian airspace.  Nahum Admon’s reaction was described as “incandescent rage.”

Luckily the Iranians simply ordered the visitors out and used the mission to score a massive propaganda coup against the United States.  Reagan was furious.  In Tel Aviv, Admoni cursed Nir as “a cowboy.”

(17) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 323

The commander’s story revolved around his claim that Nir had met with George Bush, then vice president, on July 29, 1986, at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, to brief him about the ongoing sale of U.S. arms via Israel to Iran.  According to writer Joel Bainerman, “Nir was secretly taping the entire conversation.  And this provided him with evidence linking Bush to the arms-for-hostages deal.  At the meeting were McKee and Gannon, who would die in the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie.”  



LTC North sent a memorandum to Admiral Poindexter, also dated July 29, proposing that Poindexter get the President’s approval to ship the remaining Hawk parts to Iran. North also sent an electronic message to McFarlane emphasizing that Father Jenco’s release had been on outgrowth of McFarlane’s mission to Iran, rather than the result of any Syrian role. The document includes a notation by Admiral Poindexter, dated July 30, that the President had approved the shipment of the remaining Hawk parts to Iran. On the same day, Vice President Bush was given a briefing in Jerusalem by Mr. Nir. The Vice President attended the meeting at the suggestion of LTC North. According to a memorandum dated a week later by an official who was present at the briefing, Nir indicated he was briefing the Vice President at the request of Prime Minister Peres. He conceded the problems encountered in the program, but argued that the Iranians with whom they were dealing were ones who could “deliver.” He also discussed the problem of the sequence of release of additional hostages. According to the memo, the Vice President made no commitments and gave no direction to Nir.

(19)  Irangate, the secret government, and the LaRouche case by an EIR Investigative Team

Boyden Gray has been caught several times falsifying the public record about the involvement of Bush and of his office staff in Iran-Contra.  Gray was the principal public apologist for the suppression of Bush aide Craig Fuller’s notes on the meeting of Bush with Amiram Nir in Jerusalem on July 29, 1986.  These notes were deleted from the Boren Committee report of January 1987 for “diplomatic” reasons, according to the State Department.   December 1987 Gray admitted that Bush had “inadvertently” issued an “incomplete” chro­nology on the dealings of Bush and his office with the Contras.




Documents and testimony indicate that Adnan Khashoggi and other international arms dealers, including Manucher Ghorbanifar, were interested in bringing the U.S. into an arms relationship with Iran, and had discussed this at a series of meetings beginning in the summer of 1984 and continuing into early 1985. These discussions reportedly included the idea of an “arms for hostages” deal in part as a means of establishing each country’s bona fides. Khashoggi reportedly met with various leaders in the Middle East to discuss policy toward Iran during this same period.

MAY 1985

In May 1985, the CIA National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East prepared a five-page memo which went to the NSC and the State Department, arguing for a change in U.S. policy that would seek a more constructive relationship with Iranian leaders interested in improved ties with the West. The memo argued in part that the U.S. could permit allies to sell arms to Iran as one of the alternative means of establishing Western influence so as to offset growing Soviet inroads in Iran. Apparently using the arguments in this memo two members of the NSC staff then prepared a draft National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) which proposed a departure in U.S. policy toward Iran. Describing the Iranian political environment as increasingly unstable and threatened by Soviet, regional aims, the draft NSDD stated that the U.S. is compelled to undertake a range of short and long term initiatives to include the provision of selected military equipment to increase Western leverage with Iran and minimize Soviet influence.   

JUNE 14, 1985

On June 14, 1985, TWA Flight 847 was hijacked. According to testimony by White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan, McFarlane mentioned the possibility of requesting use of the Israeli channel to Iran in briefings to the President during the crisis. Regan said that this was his first awareness of any such contacts.

JULY 1985

In July 1985 Khashoggi sent McFarlane a lengthy paper he had written dealing with the political situation in Iran. McFarlane testified that he did not recall seeing these papers, but indicated the existence of prior “think pieces” Khashoggi had sent him on the Middle East. A staff member of the NSC testified that McFarlane gave the Khashoggi paper to another NSC staffer. Michael Ledeen, a professor at Georgetown University, and a part-time NSC consultant beginning in February 1985, appears to have played a key role in the initial contacts between the U.S. and Israel vis-a-vis Iran. According to Ledeen, while on a trip to Europe in April 1985, he spoke with a European intelligence official who had just returned from Iran. The official characterized the internal situation in Iran as more fluid than previously thought, and suggested it was time for the U.S. to take a new look at Iran. He said that the U.S. should discuss this with the Israelis, who the official believed were unusually well-informed about Iran.

JULY 3, 1985

According to testimony by McFarlane, on July 3, 1985, David Kimche, Director General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry and a former intelligence officer, contacted McFarlane and reported to him that Israel had succeeded in establishing a dialogue with Iran. Kimche stated that as a result of growing concerns with Soviet pressures, Iranian officials had asked Israel to determine whether the U.S. would be interested in opening up political talks with Iran. According to McFarlane, Kimche stated that the Iranians understood U.S. concerns regarding their legitimacy and therefore had proposed to use their influence with radical elements holding U.S. hostages in Lebanon. Although there was no specific Iranian request for arms, Kimche admitted to the possibility that the Iranians might raise the arms issue in the future.

AUGUST 8, 1985

On August 8, 1985 at a meeting of the National Security Planning Group in the White House residence, McFarlane, with Poindexter, briefed the President, the Vice President, Shultz, Weinberger, Regan, and Casey on the Kimche proposal to permit the sale of TOWs to Iran through Israel.

AUGUST 30, 1985

According to documents received by the Committee, the shipment of 508 TOWs left Israel on August 30, 1985, transited a third country and arrived in Iran on September 13. North later asserted to Meese that he was totally unaware of the TOW shipment at the time it occurred.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1985

On September 15, 1985, the Reverend Benjamin Weir was released from his captivity in Lebanon. According to testimony received by the Committee, there was reason to believe at the time that Ghorbanifar played a direct role in the event. In addition, Ledeen testified that it was clear to the Israelis that there was a causal relationship between the September arms shipment and Ghorbanifar’s role in it and the release of Weir. The view that the Iranians helped to secure Weir’s release appears to have been shared by McFarlane.

NOVEMBER 25, 1986

On November 25, McMahon learned that a CIA proprietary had flown the arms to Iran in support of an “NSC mission” without his knowledge or approval. According to McMahon, he instructed that no further CIA activity in support of the NSC operation was to be conducted without a Presidential Finding authorizing covert action. McMahon also directed that involved CIA officials brief the CIA General Counsel, Stanley Sporkin, on what had transpired.

NOVEMBER 26, 1986

This draft finding was prepared by Sporkin, approved by DCI Casey and delivered to Poindexter on November 26. The draft Finding authorized CIA to provide assistance to “private parties” seeking to free American hostages. It also contained language retroactively ratifying all previous activities undertaken by U.S. officials in pursuit of this effort and directed that the Congress not be informed until directed by the President

JANUARY 19, 1986. 

On January 18, 1986, he and two other CIA officials, accompanied by the CIA General Counsel, met with North and Poindexter at the White House where they were told that the President had signed a Finding the day before and that CIA would provide support for the activity, which was to be run out of the NSC. They were also told, according to testimony, that the Finding stipulated that Congress was not to be informed because of the sensitivity of the hostage situation. Documents received by the Committee indicate that on January 21, the CIA was asked to assist LTC North in preparing for a meeting in Europe with Ghorbanifar. They did so later that day.

(21) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 320

No longer welcome in Washington and isolated in Tel Aviv, Amiram Nir resigned as the prime minister’s counterterrorism adviser in March 1987.

(22) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 320

But it was not avocados that brought Ari Ben-Menashe to Nir’s door on a rainy November night in 1988.  He wanted to know exactly what Nir intended to reveal when he was a major witness in Oliver North’s forthcoming trial over his role in the Iran-Contra scandal.  Nor made it lear his testimony would be highly embarrassing not only for the Reagan administration, but also to Israel.  He intended to show how easy it had been to sidestep all the usual checks and balances to run illegal operations that would also implicate a number of countries, including South Africa and Chile.  He added he was planning a book that he believed would make him the greatest whistle-blower in the history of the State of Israel.  Ari Ben-Menashe arranged to meet Nir after he had made another visit to Nucal in Mexico.

(23) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 321

On November 27, 1988, Nir and Stanton traveled together to Madrid under false names… Why they had chosen aliases for the flight tickets when they both traveled on their real passports– Israeli and Canadian– would never be explained.  Another mystery was why they took a flight first to Madrid when there were several scheduled direct ones to Mexico City.  

(24) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 316

(25) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 321

Understandably desperate to show the destruction of Pan Am 103 had been an act of terrorism for which it could not be culpable, the airline’s insurers hired a New York firm of private investigators called Interfor.  The company had been founded in 1979 by an Israeli, Yuval Aviv, who had immigrated to the United States the previous year.  Aviv claimed to be a former desk officer with Mossad– a claim the service would deny. 

(26) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 317

(27) Gideon’s Spies, Gordon Thomas, Page 316

Though the Lockerbie disaster investigation was still under the jurisdiction of a Scottish team, CIA agents were on the scene when McKee’s still closed and miraculously intact suitcase was located.  It was taken away from the scene for a short time by a man believed to be a CIA officer, though he would never be positively identified.  Later the suitcase was returned to the Scottish investigation team, who logged its contents under “empty.” 

No one queried what had happened to McKee’s belongings, let alone why he had been traveling with an empty suitcase.  But at the time, no on suspected that the CIA officer might have removed from the suitcase data that explained why Pan Am 103 had been destroyed.  Gannon’s luggage was never accounted for— giving rise to the belief that the actual bomb had been placed in his suitcase.  No satisfactory explanation would ever emerge as to how or why a CIA officer was carrying a bomb in his suitcase.  

The PBS investigative television program Frontline subsequently claimed to have solved the case of the disaster. Pan Am 103 had begun its journey in Frankfurt, where U.S.- bound passengers from the Middle East transferred on to Flight 103.  Among them were Gannon and his CIA team, who had traveled on Air Malta flight to make the connection.  Their baggage was similar to thousands of suitcases that passed through the hands of Frankfurt baggage handlers every day.  One of them was in the payoff terrorists.  Somewhere in the airport baggage bays the handler had concealed a suitcase already containing the bomb.  His instruction was to spot a matching suitcase coming off a connecting flight, and substitute his suitcase, and then let it continue on into the hold of Pan Am flight 103.

The DEA’s obstruction of a mother’s investigation of a 1987 double homicide highlights the criminal relationship between Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and the CIA

I have seen it reported where Linda Ives, understandably, does not want her son’s death used for any political purpose.  This is not my purpose.  Nor is it my purpose to become involved in the details of her son’s murder and “the government’s” subsequent cover-up of that murder.  Her attorney, David Lewis, already did an excellent job of that. 


  1. It is difficult for the public to accept that the government of the United States and state of Arkansas, would be involved in the murder of two boys and/or cover up the murder of these boys in order to also cover up for cocaine trafficking by the same governments.  It seemingly involves too many people from both political parties, and is so far against American values for us to believe.  So public awareness is not on her side.  I hope to change that.
  2. If you assume the allegations are true, involving both major parties and both the United States government and government of Arkansas, their obstruction would be a huge obstacle to overcome without public demand.

Linda Ives Lawsuit

Plaintiff has been trying for the last 29 years (now 32) to learn how her son was killed, why and by whom and has been met with stonewalling at every tum. Plaintiff is trying by this action to learn how her son was killed, by whom, and how and why, how and by whom his cause of death was covered up.

Plaintiff believes the only reason she has not received adequate responses is that an adequate response would show crimes by government officials and would expose them and government agencies to suits for damages. Plaintiff will prove that there has been a massive cover-up by federal, state and county officials.


My purpose is to provide for the plaintiff and the public the overwhelming evidence of crime in our government which preceded the murders of Don Henry and Ken Ives, which the release of the documents to Linda Ives would expose to some extent.  In order for the reader to have a proper understanding of our government’s criminal history, I will present facts and “allegations” in chronological order along with events that are not crimes, such as elections and other changes in government administration.   

One of the more unsettling concepts that this timeline suggests is that the same people who profit from defense contracts and arms sales also control the terrorist networks that initiate the “dynamic events” (citing Erik Prince for that term) that form the basis for military actions and arms sales.  I will not try to develop that theory, or any other theories for that matter, although I will make a few notes and observations along the way.    

Point being, the murders of Don Henry and Ken Ives are commonly referred to as being related to “IranContra,” which is certainly true, but it’s much, much larger than that, as this timeline will illustrate.  This whole mess involves Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Mujahideen and the Contras, just for starters.  It involves the Republican and Democratic parties.  It involves drug trafficking, arms trafficking, terrorism, assassinations, and likely child sex trafficking.  It involves Christians, Jews, and Muslims. 

Again, I’m not going to develop any of those points.  You can think I’m crazy if you want, I don’t care.  Read it and make up your own mind.  If you’re one of those types who believe that only the Republicans, or the Democrats, or whoever it is are the only ones commit any crimes in our government, so be it.  There’s plenty in here for any of you.

There is only one thing I want you to believe.  Something very rotten lies at the core of the reason the DEA will not release the information Linda Ives asked for.  

To familiarize you with “The Boys on the Tracks,” as they’ve come to be known, based on the title of a book written by Mara Leverill And available here:   I’ll start with a the video “Obstruction of Justice” which summarizes the situation surrounding the murders.  Then I’ll summarize Linda Ive’s lawsuit a bit.  Then I’ll reference some reporting from Arkansas in 2018 about the government’s refusal to turn over documents to Linda Ives.  Finally my research in timeline format in support of the release of documents requested.

VIDEO- “Obstruction of Justice.”

Don Henry and Kevin Ives were murdered and their murders were covered up, period.   That’s not “conspiracy theory” to the people of Saline County, Arkansas.  It’s what they know.  The above video is a must watch to hear their story.

Linda Ives Lawsuit

On August 24, 2016, Linda Ives filed suit against the CIA, DIA, DOJ, DHS, DEA, USAO, USDOS, Arkansas State Police, Bryant Police Department, and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

Attorney David Lewis For Linda Ives did an excellent job laying that the governments of Arkansas and The United States are concealing criminal activity of government officials.

Some of the information contained in the lawsuit, from various sources, summarized as follows:  (any errors in the summary are mine).   Read it yourself though.

  • Medical Examiner Fahmy Malik falsified his autopsy report on the murders of Don Henry and Ken Ives.
  • The area where the boys were found by the train tracks was known locally to be a drop for drugs.
  • Saline County officials refused to consider a statement by Sharline Wilson providing key firsthand  information implicating other Saline County officials in the coverup.
  • US Attorney General Edwin Meese, among other government officials, had received a bribe directly from Barry Seal.
  • IRS agent Bill Duncan testified that US Attorney Asa Hutchinson covered up evidence of money laundering involving the Mena, Arkansas drug operation.
  • Around $100 Million a month in cocaine moved through Mena, Arkansas, the largest drug smuggling operation in the United States.
  • Much of the cocaine money was laundered through the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority created by Bill Clinton.
  • Much of the cocaine was later sold in Los Angeles as reported by Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News.
  • A large amount of evidence demonstrating that the CIA was using the cocaine proceeds to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. 
  • Money was paid from the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority to the Rose Law Firm.
  • William Casey said that Bill Clinton was “No. 1 on the short list” to be President if he didn’t “**** up.”



Agency ordered to disclose parts of files in ‘boys on the tracks’ case; 2 Arkansas teens found dead in ’87.  August 13, 1980.

He (Chief U.S. District Judge Brian Miller) said two documents — one a report of investigation prepared May 4, 1983, and another a report of investigation prepared Jan. 24, 1995 — were “directly related” to Ives’ request. He said the DEA withheld the entire documents, citing exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act that limit disclosure of documents that will invade privacy, reveal the identity of confidential sources, circumvent the law and place people at risk of harm…

He wrote that in her Freedom of Information Act request, Ives asked for “all records, recordings, documents and emails, unredacted, relevant to the death of Kevin Ives,” and sought “all records, recordings, documents and emails regarding Mena Airport drug trafficking as they relate to Barry Seal.”…

In response, Miller said, the department “searched for information relevant to Kevin Ives, but did not search for information relevant to Mena drug trafficking and Barry Seal.”


The DEA pushed back against releasing these documents even after Judge Miller issued his ruling that the DEA improperly withheld information from Linda Ives.

Arkansas mom’s motion in bid to unseal files says DEA hiding crimes.  August 18, 2018.  

While the DEA claimed all the withheld information was exempt from disclosure, Miller said his review, in response to a federal lawsuit Ives filed, showed that the agency didn’t provide Ives with “all reasonably segregable information.”

He ordered the agency to submit to his court by Friday a proposed method of redacting the exempt parts from the non-exempt parts. He said he would review the DEA’s proposal and then decide to either release the information as the DEA suggests or come up with his own method of segregating out the protected information, and give the DEA a chance to object.

On Tuesday, however, the DEA asked him to reconsider, arguing that the release of the information could endanger confidential informants or law enforcement agents even decades after the reports were written. The DEA appears to contend that the confidential information is too entwined with any nonconfidential information to be adequately segregated.

Lewis scoffed at that suggestion, arguing Friday, “It is much more likely that the government wants to conceal this report because it shows that the government was engaged in illegal trafficking of guns and narcotics which would be politically embarrassing and would require criminal prosecutions of government employees.”



1969.  Bill Clinton Sexual Assault at Oxford.

Bill Clinton Oxford 1968.

Snopes calls this allegation “unproven.”

My thoughts:  Look, you go to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and don’t finish for whatever reason, then an FBI agent supposedly writes about a sexual assault, it’s worth noting.

Or as the Independent writes:

The most famous former Rhodes scholar is Bill Clinton, who arrived at Oxford in October 1968, stayed a year, smoked dope “without inhaling” and came away without completing his degree.

In a court of law, yes Bill Clinton would get the benefit of the doubt here.  As far as this analysis goes, with all the history that is to come on Clinton assaulting women, he’s guilty.  This event looks like a coverup involving intelligence agencies that Bill Clinton would later be beholden to, a very important point when the CIA is later trafficking cocaine through Arkansas while he is governor.  Even if you dismiss this one allegation, it’s one of a great number of allegations about Bill Clinton, sexual assault, cocaine use, and the large amount of deaths that follow him around.   There is a ton of “Kompromat” on Bill Clinton for sure.  It just looks to me like 1969 is the point where it started, but pick another one if you like.



May 16, 1972.   George Wallace Is Shot, Legs Paralyzed;  Suspect Seized at Laurel, Maryland Rally.

George Wallace was a racist.  As his daughter said on July 31, 2019:  “The two greatest motivators at (Dad’s) rallies were fear and hate,” Wallace Kennedy said. “There was no policy solution, just white middle-class anger.”  

Now, that said, George Wallace was well on his way to becoming President of the United States in 1972.  A busing controversy began in January of 1972, and Wallace dominated the issue in the Democratic primaries.

As Britannica reported,

“in January 1972 a U.S. District Court judge merged school districts in Richmond, Va., and ordered that students be bused to achieve racial balance.  Gov. George Wallace of Alabama, an opponent of federally ordered integration, entered the Florida primary and focused squarely on the issue. Florida Gov. Reubin Askew campaigned statewide against having an antibusing referendum placed on the presidential primary ballot by the Florida legislature.  As the race grew more intense, political observers began to doubt that, with 11 names on the Democratic ballot, anyone could win a clear victory. George Wallace proved them wrong by taking 42 percent of Florida’s statewide vote and nearly all of the 81 delegates to the Democratic national convention.

Muskie, with 9 percent, lost his front-runner status. McGovern, who had written off Florida early, finished with 6 percent.

Note that McGovern, with only 6% in Florida at the time the busing issue began, would be the eventual Democratic nominee.

On the day Wallace was shot in Maryland, the Washington Post reported that he was expected to win in Michigan and Maryland.  Wallace was winning Democratic primaries from the South, to New England, to the Rust Belt.

Racism aside, Wallace’s “anti-busing” stand was also “anti-Federal Government.”  There was another extremely unpopular Federal government policy in 1972, the Vietnam War.  All the Democrat candidates criticized it, Wallace included.  A heavy bombing campaign in North Vietnam was underway in April, 1972, a month before Wallace was shot.  President Nixon said he didn’t want Vietnam to be an issue in his 1972 re-election bid.  

If Wallace had won the Democratic nomination, he would have ran to the right of Nixon on race and busing, and to the left of Nixon on Vietnam.  He was a savvy politician who cared about winning, not any party platform.  According to Wallace, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats.”  Between the anti-busing and anti-war sentiments, Wallace would have easily defeated Nixon, in my opinion, even without the aid of another issue brewing in 1972, which surfaced in a Grand Jury Indictment 3 weeks after Wallace was shot.

From the indictment:

“The June 5, 1972 Grand Jury has heard evidence that has led it to return the indictment being submitted herewith.  It has also heard evidence that it regards as having a material bearing on matters that are within the primary jurisdiction of the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary in its present investigation to determine whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States.”



July 1, 1972.  Barry Seal arrested in New Orleans with explosives bound for anti-Castro Cubans in Mexico.

Seal arrested

From Spartacus Educational:

On 1st July, 1972, Barry Seal was arrested in New Orleans and accused of sending C4 explosives to anti-Castro Cubans in Mexico. A DC-4 was seized at the Shreveport Regional Airport loaded with almost seven tons of plastic C-4 explosives, 7,000 feet of explosive primer cord and 2,600 electric blasting caps. 



November 1972.  Richard Nixon defeats George McGovern.

Shortly after the election, from Craig Unger’s House of Bush; House of Saud, which you can buy here:

House of Bush, House of Saud

Unger, Page 41 (I will quote the above book several times in this format)

In 1972, after his landslide reelection, President Nixon ordered a housecleaning based on one criterion— loyalty.  “Eliminate everyone except George Bush,” Nixon told his domestic affairs adviser John Ehrlichman.  “Bush will do anything for our cause.”



September 4, 1973.  William Colby becomes CIA Director.

William Colby

Wikipedia page on William Colby



September 11, 1973.   United States backs coup d’état in Chile.

Pictured above are Henry Kissinger and Augusto Pinochet.

From Wikipedia: 

Pinochet assumed power in Chile following a United States-backed coup d’état on 11 September 1973 that overthrew the democratically elected socialist Unidad Popular government of President Salvador Allende and ended civilian rule. 

Following his rise to power, Pinochet persecuted leftists, socialists, and political critics, resulting in the executions of from 1,200 to 3,200 people, the internment of as many as 80,000 people and the torture of tens of thousands. According to the Chilean government, the number of executions and forced disappearances was 3,095.  



September 18, 1973:  American journalist Charles Horman executed in Chile; 

September 22, 1973:  American student Frank Teruggi executed in Chile; US Intelligence involved.


Pictured above are Charles Horman and Frank Teruggi, from left to right.

From The Guardian:

A court ruling released late on Monday (in 2014) said a former US navy captain, Ray Davis, gave information to Chilean officials about journalist Charles Horman and student Frank Teruggi that led to their arrest and execution days after the coup that brought General Augusto Pinochet to power.

Horman, 31, a freelance journalist and film-maker, was arrested on 17 September 1973. A national truth commission formed after the Pinochet dictatorship ended said Horman was executed the next day while in the custody of Chilean state security agents. The commission said Teruggi, a 24-year-old university student, was executed on 22 September.

Here is a link to the Charles Horman Truth Foundation.  



October 10, 1973.  Spiro Agnew resigns as Vice President of the United States; is replaced by Gerald Ford.

Spirow Agnew.jpg



Early 1974.  Operation Condor begins.

From Wikipedia:

A declassified CIA document dated 23 June 1976, explains that “in early 1974, security officials from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia met in Buenos Aires to prepare coordinated actions against subversive targets.”

The National Security Archive reported, “Founded by the Pinochet regime in November 1975, Operation Condor was the codename for a formal Southern Cone collaboration that included transnational secret intelligence activities, kidnapping, torture, disappearance and assassination, according to the National Security Archive’s documentary evidence from U.S., Paraguayan, Argentine, and Chilean files.”

The State Department briefing for Kissinger mentioned awareness of Operation Condor’s plans to conduct possible operations in France and Portugal – a matter that would be prove to be extremely controversial later in Condor’s history.



August 8, 1974.  President Nixon Resigns, is replaced by Gerald Ford.  Nelson Rockefeller becomes Vice President.

Nixon resigns August 8, 1974.jpeg



December 22, 1974:  Seymour Hersh and New York Times report CIA abuses that lead to the Rockefeller Commission, Church Committee, and Pike Committee.

Seymour Hersh NY Times .jpg

From the New York Times:

The Central Intelligence Agency, directly violating its charter, conducted a massive, illegal domestic intelligence operation during the Nixon Administration against the antiwar movement and other dissident groups in the United States, according to well‐placed Government sources.  An extensive investigation by The New York Times has established that intelligence files on at least 10,000 American citizens were maintained by a special unit of the C.I.A. that was reporting directly to Richard Helms, then the Director of Central Intelligence and now the Ambassador to Iran.  

The disclosure of alleged illegal, C.I.A. activities is the first, possible connection to rumors that have been circulating in Washington for some time. A number of mysterious burglaries and incidents have come to light since the break in at Democratic party headquarters in the Watergate complex on June 17, 1972. 

Some sources also reported that there was widespread paper shredding at the agency shortly after Mr. Schlesinger began to crack down on the C.I.A.’s operations.  

The legislation setting up the C.I.A. makes the director “responsible for protecting intelligence sources and methods from unauthorized disclosure.”

Professor Ransom said that his research of the Congressional debate at the time the C.I.A. was set up makes clear that Congress expressed concern over any police state tactics and intended to avoid the possibility. Professor Ransom quoted one member as having said during floor debate, “We don’t want a Gestapo.”

The CIA was established by Congress in the National Security Act of 1947.   



1.4.75.  President Ford establishes The United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States, otherwise known as Rockefeller Commission, to investigate abuses.  Dick Cheney edits the report.

Nelson Rockefeller with President Gerald Ford in an undated photo, via NSA archives.

From National Security Archive:

Emphasis in italics is mine.

The Gerald Ford White House significantly altered the final report of the supposedly independent 1975 Rockefeller Commission investigating CIA domestic activities, over the objections of senior Commission staff, according to internal White House and Commission documents posted today by the National Security Archive at The George Washington University (  The changes included removal of an entire 86-page section on CIA assassination plots and numerous edits to the report by then-deputy White House Chief of Staff Richard Cheney… 

President Gerald R. Ford himself had a key role in triggering the investigations, inadvertently but artlessly revealing the fact of CIA involvement in plotting assassinations during a meeting with press editors.

Meanwhile at the White House, Cheney led the way in “editing” the Rockefeller report—including suppressing the assassinations section. The final draft of the full report contained a brief passage noting that President Ford had asked the panel to investigate the assassination plots after its inquiry began, that the staff had not been able to complete the investigation, and that Ford had then asked that assassinations material be turned over to him. The Cheney edit inserted doubts by adding that it was unclear whether assassinations fell within the scope of the Commission’s mandate, thus resurrecting jurisdictional issues which had previously been resolved.  The revised language also reduced President Ford to a bit player—asserting only that he had “concurred” in the panel’s decision to investigate rather than that he had revealed the existence of CIA plotting and then been obliged to modify the Commission’s terms of reference to include an investigation of the matter.



January 27, 1975.  The Church Committee is established.

Frank Church

From Wikipedia:

Before the release of the final report, the committee also published an interim report titled “Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders”,  which investigated alleged attempts to assassinate foreign leaders, including Patrice Lumumba of Zaire, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam, Gen. René Schneider of Chile and Fidel Castro of Cuba…

In addition, the committee produced seven case studies on covert operations, but only the one on Chile was released, titled “Covert Action in Chile: 1963-1973”.  The rest were kept secret at CIA’s request.

According to recently declassified documents by the National Security Archive, the Church Committee also helped to uncover the NSA’s Watch List. 



April, 1975.  “Operation Babylift”

From Wikipedia:

(Robert) Macauley first became involved in major charitable efforts following the Tan Son Nhut C-5 accident in April 1975, in which a United States Air Force Lockheed C-5 Galaxy carrying South Vietnamese orphans as part of Operation Babylift, crashed on landing killing more than 150 and leaving 175 survivors, many of them among the 2,000 children awaiting transportation to the United States in the days before Fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese forces later that month. When he learned that it would take more than a week to evacuate the surviving orphans due to the lack of military transport planes, Macauley chartered a Boeing 747 from Pan American World Airways and arranged for 300 orphaned children to leave the country, paying for the trip by mortgaging his house.   

Macauley… attended Phillips Academy and then Yale University, where he shared a room with George H. W. Bush.  Macauley founded Americares in 1982…



August 4, 1975.   Pike Committee established.

Otis Pike
Otis Pike (D- N.Y.)

From National Security Archive:

The Ford administration came close to igniting a constitutional showdown with Congress more than 40 years ago over demands by a House panel known as the Pike Committee for evidence of possible abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). At the height of congressional pushback against the “imperial presidency” in the mid-1970s, Representative Otis G. Pike’s investigation, which paralleled Senator Frank Church’s simultaneous inquiry, raised fears at the CIA and the White House about secret activities coming to light but also about setting precedents for Congress’s right of access to Executive Branch information.

The CIA had tried to impose controls on all the investigations in the form of exacting agreements on the handling of classified information. To a large extent it had succeeded with the presidential commission (the Rockefeller Commission) and the Senate inquiry (the Church Committee), but the previous HSC had been derailed precisely because of the impression of collusion between the CIA and the committee. Pike was not about to fall into that trap.



September 5, 1975.  Assassination attempt on President Ford.

From SF Gate:

On Sept. 5, 1975, Charles Manson groupie Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme had tried to fire at Ford on the state Capitol grounds in Sacramento as he walked from the Senator Hotel across L Street to a meeting with then-Gov. Jerry Brown.

Nelson Rockefeller, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1960, 1964, and 1968, would have become President.


September 12, 1975.  Memo to Donald Rumsfeld on the Church and Pike Committees expressing concern over the Pike and Church Committees.  

From National Security Archive:


One of the most serious fallouts from Watergate was that the intelligence community became a topic for Congressional investigation, public and press debate.   Starting with CIA links to Watergate, the issue has expanded to:

  • …CIA involvement in domestic affairs
  • …Questions of illegal or improper behavior such as assassinations
  • …Disregard of Presidential Orders (the toxins case)
  • …Poor management of resources and duplication of effort.

The President’s response to date has been to appoint the Rockefeller Commission to look at those situations in which the CIA violated the prohibition on domestic activities.



September 22, 1975.   Memo to William Colby that Congress has subpoena power over CIA Documents.

From National Security Archive:

In this sober 31-page legal memo, Special Counsel to the Director of Central Intelligence, Mitchell Rogovin and Paul Reichler warn that if the Pike Committee goes to court, “there does not appear to be any realistic way in which the Agency can come out the winner.” After a thorough legal analysis, Rogovin and Reichler conclude that, “If the House Select Committee on Intelligence goes to court to enforce its subpoena, it is a virtual certainty that the court will assume jurisdiction of the case.” Worse still for the Executive, the memo stresses that, “If the Committee goes to court, there is an excellent chance that it will persuade the court to enforce its subpoena. The Committee would have no trouble demonstrating that the information it is seeking is relevant, and possibly even essential, to its performance of the duties assigned to it by the House of Representatives.


September 22, 1975.  Another assassination attempt on President Ford.

Ford assassination attempt Sarah Jane Moore

From SF Gate: 

But for some quick action, Gerald R. Ford’s presidency, and his life, could have ended amid gunshots outside San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel on the afternoon of Sept. 22, 1975.

As Ford emerged from the historic Union Square hotel’s Post Street entrance at 3:30 p.m. after addressing a World Affairs Council audience, he paused before getting into his limousine to wave to the crowd across the street.

In a flash, two shots rang out. The first narrowly missed the 38th president of the United States and the second was deflected by a bystander who grabbed at the arm of the shooter, a 45-year-old middle class housewife, dabbler in extremist politics and FBI informant named Sara Jane Moore.



January 30, 1976.  President Ford replaces William Cohen with George Bush as CIA director.

Bush 1976



February 18, 1976.  Executive Order 11905 by Gerald Ford.

Executive Order 11905

Under pressure from Congress, President Ford signed Executive Order 11905, which is commonly referenced as having prohibited assassinations.  Not exactly. 

Prohibition of Assassination.  No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.”  Note the qualifier “political.”

There’s also some other important text in Executive Order 11905: 

“(A) Protection by lawful means against disclosure by present or former employees of the Central Intelligence Agency or persons, or employees of persons or organizations, presently or formerly under contract with the Agency.”  It looks like this text will be used as a basis to destroy documents later.



May 20, 1976.  Draft Letter from William Barr on behalf of George Bush, referencing Executive Order 11905, on resumption of records destruction by CIA.

Bush Barr 1976

Excerpts from Barr’s letter via muckrock.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that it is our intention to proceed with destruction of records, now that the Select Committee has completed its investigation and issued its final report. We have so advised Senator Church…

Along with the backlog of routine administrative records, the Agency will destroy records which were collected and maintained by the Agency and which were subject to investigation by the Rockefeller Commission and the Select Committee. The Agency is required to destroy much of this latter material by the Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 931579) and by Executive Order 11905…

I trust you agree that this action is now necessary and appropriate.


George Bush




September 16, 1976.  Secretary of State Henry Kissinger rescinds the delivery of a warning to Operation Condor nations against assassinations.

From National Security Archive:

Only five days before a car bomb planted by agents of the Pinochet regime rocked downtown Washington D.C. on September 21, 1976, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger rescinded instructions sent to, but never implemented by, U.S. ambassadors in the Southern Cone to warn military leaders there against orchestrating “a series of international murders,” declassified documents obtained and posted by the National Security Archive revealed today. 

“We know now what happened: The State Department initiated a timely effort to thwart a ‘Murder Inc’ in the Southern Cone, and Kissinger, without explanation, aborted it,” (Peter) Kornbluh said. “The Kissinger cancellation on warning the Condor nations prevented the delivery of a diplomatic protest that conceivably could have deterred an act of terrorism in Washington D.C.”


September 21, 1976.  Orlando Letelier, former Chilean foreign minister, and his 26-year old American colleague, Ronni Karpen Moffitt, are assassinated in Washington D.C. by a car bomb.

Pictured are Ronni Moffitt, the bombed car, and Henry Kissinger shaking hands with Orlando Letelier.

From Global Research:

 In early fall of 1976, after a Chilean government assassin had killed a Chilean dissident (Letelier) and an American woman with a car bomb in Washington, D.C., George H.W. Bush’s CIA leaked a false report clearing Chile’s military dictatorship and pointing the FBI in the wrong direction.


January 20, 1977.  Jimmy Carter is inaugurated as the 39th President of the United States. 

Jimmy Carter inaugurated 1977


1977.  Operation Condor in Argentina involves kidnapping babies and children.

General Videla
Jorge Rafael Videla

From BBC, 2005:

In Argentina, efforts are also continuing to delve into the origins of Operation Condor – so far, with just as little success.

Gen Jorge Rafael Videla, who led the country’s military junta from 1976 to 1981, is under house arrest in connection with separate inquiries involving accusations of illegal adoptions of children born to women detainees.

However, he has refused to give evidence to a judge who is leading investigations into Operation Condor in Argentina, and attempts to try him for involvement have so far come to nothing.

From Christian Science Monitor, 2012:

From 1976 to 1983 an estimated 500 babies were stolen and secretly integrated and adopted into families of right-wing military members and their allies as part of a sweeping program that brutally targeted left-wing militants and sympathizers during the military junta’s seven-year rule.

Bringing, perhaps, a fragment of closure to that era, a former Argentine dictator, Jorge Videla, was convicted yesterday for his role in the program. Mr. Videla, who headed the coup that brought the military to power in 1976, was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

“The women giving birth, who I respect as mothers, were militants who were active in the machine of terror,” he said at the end of the trial.

Note:  Like I’ve said before, Epstein’s network didn’t spring magically to life when Epstein bought Little St. James Island in 1998.  I think this is a big clue.  



March 9, 1977.  President Carter replaces George Bush with Stansfield Turner as CIA Director.

Stansfield Turner
Admiral Stansfield Turner



7.11.77.  Jimmy Carter intervenes with Congress on Bert Lance’s behalf

Bert Lance

The BCCI Affair:  Via Federation of American Scientists:

Jimmy Carter asked the Congress to suspend ethics rules that would have forced Lance to sell 190,000 shares of stock he owned in National Bank of Georgia. He based his request on the ground that Lance would lose $1.6 million if he was forced to sell, because the bank’s stock was depressed. Weeks of bad publicity followed, as well as an investigation by the Office of the Comptroller of Lance’s Georgia banks which found “unsafe and unsound” banking practices at NBG and the other banks, but no criminal behavior by Lance.

BCCI later became an international clearinghouse for terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and who knows what else.  The investigation was obstructed.  It all started with Bert Lance in 1977, who gave the criminal organization a banking beachhead in the United States.

Time Magazine Cover B.C.C.I.

As Unger wrote, Pages 30-32

After taking office in 1977, Carter had appointed his close friend Bert Lance, the CEO of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), as director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)…

Lance had financed much of Carter’s electoral campaign through overdrafts at NBG, and now that he was in the glare of the Washington spotlight, those transactions had come under scrutiny…

An investigation and trial later found Lance innocent, but his reputation was devastated.  In September 1977, only a few months after he had taken over at OMB, he resigned.   Lance was heavily in debt and unemployed.  He just had one thing going for him:  he was still close friends with the president of the United States.

October 1977 (emphasis mine)

In October, just weeks after his resignation, Lance met with Agha Hasan Abedi, the Pakistani founder of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, or BCCI.  At the time, BCCI was said to be the fastest growing bank in the world.  Its assets had grown from $200 million to more than $2 billion in 1977.  As a bank friendly to Muslim concerns, BCCI was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the petrodollars flowing into the Middle East in the wake of the OPEC oil embargo…

“You cannot be a global bank, an international bank, without some sort of presence in the United States,” Lance told BCCI founder Abedi… Desperate to sell his stock, Lance had just the thing in mind- a modest Southern bank, namely, the National Bank of Georgia.

On December 20, Lance announced he was selling his NBG stock to Pharoan for $2.4 million at $20 a share- twice what it had been worth only a few weeks earlier.


Agh Hasan Abedi and Jimmy Carter
President Carter and Agha Hasan Abedi 



October 1977.  Iranian Revolution begins.

From Wikipedia:

Iranian Revolution begins.  Demonstrations against the Shah commenced in October 1977, developing into a campaign of civil resistance that included both secular and religious elements, and which intensified in January 1978.


October 31, 1977.  Stansfeld Turner lays off CIA agents in what he described as a turf war.

From the Washington Post:

Despite the facts, Turner says the press and public were deliberately misled by current and former agency employees into believing that he was actually firing 820 people. “What was really behind the outcries,” writes Turner, “was outrage at my challenging the traditional independence of the espionage branch. If I could summarily reduce the size of the espionage branch, I might next begin to supervise what it did.  The cry was over power and turf.”

Craig Unger described how this conflict within the CIA affected President Carter’s administration.

Unger, Page 50

“Certainly the CIA itself saw Bush as a favorite son.  Jimmy Carter’s appointment of Stansfield Turner as CIA director had angered hundreds of agents.  In October 1977, Turner eliminated 820 surplus CIA personnel, many of whom had been counterintelligence officers.  “You can’t imagine the tremendous anger against the Carter administration in the military and intelligence apparatus,” says Susan Clough, Carter’s personal secretary.  “Emotions had been boiling for years.” 

Widely hailed as the most popular director of Central Intelligence since Allen Dulles, Bush had enormous support with the Agency.  As the campaign got under way, Reagan-Bush posters appeared all over CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, many cut in the middle with only the right side, the Bush side, on display.


November 15, 1977.  Iranian students riot at White House against the Shah of Iran.  Tear gas is used while Jimmy Carter is speaking.

Shah of Iran

Shah of Iran November 15, 1977 riots

2.17.78.  Financial General Bankshares sues Bert Lance, BCCI, and Systematics.  William Barr and Hillary Clinton are involved in legal representation of the parties.

From conservapedia:

By then Lance had left the Carter administration, and he and Jackson Stephens joined together to help BCCI in a hostile takeover of Financial General Bankshares. Financial General filed a lawsuit on February 17 and named “Bert Lance, Bank of Credit & Commerce International, Agha Hasan Abedi, Eugene J. Metzger, Jackson Stephens, Stephens Inc., Systematics Inc. and John Does numbers 1 through 25.” B. Francis Saul II, chairman of Financial General Bankshares, was represented by William Barr.  Systematics was represented by C.J. Giroir, Webster Hubbell, and Hillary Rodham Clinton of the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock…

So Stephens, with the help of Bert Lance and others, brought in BCCI to wrest control of the bank from that group, and to put it into the hands of friendlier partners. By 1978 there were lawsuits, and Stephens’ software firm Systematics was represented by Joseph Giroir, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Vince Foster of the Rose Law Firm in 1978…

Systematics for many years had been laundering covert funds for the CIA and the intelligence community – legally at the time, as well.

Hillary Clinton was the intellectual property lawyer for Systematics.   Part of this “intellectual property” would involve a banking transaction software system based on the stolen PROMIS software.


Jackson Stephens
Jackson Stephens, Banker, Little Rock, Arkansas

I won’t try to get deep into Hillary Clinton’s involvement, but suffice to say that there was definitely an Arkansas connection to both BCCI and Systematics.  The PROMIS software came to be subject of a Special Counsel investigation later (and it was a coverup).  BCCI was investigated by Congress (obstructed as well).  I said at the beginning of this article that I believed Bill Clinton was beholden to intelligence agencies going back to 1969.  I think by 1978 we can add Hillary Clinton to the list as well, considering the criminal nature of BCCI (“bank of CIA”)  and Systematics PROMIS software (a big scandal in he DOJ).  It’s not like the CIA just threw a dart at a map and picked Arkansas to run cocaine through.



April, 1978.  Juanita Broaddrick assaulted by Bill Clinton.  

Clinton Broaddrick 1978

NY Times article on the assault.

Juanita Broaddrick meets Bill Clinton.  Later Juanita is assaulted in a hotel room by Bill Clinton, then the Attorney General of Arkansas.  This assault didn’t become public until 1992.

The allegation was passed on to reporters for The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times in the waning days of the 1992 Presidential campaign. Regarding it as the kind of toxic waste traditionally dumped just before Election Day, both newspapers passed on the story — that a nursing-home executive had been sexually assaulted in 1978 by Bill Clinton, then the Attorney General of Arkansas.

And Mrs. Broaddrick denied the encounter in an affidavit in January 1998 in the Paula Jones case, in which she was known only as ”Jane Doe No. 5.” Through all those years, she refused to come forward. When pressed by the Jones lawyers, she denied the allegation. And now, she has recanted that denial.


April 27, 1978.   Soviet-backed Saur Revolution in Afghanistan.

From Wikipedia:

The Saur Revolution, also called the April Revolution or April Coup, was a coup d’état led by the Soviet-backed People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) against the rule of Afghan President Mohammed Daoud Khan on 27–28 April 1978. Daoud Khan and most of his family were killed at the presidential palace.  



November, 1978.  Bill Clinton elected governor Arkansas first time, and uses Arkansas State Troopers to arrange sex.

The LA Times reported what came to be known as “Troopergate” in 1994.

From the LA Times:

The troopers said they were often called upon to act as intermediaries to arrange and conceal his extramarital encounters. They say they frequently picked up and delivered gifts from Clinton to various women and often drove Clinton in his state limousine to meetings with women.“

Patterson, 49, is one of two troopers who have signed affidavits for the Los Angeles Times to buttress his charges. The other is Roger L. Perry, 44, a 16-year veteran of the state police and president of the Arkansas State Police Assn., who also served on Clinton’s security detail for about four years.

Two other troopers supported their accounts but have declined to be identified.

Peter Smith was involved in “Troopergate,” and also a 2016 search for Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.  He died under questionable circumstances May 14, 2017.




12.28.78.  Iran arrests employees of Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Perot hires mercenary who worked with Iranian Revolutionaries to free 70,000 prisoners, including the EDS employees.

From the Washington Post:

There was, to be sure, some dispute as to whether William Gaylord and Paul Chiapparone, engineers for the Dallas-based computer company Electronic Data Systems (EDS), were technically hostages. Iranian authorities insisted that although no charges were brought against them when they were arrested on Dec. 28,1978, they were lawfully imprisoned. Eventually the authorities did charge them with bribing Iranian officials to secure a $20 million contract for EDS… 

Perot’s initial step as to send a team to Tehran to try to negotiate the release of the hostage. But in case that failed — as it did — he had meanwhile contacted Arthur Simons, the colonel (now retired).

Simons and Perot first considered a military attack on Ghasr Prison, where the Americans were being held, but abandoned this idea as too risky. The prison was heavily guarded and surrounded by a 12-foot-high wall. They decided finally to proceed by provoking a mob attack on Ghasr; they hoped that in the confusion, as the prison’s 70,000 inmates poured into the streets, Gaylord and Chiapparone, might be able to slip away. Iranian revolutionaries were eager to storm the prison, which had become a symbol of the deposed Shah’s power, and were thus easy to mobilize…  

The attack came on Feb. 11, 1979, Gaylord and Chiapparone did indeed escape with the rest, and they made their way to the Hyatt Hotel 10 miles away where they met up with Simons’ commandos. After a harrowing two-day trek, they crossed over into Turkey.



1.16.79.  The Shah of Iran flies to Egypt in exile.


Shah and wife



2.1.79.  Ayatollah Khomeini returns from exile in Iran.

Ayatollah Khomeini February 1, 1979



July 3, 1979.  “Carter signed the first directive to secretly aid Afghan rebels known as mujahideen”

Unger, Page 97.

On July 3, 1979, on the advice of his brilliant and hawkish national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter signed the first directive to secretly aid Afghan rebels known as the mujahideen who were fighting the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.  


November 4, 1979. Iranian Hostage Crisis begins.

From Wikipedia:

Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981.



December 1979.  Barry Seal is arrested in Honduras and meets Emile Camp.

From Spartacus Educational:

In December 1979, Seal was arrested and jailed in Honduras after authorities there found a machine gun in his airplane. While in jail, Seal met Emile Camp of Slidell, La., another drug pilot. After they were released, Camp became Seal’s co-pilot.  “Emile and Barry worked really closely,” Dandra Seale said. “They were together at all times.”



December 24, 1979.  U.S.S.R. invades Afghanistan.

USSR invades Afghanistan.gif



April 24, 1980.  Operation Eagle Claw fails to end Iranian Hostage crisis. 

Operation Eagle Claw

From Wikipedia:

The operation, one of Delta Force’s first, encountered many obstacles and was eventually aborted.  Eight helicopters were sent to the first staging area, Desert One, but only five arrived in operational condition.  One encountered hydraulic problems, another was caught in a sand storm, and another showed signs of a cracked rotor blade.

During the operation’s planning it was decided that the mission would be aborted if fewer than six helicopters remained operational, despite only four being absolutely necessary.  In a move that is still discussed in military circles, the field commanders advised President Carter to abort the mission, which he did.

As the U.S. force prepared to withdraw, one of the helicopters crashed into a transport aircraft which contained both servicemen and jet fuel. The resulting fire destroyed both aircraft and killed eight servicemen.




July 17, 1980.  Klaus Barbie orchestrates the Cocaine Coup of Bolivia

Klaus Barbie

From “Whiteout” by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair:  (Page 167-168)

He helped orchestrate the so-called “cocaine coup” of 1980, when a junta of Bolivian generals seized power, slaughtering leftist opponents and reaping billions in the cocaine boom, of which Bolivia was a prime supplier.

All this time Klaus Barbie was one of the most wanted men on the planet.  But he flourished until 1983, when he was finally returned to France to face trial for his crimes.  In the whole sordid history of collusion between US intelligence agencies, fascists and criminals, no one more vividly represents the evil of such partnerships than Klaus Barbie.

From Wikipedia:

In 1942 he was sent to Dijon, France, in the Occupied Zone. In November of the same year, at the age of 29, he was assigned to Lyon as the head of the local Gestapo. He established his headquarters at the Hôtel Terminus in Lyon, where he personally tortured adult and child prisoners.  He became known as the “Butcher of Lyon”. The daughter of a French Resistance leader based in Lyon said her father was beaten and skinned alive, and that his head was immersed in a bucket of ammonia; he died shortly afterwards.  Historians estimate that Barbie was directly responsible for the deaths of up to 14,000 people.

In 1947, Barbie was recruited as an agent for the 66th Detachment of the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps (CIC).” 




July 28, 1980.  William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager, travels to Madrid to meet with Iran about arms for hostages deal.

Newsweek and The New Republic had initially published disinformation articles providing an alibi for Casey, which were debunked in 1991 when documents were discovered.

From Global Research:

(William) Casey had skipped the key morning session on July 28, 1980. The significance of this confirmation of Casey’s trip to Madrid can hardly be overstated. The influential October Surprise debunking stories – ballyhooed on the covers of Newsweek and The New Republic – hinged on their joint misreading of some attendance records at a London historical conference which they claimed proved Casey was there and thus could not have traveled to Madrid. That meant, according to the two magazines, that the CIA’s Iranian agent Jamshid Hashemi was lying about arranging Casey’s two meetings with Karrubi in Madrid.

From Wikipedia:  

“At a meeting in Madrid arranged by the Hashimi brothers that includes Robert Gray, a man identified as Donald Gregg, and Mahdi Karrubi, William Casey says that if Iran could assure that American hostages were well treated until their release and were released as a “gift” to the new administration, “the Republicans would be most grateful and ‘would give Iran its strength back.'”[15] Karrubi says he has “no authority to make such a commitment.”



August 12, 1980.  William Casey is informed that Khomeini has agreed to the arms-for-hostages proposal.

From Wikipedia:

About August 12, 1980: Karrubi meets again with Casey, saying Khomeini has agreed to the proposal. Casey agrees the next day, naming Cyrus Hashimi as middleman to handle the arms transactions. More meetings are set for October. Cyrus Hashimi purchases a Greek ship and commences arms deliveries valued at $150 million from the Israeli port of Eilat to Bandar Abbas. According to CIA sources, Hashimi receives a $7 million commission. Casey is said to use an aide named Tom Carter in the negotiations.



September 20, 1980. Iraq invades Iran.

Wikipedia Page Iran-Iraq war.



October 19, 1980.  George Bush and William Casey travel to Paris and meet with Adnan Khashoggi, to discuss a deal for Iran to hold US hostages until after the Presidential election.

From Napa Sentinel:

A BAC 111 aircraft, which had been reconfigured to carry a sufficient amount of fuel to travel 3,600 miles, left Andrews Air Force Base in the late afternoon of October 19, 1980. The aircraft’s destination: Paris, France. The Passengers aboard the aircraft included the command pilot U.S. Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher, Richard Brenneke and Heinrick Rupp, on the flight deck; and in the cabin was William Casey, soon to be the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; Donald Greggs, soon to be the ambassador to South Korea; and George Bush, the future Vice President and President of the United States and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  There were also Secret Service agents aboard the aircraft.

This is the weekend – three weeks before the November 1980 Presidential Election, that Bush has claimed he spent at Andrews Air Force Base.

Testifying to this flight is Russbacher, the pilot. The Navy pilot is currently at Terminal Island, a federal prison, awaiting an appeal on a charge of misuse and misappropriation of government properties, misuse of government jets, and misuse of government purchase orders for purchase of fuel. He was also a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence and worked with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Russbacher, in an exclusive interview, states that Bush stayed at the Hotel Crillion in Paris. Russbacher has stated that more than one flight was involved, but that this was the initial flight at which time an agreement was made between Bush and Casey and the Government of Iran to delay the release of American hostages in Iran until after the November 1980 election. Former President Jimmy Carter and several Congressmen are now asking for an investigation into the “October Surprise”.

The returning flight with Bush landed at McGuire Air Force base at approximately 2 a.m. on October 20. Russbacher states that Bush, while in Paris, met with Hashemi Rafsanjani, the second in command to the Ayatollah and now the president of Iran, and Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian businessman who was extremely powerful. Arrangements were apparently made to pay Iran $40 million to delay the release of hostages in order to thwart President Jimmy Carter’s re-election bid. The $40 million was the beginning of terms that created the Iran-Contra scandal that is now being reopened by Congress.



January 20, 1980.  Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as 40th President of the United States.

Ronald Reagan inaguration 1981



January 20, 1980.  United States deposits $8 Billion in the Bank of England.  Iran releases the American hostages.


From United Press International:

Iran freed the 52 American hostages today on the 444th day of captivity…

Word of the long-sought release came at 11:36 a.m., less than a half-hour before Ronald Reagan succeeded Carter as president…

The U.S. Treasury said $8 billion was transferred to an Algerian account in London to be turned over to Iran…

Iran’s chief hostage negotiator, shortly before final agreement was announced, said, “Now the hostages are ready to fly, all preparations have been made and…the hostages will go home to their families — but only when Algeria confirmed the Iranian assets had been deposited in the Bank of England…”

The unexpected flap over the escrow account came after both Iran and the United States signed the documents to release the hostages and everything appeared “go” to end the crisis with Carter even flying to Wiesbaden, West Germany, to greet the returning hostages.



March 30, 1981. John Hinckley Jr shoots President Ronald Reagan, others.


March 31, 1981.  ABC News reports on link of the Bush family to John Hinckley Jr.

Youtube Link:  ABC reports Neil Bush meeting with brother of Reagan’s assassin John Hinckley

“This donut shop near the motel was visited by Hinckley, who reportedly waited for a phone call here each day, even though he had a phone in his motel room.  The nature of the calls is not known.  A touch of irony- the young man walking with the elder Hinckley is 30 year-old Scott Hinckley, John Jr’s brother.  He and Vice President’s Bush son, Neil, are friends.  They had planned to have dinner together in Denver tonight.  The plans have been cancelled.”



1982.  CIA not required to report some information on drug trafficking, as CIA Inspector General Frederick R. Hitz testified later.

From the Washington Post:

The inspector general also said that under an agreement in 1982 between then-Attorney General William French Smith and the CIA, agency officers were not required to report allegations of drug trafficking involving non-employees, which was defined as meaning paid and non-paid “assets {meaning agents}, pilots who ferried supplies to the contras, as well as contra officials and others.”

Yesterday’s hearing was called to review the inspector general’s report, which was triggered by a series of articles published in the San Jose Mercury News in August 1996 that alleged a CIA connection to the introduction of crack cocaine into South Central Los Angeles by Nicaraguan drug dealers.

Aside:  Here is one of Gary Webb’s articles in the San Jose Mercury News that provided the basis for the hearing.

Gary Webb.jpeg

From Wikipedia:

Gary Webb was found dead in his Carmichael home on December 10, 2004, with two gunshot wounds to the head.  His death was ruled a suicide by the Sacramento County coroner’s office.  



May, 1982.  William Barr begins service on the domestic policy staff at the Reagan White House.

William Barr, Ronald Ragan.jpeg

William Barr’s wikipedia page.

May 18, 1982.  Harvard expert testify that John Hinckley Jr. had mental problems.

From United Press International:

Dr. David Baer of the Harvard Medical School became the second defense expert to tell a jury that Hinckley suffered from a form of schizophrenia at the time of the March 30, 1981, assassination attempt.  Baer, a psychiatrist with a special interest in studying how the brain affects emotions, said he diagnosed Hinckley as having ‘schizophrenic spectrum disorder’ and suffering from a major depression.  Hinckley’s condition also was affected by a ‘significant loss of sleep’ over the five days before the shooting and by medicine he was taking at the time, Baer said. Prescriptions for the tranquilizer Valium and an anti-depressant drug were found in the hotel room where Hinckley stayed before the shooting.

August, 1982.  Jeb Bush and Bob Graham attend BCCI branch opening in Miami.

From:  The BCCI Affair. A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate, by Senator John Kerry and Senator Hank Brown.

We started in April 1982, but our formal opening in August 1982. Governor Graham came to that opening. Jeb Bush came to that opening too, along with Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young. Oil ministers from Venezuela, Abu Dhabi, the minister of economy and finance from Jamaica, Barbados, officials from Central Banks from all over the region. We had eight to ten ministers and central bank governors and leading businessmen from Venezuela and Peru and Trinidad, everywhere. It was a very successful opening. . .I have a videotape of portions of those in which Graham is being introduced to all BCCI people. Jeb Bush is also in those videotapes.



December 8, 1982.  US House of Representatives votes unanimously to block funding of rebels in Nicaragua.

Edward Boland
Edward P. Boland, (D-Mass)

From Wikipedia:

The Boland Amendment is a term describing three U.S. legislative amendments between 1982 and 1984, all aimed at limiting U.S. government assistance to the Contras in Nicaragua. The first Boland Amendment was part of the House Appropriations Bill of 1982, which was attached as a rider to the Defense Appropriations Act of 1983, named for the Massachusetts Democrat, Representative Edward Boland, who authored it.  The House of Representatives passed the Defense Appropriations Act 411–0 on December 8, 1982 and it was signed by President Ronald Reagan on December 21, 1982.  The amendment outlawed U.S. assistance to the Contras for the purpose of overthrowing the Nicaraguan government, while allowing assistance for other purposes.



Late 1982/ Early 1983.  “Barry Seal begins making “frequent appearances at Mena.”

From Spartacus Educational:

Hadaway, who is now manager of an aircraft engine shop near the Mena airport, said Seal may have based some planes at Mena in late 1981. He said Seal began making frequent appearances at Mena in late 1982 or early 1983.



1983.  Robert Maxwell, Israeli spy, brokers arms sales from U.S. to Iran, via his news editor.

Robert Maxwell

From The Washington Post:

Seymour Hersh alleged:  “Nicholas Davies, foreign editor of the Maxwell-owned Daily Mirror, acted as a Mossad agent by brokering arms sales to Iran” in 1983.


March 17, 1983.  George Bush and the National Security Council establish “a secret scheme to provide aid to the Contras in Nicaragua.”

Via Spartacus Educational:

George Bush had a secret meeting with Donald P. Gregg and Felix Rodriguez in the White House. As a result the National Security Council established a secret scheme to provide aid to the Contras in Nicaragua.


April 18, 1983.  Hezbollah bombs the United States Embassy in Lebanon.

April 18, 1983 US Embassy Lebanon

From Wikipedia:

The April 18, 1983 United States embassy bombing was a suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, that killed 32 Lebanese, 17 Americans, and 14 visitors and passers-by.  The victims were mostly embassy and CIA staff members, but also included several U.S. soldiers and one U.S. Marine Security Guard.  It was the deadliest attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission up to that time, and was considered the beginning of Islamist attacks on U.S. targets.



May 4, 1983.  DEA Investigation Report directly related to Linda Ives FOIA request.

From the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

He (Judge Brian Miller) said two documents — one a report of investigation prepared May 4, 1983, and another a report of investigation prepared Jan. 24, 1995 — were “directly related” to Ives’ request. 



July 30, 1983.  George Wallace, Bill Clinton, and George Bush photographed together a Bush’s residence in Maine.


From CBS News:

Wallace and his third wife, the former Lisa Taylor, meet with Vice President George Bush and Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton at a lobster bake at Bush’s residence at Kennebunkport, Maine, July 30, 1983. The third Mrs. Wallace, whom the governor married in 1981, was 30 years his junior and half of a country-western singing duo, Mona and Lisa, who had performed during his campaign in 1968.

Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas in 1983.  George Wallace was Governor of Alabama.  The largest drug smuggling operation in the country ran through Arkansas at this moment.  Wonder what Bush and Wallace were talking about?



September 19, 1983.   Marc Rich indicted for violating trade sanctions on Iranian oil put in place after the Iranian Hostage crisis.

Marc Rich

From the New York Times:

The two men (Marc Rich) were also accused of buying oil from Iran after trade with that nation had been declared illegal in response to the Nov. 4, 1979, seizure of American hostages.  Prosecutors said it was the biggest tax- fraud indictment in history.

Marc Rich was later pardoned by President Clinton in his final hours in office.

From Reuters:

…the normally secretive Rich admitted to bribing officials in countries such as Nigeria and to assisting the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.   …among those who lobbied Clinton on his behalf for his pardon were former Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres.



September 26, 1983. The National Security Agency intercepts a communication from Iran regarding a planned terrorist attack against the United States Marines.

Peacekeepers at War

From Wikipedia, quoting the above book, Peacekeepers at War:

On September 26, 1983, “the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted an Iranian diplomatic communications message from the Iranian intelligence agency, the Ministry of Information and Security (MOIS),” to its ambassador, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi, in Damascus. The message directed the ambassador to “take spectacular action against the American Marines.”  The intercepted message, dated September 26, would not be passed to the Marines until October 26: three days after the bombing.


October 23, 1983.  Marine Barracks bombed by Hezbollah in Beirut, Lebanon.

From Wikipedia:

On October 23, 1983, two truck bombs struck buildings in Beirut, Lebanon, housing American and French service members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF), a military peacekeeping operation during the Lebanese Civil War. The attack killed 307 people: 241 U.S. and 58 French military personnel, six civilians, and two attackers.

From United Press International:

In hindsight, the Marines ignored or discounted a number of warning factors that might have led them to intensify security at their base, but apparently did not.

Following the bombing of the U.S. Embassy with the loss of 63 lives April 18, the Americans had evidence that they had enemies in Lebanon who were ruthless, efficient, fanatical and shady.

Having been in Lebanon without major incident for a whole year, the Marines themselves started coming under fire two months ago — from Druze and Shiite militiamen, and perhaps also from outside provocateurs.

Earlier this month, the Marines started taking fire from surrounding Shiite neighborhoods, and Geraghty said he had ”clear indication that there were new elements in town that were specifically targeting Marines.”

Finally, the Americans had received ”a lot” of warnings about car bomb attacks, Geraghty said, and four Marines were injured by a booby-trapped car only four days before the attack on their headquarters.

Despite the embassy bombing, the Marine headquarters at Beirut airport was not protected against a similar kamikaze attack.

There were no ditches, tank traps or other heavy objects that would have stopped a big truck coming through at speed. When the disaster occurred, a sentry at the perimeter fence had no ammunition in his rifle.

October 25, 1983.  The United States invades Grenada.



November 4, 1983.  Letter from John McMahon, Deputy Director CIA, responding to earlier letter from DEA Administrator Francis M. Mullen Jr to the CIA, expressing Mullen’s concerns.

Francis Mullen

I don’t know if Mullen’s letter is public record, but here’s what the CIA said in response.

From the CIA:

You have expressed concern that the HUMINT Collection Plan and the authorities and responsibilities of the Director of Central Intelligence and the CIA may somehow be interfering with law enforcement authorities and responsibilities that have been assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration.  I believe this concern to be unwarranted.  The activities of the CIA and the Intelligence Community with respect to international narcotics intelligence collection are intended to support the law enforcement role of the DEA and the role of international policymakers in dealing with the international narcotics problem.  For these reasons, I was surprised by your reaction to my letter of 31 August, which transmitted the HUMINT Collection Plan to you.  As you know, representatives of DEA participated in development of the Plan.

I’ll pause right here.  If I’m head of the DEA, and there’s a huge drug running operation in Arkansas that’s untouchable, I’m either in on it, or I’m pissed off about it.  So I searched for the DEA administrator in this time frame and what did I find, correspondence with the CIA where he doesn’t sound too happy.  And the CIA is like, well how in the world does taking over jurisdiction of intelligence on international narcotics trafficking while we’re internationally trafficking narcotics have anything to do with you?  So the May 1983 investigation report that the DEA won’t release today may be a good one.  It may very well have information saying that prosecution in this area was impossible and state the reason why.



December 1983.  Donald Rumsfeld meets with Saddam Hussein while he is using chemical weapons.

Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein

Unger, Pages 67-68:

“In December 1983, when Iraq continued to use chemical weapons (against Iran) “almost daily,” (Donald) Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad as a special presidential envoy to meet with Saddam and pave the way for normalization of U.S.- Iraqi relations.” 

Unger, Page 65:

“U.S. support for Saddam Hussein could be traced all the way back to 1959, when the CIA hired him as a twenty-two year-old assassin to shoot Iraqi prime minister General Abd al-Karim Qasim.  Saddam fired too soon, however, and as a result he killed Qasim’s driver and only wounded the prime minister.”



1983-1984.  Bill Clinton, Roger Clinton use cocaine at the Arkansas’ Governor’s Mansion.

American Made

From the book “American Made” by Shaun Attwood.

Video version on youtube.

A few highlights:

  • “Former 1958 Miss Arkansas Sally Purdue claimed that during her 1983 affair with Bill Clinton, she saw him use cocaine regularly”. 
  • Grand Jury witness Sharline Wilson said she used cocaine with Bill Clinton, his brother Roger, the Attorney General of Arkansas, and members of the Arkansas State Police at the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas.
  • Sharline Wilson said she provided cocaine for the Clintons at these parties at the Governor’s Mansion and worked for 3-4 months unloading cocaine at the Mena, Arkansas airport. 



1984.  United States provides biological weapons to Iraq.

Unger, Page 69

US Center for Disease Control provides biological weapons to Iraq, including viruses, retroviruses, bacteria, fungi, and… bubonic plague. 


March 1984.   Barry Seal becomes an informant for the United States government.

From Spartacus Educational:

In March, 1984, Seal was indicted at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for smuggling Quaaludes and laundering money… 

In an attempt to avoid an expected 10 year sentence, Seal made contact with George H. W. Bush. He then appeared before a secret session of Bush’s Task Force on Drugs in Washington where he testified that the Sandinistas were directly involved in drug trafficking into the United States. Seal claimed that the Medellin Cartel had made a deal with the Sandinistas, awarding them cuts of drug profits in exchange for the use of an airfield in Managua as a trans-shipment point for narcotics…

As a result of Seal’s cooperation in setting up this sting, the judge in Florida reduced his sentence from ten years to six months probation.



May 1984.  George Bush visits Pakistan;  area produces heroin for export to the United States and Europe.

Unger, Page 106.

In May 1984, Vice President George H. W. Bush visited the region and peeked across the border into Afghanistan from the Khyber Pass in Pakistan.  Armed with a $14-million check for humanitarian relief, Bush told the refugees, “Across the border, a brutal war is being waged against the people of Afghanistan.  I Know your resistance will continue until the Soviets realize they cannot be able to subjugate Afghanistan.” 

We do not know exactly where bin Laden was at that moment, but during this period he was nearby in Afghanistan…. Chances are, this is the closest that Osama bin Laden and George H.W. Bush ever got physically. 

Unger, Page 107.

As the Soviets withdrew, however,  the many unintended consequences of the war became increasingly apparent.   The arms pipeline set up by the CIA had unwittingly become a drug pipeline as well.  As first reported by the Herald, and English-language magazine in Pakistan, the main condos through which weapons reached the Afghan rebels was now one of the principal routes for the transport of heroin to Karachi for shipment to Europe and the Unites States.   

“It is really very simple,” the Herald reported in January 1987.   “If you control the poppy fields, Karachi, and the road which links the two, you will be so rich that you will control Pakistan. “   The article added that the drugs came down by truck from Peshawar with “sacks (containing) packets of heroin… This has been going on now for about three and a half years.”

Unger, Page 108, footnote.

*At the time he visited he war-ravaged region in May 1984, Vice President Bush was also serving as the head of the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System, a national network designed to stop the flow of drugs into the United States…. The CIA later insisted it had no knowledge of the heroin running.  But according to the Financial Times, the CIA not only had knowledge, it actually started a special cell that “promoted the cultivation of opium and the extraction of heroin in Pakistani territory as well as in the Afghan territory under Mujahadeen control for being smuggled into the Soviet-controlled areas in order to make the Soviet troops heroin addicts.”



June 22, 1984.  Robert McFarland arranges for Saudi Arabia to fund the Contras in Nicaragua; deal is approved by George Bush

Prince Bandar bin Sultan.jpeg

Unger, Page 64-66

However, even the Boland Amendment, as the bill was known, was not an insurmountable obstacle to a National Security Council that was prone to macho covert operations, bravado, and cowboy-style adventurism.  It considered a variety of options to fund the contras, including obtaining funds from other countries and skimming profits from arms deals with Iran.  Finally, in the spring of 1984, National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane raised the possibility of approaching Prince Bandar for the money.  If the Saudis were to agree to the request, clearly they would gain favor from the Reagan administration.  On June 22, 1984, Bandar and McFarlane agreed that the Saudis would give $1 million a month to the contras.

But the gambit was like playing political Russian roulette and had to be approved by the White House before it could proceed.  What would happen in Congress found out?  On June 15, 1984, a special meeting of the National Security Planning Group was called to discuss the issue.  The highest officials in the country were present— Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George Shcultz, Caspar Weinberger, William Casey, and Robert McFarlane, among others.  According to minutes at the meeting, James Baker, ever the vigilant attorney, argues that actively soliciting money from third countries— such as Saudi Arabia— could be an impeachable offense.

But Vice President Bush took issue with that position and said there was nothing wrong with encouraging third parties to help the anti-Sandinistas so long as there was no explicit quid pro quo.  “The only problem that might come up is if the United States are to pro use these third parties something in return so that some people could interpret this as some kind of exchange,” he said. 

Bush, after all, had been director of the CIA.  The way to do it, he seemed to be saying, as for the United States to let the Saudis finance the contras.  Afterward, the United States could then reward the Saudis fo rtheir loyalty, but the two events would have to happen without being explicitly tied to each other. 

And so, Bandar deposited $8 million in a Swiss bank.  Over time, the amount given by the Saudis to the contras reached $32 million.  No explicit promises had been made to the Saudis, so the administration could assert there was no quid pro quo, and therefore no impeachable offense had taken place.  And yet the Saidis did not go away empty-handed.  After all, tens of millions of dollars had changed hands.  At the time, King Fahd and Bandar wanted several hundred Stinger missiles from the United States, which had put restrictions on the sale of such weapons.  To help the Saudis out, President Reagan invoked emergency measures to bypass Congress and four hundred Stingers were secretly flown to Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis had received their payoff.  To put it badly:  in exchange for doing something that thad been explicitly prohibited by the House of Representatives by a vote of 411 to 0, Saudi Arabia received lethal, state-of-the-art American weaponry it would not have been allowed under normal conditions.


July 12, 1984.  Oliver North sabotages DEA operation against the Medellin Cartel.

Oliver North

From United Press International:

Oliver North leaks to press that Nicaragua’s Soviet-backed Sandinista government were allegedly linked to the Medellin cocaine cartel, a revelation that forced the Drug Enforcement Administration to kill the undercover sting because of risks to the agents involved.  ‘There is no doubt about (North’s) interest in getting the story out,’ said Frank Monastero, the former assistant DEA administrator, who nonetheless would not accuse him directly of the news leak.  Subcommittee Chairman William Hughes, D-N.J., came closest to pinning the disclosure on the now-retired Marine lieutenant colonel indicted on criminal charges in the Iran-Contra scandal.  ‘The only people who had reason to leak this were Oliver North and the CIA,’ Hughes declared. ‘It has been consistent that those were the two who wanted to get it out.’


September 20, 1984  Hezbollah bombs US Embassy in Lebanon.

September 20, 1984 US embassy annex.jpg

From Wikipedia:

On September 20, 1984, the Shi’a Islamic militant group Hezbollah, with support and direction from the Islamic Republic of Iran, carried out a suicide car bombing targeting the U.S. embassy annex in East BeirutLebanon. The attack killed 24 people.



December 1984, Barry Seal is busted again, this time for a cargo of marijuana. 

From Spartacus Educational:

In December 1984, Seal was arrested in Louisiana after flying in a cargo of marijuana. After paying a $250,000 bond, Seal was released and returned to drug smuggling. In return Seal provided information that resulted in the US government obtaining 17 criminal convictions.



December 27, 1984.   The Washington Post reports that Americares funds the Contras.

From the Washington Post:

“Americares Foundation, working with the Order of the Knights of Malta, has channeled more than $14 million in donated medical aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala over the last two years.”  Prominent in the U.S. end of the operation are businessman J. Peter Grace, head of the W.R. Grace conglomerate and chairman of the American division of the Knights of Malta; attorney Prescott Bush Jr., brother of Vice President Bush; former treasury secretary William E. Simon, and Macauley, a New Canaan, Conn., businessman.  Among the 1,750 U.S. members of the Knights are CIA Director William J. Casey, former secretary of state Alexander M. Haig Jr. and former secretary of health, education and welfare Joseph A. Califano, although they apparently are not involved in the Americares effort. Former national security affairs adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski is honorary chairman of Americares’ board of director.

Of course most people will recognize Prescott Bush Jr and William Casey from this list, but note Brzezinski.  He’s the former National Security Advisor for President Carter.



1985.  Jonathan Pollard, Israel spy, meets with Pakistan and Iran to broker arms sales.

Jonathan Pollard

From Wikipedia:

Pollard “met with three Pakistanis and an Iranian foreigner in an attempt to broker arms in 1985.”

In 1987, as part of a plea agreement, Pollard pleaded guilty to spying for and providing top-secret classified information to Israel. He was sentenced to life in prison for violations of the Espionage Act.



February, 1985.  Barry Seal’s co-pilot and partner, Emile Camp, is killed in plane crash in Arkansas.

Russell Welch

Former Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch was interviewed by Marvin Lee, March 1996, on Emile Camp’s death, and other subjects.

From Washington Weekly,

LEE: When did your own investigation start?

WELCH: In 1985. Emile Camp crashed between Mena and Nella. Emile Camp was one of Barry’s pilots. Freddy Hampton [of Rich Mountain Aviation at Mena airport] asked me to come out to the airport and take a part in the investigation. He was, at that time, concerned because, in his own words, Emile Camp was an important witness in a trial that was going on in Florida at that time. There was some concern that Emile Camp’s death wasn’t an accident, that he had been sabotaged. He kept that attitude until about three days later when Barry Seal showed up and took control. Everybody’s attitude changed. At first they told me that Camp was an extremely good pilot who had flown through these mountains numerous times, day and night. After Barry Seal arrived they said, “Well, Emile Camp wasn’t a very good pilot anyway, he probably flew right into the side of the mountain.” It was obvious that Barry Seal, among other things, had done damage control.

We looked for Emile Camp’s crash for three days before Barry Seal showed up but couldn’t find it. The business manager from Rich Mountain Aviation, Rudy Furr, told me that he had contacted the governors office and Governor Clinton had promised to send some National Guard helicopters to help in the search. They never showed up, because of the weather, I think. Rudy Furr also said that the orbit of a satellite had been changed to help with the search. He said they were going to place the satellite over Mena to see if it could pick up an ELT.

About 15 minutes after Barry Seal showed up, he found the crash, just before dark. It reeked of him knowing where the crash was before he got there. The first words that I heard Barry Seal say were on a radio from his helicopter, as he was explaining how he found the crash so fast. He said, “I know my plane and I know how Emile flies,” or something like that.

LEE: And then you tried to find out why it had crashed?

WELCH: There was nothing to make a determination. Like most airplane crashes it was eventually ruled a pilot error, and there wasn’t anything left to determine whether it had been tampered with or not. During my investigation I did some checking with a number of people who knew Emile Camp and they all said he was just as good a pilot as you could find.


Early 1985.  William Casey and Prince Bandar discuss military action against Hezbollah.

Unger, Page 71

As reported in Bob Woodward’s Veil, in early 1985, Prince Bandar invited Casey to his home in Virginia just after the Iranian-supported Hezbollah had bombed American facilities in Beirut and kidnapped CIA station chief William Buckley.   Casey and the Saudis agreed it was time to strike back.  The target:  Sheikh Fadlallah, leader of the Party of God, Hezbollah.



May 5, 1985. Oliver North creates Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, associated with Americares.

Nicaraguan Freedom Fund created by Oliver North.  The main purpose of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund was to divert attention from the covert channels through which real money flowed to the contras in violation of the Boland Amendment.  The group’s 1985 tax return for the fund reported donations of $165,648 to Americares.



August 30, 1985.  Israel sells American-made missiles to Iran.

Unger 72

..on August 30, Israel sold more than five hundred U.S.- origin TOW missiles (Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-command) to Iran.  Just over two weeks later, on September 15, 1985, the Reverend Benjamin Weir… was released. 

Benjamin Weir had previously been kidnapped May, 1984 in Lebanon.



November, 1985.  CIA provides air transport for arms shipment to Iran.

From National Security Archive:

In November 1985, the CIA role deepened when it directly provided air transport for an arms shipment to Iran.



December 20, 1985.  Barry Seal is sentenced and forced to travel to and from halfway house unarmed and unguarded every night for 6 months.

From Spartacus Educational:

Barry Seal appeared before Judge Frank Polozola in Baton Rouge on 20th December, 1985. Found guilty of two drug felony convictions, Seal was sentenced to six months supervised probation. A condition of the sentence was that he had to spend every night, from 6.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m., at the Salvation Army halfway house on Baton Rouge’s Airline Highway strip. Judge Polozola barred him from carrying a gun or hiring armed guards. Barry Seal told his friends “they made me a clay pigeon”.

Barry Seal was asked by his close friend, Rene Martin, if he feared being killed by the Ochoa family. Barry Seal replied that he was not afraid of the Colombians because he had not implicated senior members of the organization. Seal was more worried about his contacts within the US government. This view is supported by Lewis Unglesby, Seal’s lawyer. He confirmed that the man Seal was willing to testify against was George H. W. Bush.




February, 1986.  Reagan Administration arranges for Saudi Arabia to arm Iraq with American-made bombs.

Unger, page 73

“Reagan administration had secretly authorized Saudi Arabia to transfer US-origin bombs to Iraq and encouraged the Saudis to provide Saddam with British fighter planes as well.”



February 19, 1986.  Barry Seal is assassinated.

Barry Seal assassinated

From Spartacus Educational:

On 19th February, 1986, Barry Seal returned to his Salvation Army hostel at 6.00 p.m. As he parked his white Cadillac he was approached by a man carrying a machine-gun. Two quick bursts hit Seal’s head and body. One of Seal’s friends, Russ Eakin, observed the killing. “I saw Barry get killed from the window of the Belmont hotel coffee shop. The killers were both out of the car, one on either side, but I only saw one shoot, cause Barry saw it coming and just put his head down on the steering column.”

Over the next few days the police received information that enabled them to arrest several men for the killing of Barry Seal. This included Miguel Velez, Bernardo Vasquez, Luis Quintero-Cruz, John Cardona, Eliberto Sanchez and Jose Renteria. A seventh, Rafa Cardona, managed to escape back to Colombia. He was murdered later that year. Eliberto Sanchez and John Cardona were deported and never appeared in court for the crime. Nor did Jose Coutin who supplied the weapons for the killing of Seal. However, he was not charged with any crime and instead testified in court against Miguel Velez, Luis Quintero-Cruz and Bernardo Vasquez. According to Leslie Cockburn (Out of Control) Coutin was a CIA asset.

One of those originally arrested, Jose Renteria, took photographs of the dead Seal in the car. When his camera was confiscated by an FBI agent at New Orleans airport, it was opened and the film inside exposed. While being interrogated, Renteria claimed that Jose Coutin was linked to Oliver North. However, this information was never produced in court as Renteria was not charged with the murder and was instead deported to Colombia.

From Washington Weekly

WELCH: Just before Barry died, he made a tape recording of himself, DEA agent Jacobson and another person in Panama. It was a three way telephone conversation. The tape recording was with Barry in his car when he was killed. He was returning from his office in downtown Baton Rouge with a couple of boxes and other items. And on the tape recording, among other things, there was this conversation with these three people. And Barry was a desperate man, you can tell by his voice. He is trying to help find Pablo Escobar, and the agent – you can tell by his voice – that there’s nothing he can do with Barry anymore, he’s done his thing and the agent is trying to get rid of him on the telephone. Barry is desperate, he is trying to keep his position and status [as a valuable DEA informant]…

Anyway, on this tape recording, he is trying to give directions to the person in Panama, they are talking about streets, and Barry keeps telling him, “Don’t use my name on the telephone,” because all the telephones in Panama are tapped. The DEA agent comes in and says “Yeah, don’t use Barry’s name on the telephone!” And you can hear this fatalistic laugh of Barry in the background, like “I’m dead.”



March 3, 1986.  Louisiana Attorney General William Guste questions United States Attorney General Edwin Meese over the arrangement which led to the assassination of Barry Seal.

William Guste Jr.

From Louisiana Voice:

On March 3, 1986, only two weeks after Seal was murdered, Louisiana Attorney General William Guste hand-delivered a five-page letter to U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese. In his letter, Guste made a formal request for a complete investigation with respect to the government’s relationship with and handling of Seal.

“In October, as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Narcotics and Drug Interdiction of the President’s Commission on Organized Crime, I had presided over a seminar at which Barry Seal had testified,” Guste continued.

“His purpose there was to inform the commission and top United States officials of the methods and equipment used by drug smugglers….and (he) was scheduled to be a key witness in the government’s case against Jorge Ochoa-Vasques, the head of one of the largest drug cartels in the world. WHY WAS SUCH AN IMPORTANT WITNESS NOT GIVEN PROTECTION WHETHER HE WANTED IT OR NOT?” Guste asked, using all capital letters.



1986.  Reagan administration and Congress begin arming the Mujahideen with Stinger missiles.

From the Wall Street Journal:

In 1986, the Reagan administration and its congressional allies put aside qualms about dispatching missile launchers.  The Taliban emerged on top, and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency spent years trying to recover 600 unused Stingers, including 53 that found their way to Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader who hosted Osama bin Laden during the 9/11 attacks, according to the book “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll.



April 8, 1986.  LA Times reports that Israeli financed a U.S. to Iran weapons deal.

From LA Times:

In an apparent contradiction of Israeli claims that Israel played only a minor role in the shipment of U.S. arms to Iran this year, sources confirmed Friday that a top aide to Prime Minister Shimon Peres tried to help two arms merchants obtain $15 million to finance a U.S.-to-Iran weapons deal this spring.  The aide, Amiram Nir, accompanied Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and Iranian businessman Manucher Ghorbanifar to a meeting in London the night of April 8 with Roland W. (Tiny) Rowland, chief executive of Lonrho, a British trading and mining conglomerate, sources said. The meeting continued into the early morning. 



August 23, 1986.  Oliver North discusses arms deal with Manuel Noriega of Panama.

Noriega and George Bush

From National Security Archive:

Oliver North, who met with Noriega’s representative, described the meeting in an August 23, 1986 e-mail message to Reagan national security advisor John Poindexter. “You will recall that over the years Manuel Noriega in Panama and I have developed a fairly good relationship,” North writes before explaining Noriega’s proposal. If U.S. officials can “help clean up his image” and lift the ban on arms sales to the Panamanian Defense Force, Noriega will “‘take care of’ the Sandinista leadership for us.”

North tells Poindexter that Noriega can assist with sabotage against the Sandinistas, and suggests paying Noriega a million dollars — from “Project Democracy” funds raised from the sale of U.S. arms to Iran — for the Panamanian leader’s help in destroying Nicaraguan economic installations.

 The same day Poindexter responds with an e-mail message authorizing North to meet secretly with Noriega. “I have nothing against him other than his illegal activities,” Poindexter writes.

 On the following day, August 24, North’s notebook records a meeting with CIA official Duane “Dewey” Clarridge on Noriega’s overture. They decided, according to this entry, to “send word back to Noriega to meet in Europe or Israel.”



August 26, 1986.  Bill Clinton is the only Democratic governor to send his national guard to train in Honduras.

From United Press International:

The nation’s governors disagreed sharply Tuesday over the Pentagon’s policy of training National Guard units in Honduras, but unanimously approved a resolution supporting their peacetime control of Guard units.

The debate over allowing state National Guard units to train in Honduras, the base for U.S.-supported guerrillas fighting to overthrow the Nicaraguan government, was the only spark of controversy in the four-day meeting of the National Governors’ Association.

Gov. Madeleine Kunin of Vermont, a Democrat, said the training policy is a ‘backdoor escalation’ of the American military presence in Central America.

But Republican Gov. John Ashcroft of Missouri said the deployments are nothing more than a training program and ‘not an exercise in aid to the Contras.’ Ashcroft went to Honduras with the Missouri Guard, which helped build a road between two towns.

‘Even those who support the administration’s Central America policy don’t want the Guard used without their say-so,’ said Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, a Democrat who allowed his state Guard to go to Honduras.


October 5, 1986.  Barry Seal’s former plane shot down by the Sandanists; pilot parachutes to safety and has phone number to George Bush’s office on his person.

Eugene Hasenfus capture

From Whiteout:


On October 5, 1986, a few weeks after the meeting in London, the bold plans explored by North and Noriega came crashing down in the wake of a similarly abrupt descent of a plane ferrying arms from Ilopango air base in El Salvador to Contra camps inside Nicaragua.  As Eugene Hasenfus, a veteran of the CIA’s Air America operation in Laos, was kicking supplies out of the back of a C-123K, a Sandanista gunner scored a direct hit and only Hasenfus managed to parachute down and into the world’s headlines, offering incontrovertible proof of the Reagan administration’s illegal shipments.  Among the phone numbers in Hasenfus’s notebook was that of George Bush’s office. 



November 1985.  Lebanese newspaper Al Shirra breaks story about US arms sales to Iran.

Above is from Unger, Page 76



November 24, 1986.  United States Attorney General Edwin Meese blames the entire “IranContra” scandal on Oliver North.

Edwin Meese

From the Washington Post:


The attorney general, (Edwin Meese) said on Nov. 24 that North was the only person in the U.S. government who knew precisely about funds from the Iran arms transfers being transferred to the contras.


December 14, 1986.  Calls for immunity for Oliver North begin.

William Broomfield.jpg
William Broomsfield, (R-Michigan)

From the Washington Post:

William S. Broomfield, R-MI, writes an op-ed to Washington Post “That crisis can be avoided by acting immediately to secure the truth by granting immunity to North for his testimony.”


December 20, 1986. LA Times reports on Israeli financing of U.S. to Iran weapons deal.

From the LA Times:

In an apparent contradiction of Israeli claims that Israel played only a minor role in the shipment of U.S. arms to Iran this year, sources confirmed Friday that a top aide to Prime Minister Shimon Peres tried to help two arms merchants obtain $15 million to finance a U.S.-to-Iran weapons deal this spring.  The aide, Amiram Nir, accompanied Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and Iranian businessman Manucher Ghorbanifar to a meeting in London the night of April 8 with Roland W. (Tiny) Rowland, chief executive of Lonrho, a British trading and mining conglomerate, sources said.

Amiran Nir.jpg
Amiram Nir, in 1985, with his wife Judy Mozes (Photo credit: Moshe Shai/ Flash 90)

Aside on Amiram Nir:  Nir’s son, in 2014, said his father was assassinated.

From Times of Israel: 

Twenty-five years after a famed Israeli counterterrorism operator died in a mysterious plane crash in Mexico, his son alleged on Friday that the death was an assassination, and pointed the finger of blame at the United States…

The TV report featured a lengthy clip of George H.W. Bush being interviewed by Dan Rather over what he knew of the Iran-Contra scandal, including over his presence during a visit to Israel in meetings with Amiram Nir.  Bush had denied all knowledge of Iran-Contra during the 1988 presidential campaign.

From Wikipedia:  

After Nir’s death, “a systematic series of burglaries,” carried out by professionals who were never caught, targeted documents relating to the Iran-Contra Affair. One of the burglary targets was the home of Nir’s widow.



February 27, 1987. The Tower Commission report is published, blaming William Casey for poor management of Oliver North, and clearing President Reagan.

From the Tower Commission report: Page 82

Director Casey appears to have been informed in considerable detail about the specifics of the Iranian operation.  He appears to have acquiesced in and to have encouraged North’s exercise of direct operational control of the operation.  Because of the NSC staff’s proximity to and close identification with the President, this increased the risks to the President if the initiative became public or the operation failed.   

There is no evidence, however, that Director Casey explained this risk to the President or made clear to the President that LtCol North, rather than the CIA, was running the operation.  The President does not recall ever having been informed of this fact.  Indeed, Director Casey should have gone further and pressed for operational responsibility to be transferred to the CIA. 



May 5, 1987.  Dick Cheney, as Ranking Republican Member of the House Select Committee to investigate Iran Contra, says in his opening remarks that the President has cooperated fully. 

Cheney IranContra.jpg


I think it is also important, Mr. Chairman, to point out there is another individual who has been very supportive and cooperative of everything this committee has done to date, that is the President of the United States.  These won’t be easy hearings to watch in the West Wing, but it is important, I think, for people to know that the President has indeed cooperated fully with our investigation.

Earlier this year he appointed the Tower Commission to examine these events on behalf of the executive branch.  That report has been made public, and it, too, is not easy reading.  It contains some very tough criticism of our foreign policy with respect to the events under investigation by this committee, but the President, I thought, responded well to those developments.

It takes a big man to submit himself and his administration to that kind of scrutiny. In connection with this inquiry, which he has encouraged, he has placed no obstacles in the path of our investigation, and as was mentioned earlier by Senator Inouye, he has even made available to members of the committee the most intimate personal thoughts of his administration, his own diary.



May 6, 1987.  William Casey dies.

William Casey and George Bush.png

From the Washington Post:

Casey’s death now means that Congress and the independent counsel investigating the Iran-contra affair will be deprived of his testimony and this may mean enormous gaps in public knowledge about the controversy.



May 13, 1987.  Robert McFarlane, former National Security Advisor to President Reagan, testifies to Senator William Cohen that Oliver North (who has immunity from prosecution), took orders directly from CIA Director William Casey (who is dead).

Robert McFarlane 2


Mr. COHEN In fact, we have evidence that Colonel North was calling the chief of station in a Central American Country and having him report to Colonel North. We have an ambassador being called in Lebanon, having him report to Colonel North. It is rather clear that Oliver North was acting under the-at least the aegis of Director Casey during this time? 

Mr. McFARLANE: Yes, sir.

William Cohen was a Republican from Maine who later served as Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense from 1997-2001.



August 23, 1987.  Don Henry and Kevin Ives are murdered in Saline County, Arkansas.

Don Henry and Kevin Ives

From Unsolved Mysteries:

In the pre-dawn hours of August 23, 1987, a 6000 ton cargo train made its regular night run to Little Rock, Arkansas.  The train was just over a mile long and was traveling at a speed of 52 miles per hour.  The train had been riding smoothly as engineer Stephen Shroyer approached the small town of Bryant, Arkansas.  Suddenly, he saw something in his path, but couldn’t tell what it was.  As the train drew closer, Shroyer made the horrifying discovery that two boys were lying motionless across the railroad tracks.



All I’m trying to establish is that the DEA is hiding something other than “sources and methods” from Linda Ives.  A preponderance of evidence establishes that statement as a fact beyond any reasonable doubt, in my opinion.



Adriana Ross knows too much about Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton for her own safety


Yesterday Adriana cried leaving church as reporters asked her for a comment about her former employer, Jeffrey Epstein.  The Daily Mail quoted a man believed to be her husband Duncan Ross: “You don’t know anything. It’s not for you to make a judgment. You don’t know anything about it.”

Photo, Adriana Ross leaves church with Duncan Ross.

It’s easy to understand why her stress levels would be high with the recent death of Epstein and President of the United States retweeting conspiracy theories about former President Clinton being involved in foul play in Epstein’s death.  In a rare time where the large majority of the country will agree with the President at least to an extent, clearly foul play was involved.  The only debates seem to be whether Epstein’s death should be called a murder or some form of criminally-negligent assisted suicide, and who was behind this death that was apparently coordinated within the jail.  A spokeswoman for the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner said that an autopsy had concluded that the cause of death was suicide by hanging,” although at this point the public can’t take for granted that Epstein was alone in his cell due to serious irregularities at the jail which resulted in two jail guards placed on leave and the warden reassigned by the DOJ.


Adriana Ross testified in a deposition (page 103) that she came to the United States from Poland in the Fall of 2002 on an invitation from Elite Models on a “business tourist visa.”  She changed her name from Adriana Mucinka to Adriana Ross after marrying Duncan Ross on July 12, 2003.  Adriana said she met Duncan In Europe, where he was associated with Elite Models, before she moved to the United States.  She graduated high school in 2002 in Warsaw, Poland, received an associate’s degree from Miami-Dade college in 2008, and was at the time of the deposition in March 2010, pursuing her bachelor’s.


In her deposition, Adriana was talkative at first about her background, then asserted her 5th Amendment rights every time after attorney Bradley Edwards went into a prolonged period where he asked very incriminating questions of her.  A small sample of some of the questions asked Adriana, which she would not answer:

  • Do you know a guy by the name of Jean-Luc Brunel?
  • Do you know of underaged females being transported into this country to work for the modeling company MC Squared? 
  • Do you know of those underaged females being given work visas and staying at the 301 East 66th address?
  • Have you ever met Bill Clinton?

Edwards asked the following line of questions pursuing whether Bill Clinton, via Sandy Berger, was involved in a tip to Jeffrey Epstein that a raid was forthcoming at Epstein’s Palm Beach residence.  (Page 121).  Adriana answered none of these questions.

  • Who is Sandy Berger?
  • That’s somebody else that was affiliated with Bill Clinton at one point in time, correct?  A close friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s?
  • He called the house within three weeks of the search warrant being executed.  Did he tip off Jeffrey Epstein?
  • Is he somebody that’s involved with underage minors?

Adriana was asked many questions about removing computers from Epstein’s Palm Beach home with the assistance of Bill Reilly, as follows, and ultimately asked if she took the computers to her residence.  (pages 113-115).  None of these questions were answered.

  • When Mr. Epstein was being investigated criminally how did you first learn about that?
  • At some point in time he was tipped off that his home– that a search warrant was going to be executed on his home, correct?
  • And just a month before the execution of that search warrant– less than a month before the execution of that search warrant he ordered you to do something with certain evidence, didn’t he?
  • In fact, there were at least three very key computers that contained a lot of the information that I’ve been asking about.  You’re familiar with those computers that were in his home, correct?
  • And he ordered you to come over and take those computers out of his house, correct?
  • And you could basically take the local database that exposed his criminal enterprise that I’ve been talking about dealing with sex with underage minor vehicles–  minor underage females and you could take the evidence from his home, correct?
  • And you’ve seen the material that’s on those computers, correct?
  • And if I were to look at those computers it would display exactly what I’ve been describing to you today, right?
  • And you went to his house with a male, correct?
  • There was one other guy with you that assisted you to take these computers from his home;  is that right?
  • Where did you take those?
  • Did you take those– was it Bill Reilly that went to the home? 
  • Do you know who Bill Reilly is? 
  • He’s one of the investigators hired by Roy Black to represent Jeffrey Epstein?
  • Did you take those computers over to your house? 
  • And I guess the house that I would be talking about is the 1040 South Shore Drive, have those computers ever been to that house?

Testimony of Janusz Banasiak

Even though Adrian did not incriminate herself, housekeeper Janusz Banasiak testified in his deposition that he saw Adriana and another man remove three computers from Epstein’s home (page 368).

  • Q.  Do you remember who it was that personally removed the computers and equipment from the property?  Was it Mr. Epstein, was it a lawyer, was it, do you remember?  
  • A.  It was Adriana.
  • Q.  All right.  And am I of the understanding that there were several computers that were removed from the house, correct?
  • Mr. Goldberger:  Form.
  • The witness:  Yes, three of them. 
  • Q.  Three?  And to your knowledge Adriana removed all of them?
  • A.  She show up one day with gentleman.  I don’t remember his name.  And she told me that they were moving out those computers.

Death of Palm Beach Detective Joseph Recarey

The following is an excerpt from a Miami Herald article where Banasiak’s testimony on the removal of computers from Epstein’s home prior to the Palm Beach police department raid.

Janusz Banasiak, a butler for Epstein, testified in a civil deposition years later that one of Epstein’s assistants, Adriana Mucinska Ross, and another unidentified man were instructed in advance of the arrival of Palm Beach police to remove the multiple computers in the house. Krischer never issued a subpoena for the computers, even though it was known they were in the hands of Epstein’s attorneys by that time, the lead detective, Joseph Recarey, told the Herald.

Joseph Recarey, “one of the most decorated police officers in the history of the department,” died May 25, 2018, after what the Palm Beach Post reported was a “brief illness.”

Photo: Palm Beach Detective Joseph Recarey

Barry Krischer was the former Palm Beach County state attorney.  The Herald article did not reference when lead detective Joseph Recarey spoke to the Herald about Krischer.

Unprotected Legal Status and Security

Potential co-conspirators” Sarah Kellen, AdrianaRoss, Lesley Groff, and Nadia Marcinkova were previously protected under the non-prosecution agreement of Jeffrey Epstein.

Recently the Epstein deal with the state of Florida was put into legal question by Judge Kenneth Marra’s ruling on Feb 21, 2109 that the deal had illegally violated the rights of Epstein victims rights under the Crime Victims Reporting Act, or CVRA.  As David Boies explained, from the Miami Herald article:

“As a legal matter, the non-prosecution agreement entered into by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida does not bind other U.S. Attorneys in other districts. They are free, if they conclude it is appropriate to do so, to bring criminal actions against Mr. Epstein and his co-conspirators,’’ said lawyer David Boies, representing two of Epstein’s victims.

Epstein was later indicted by Manhattan prosecutors in July, based on the what seemed to be much of the same evidence that Florida and the FBI had collected in their investigation during the time when Ross was employed by Epstein.  Attorney Barr announced after Epstein’s death that any co-conspirators “should not rest easy.”  What does that mean, William Barr?

Is the United States going to leave a then 20-year old Polish immigrant vulnerable to what appears to be a real threat of assassination and not investigate the possibility of former President Clinton’s role in a what amounted to a coverup of Epstein’s larger criminal network?  Or can we expect a plea deal soon that will ensure her safety?


Julian Assange, a scared, lying accessory to murder.

August 9, 2016 interview on Dutch television program Nieuswsuur.


Assange:  “Whistle-blowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks.  There’s a 27-year-old that works for the DNC, who was shot in the back, murdered, uhh,  just a few weeks ago, uhh, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.”

REPORTER:  “That was, that was just a robbery, I believe, wasn’t it?”

Assagne:  “No, there’s no finding, so…”

REPORTER:  “What are you suggesting? What are you suggesting?”

Assange:  “I am suggesting that our sources, uhh, take risks, and they are… they become, concerned uhh to see things occurring like that…”

REPORTER:  “But was he one of your sources then, I mean…”

Assange:  “We don’t comment on who our sources are.”

REPORTER:  “Then why make the suggestion, about a young guy being shot in the streets of Washington?”

Assange:  “Because we have to understand, uhh, how high the stakes, are, uhh, in the United States. And that our sources are, you know, our sources face serious risks, uhh, that’s why the come to us so we can protect, uhh, their anonymity, uhh”

REPORTER:  “Well that’s quite something to suggest a murder, that’s basically what you’re doing.”

Assange:  PAUSE   “Well there, others have, have, suggested, that, uhh, we uhh, investigating to understand, uhh, what happened, uhh, in that situation, with Seth Rich. I think it is uhh, a concerning situation, there’s not a conclusion yet.  We wouldn’t be willing to state a conclusion but we are concerned about it. More importantly, umm, a variety of wikileaks sources are concerned when that kind of thing happens.”



This report contains publicly available information researched through Google Search and Wikipedia. These are the only sources of information. I will present the links to “facts” or premises as I go, which can be researched and challenged for veracity. I will try to be transparent in the difference between facts and the assumptions that I make from these facts. Lastly of course, I will make conclusions.


FALSE FLAG #1: The Murder of Seth Rich

7.10.16  Seth Rich was murdered

8.21.16  Roger Stone tweeted: “Trust me, it will soon the [sic] Podesta’s time in the barrel. #CrookedHillary.” (1)

John Podesta’s emails were not released by wikileaks until 10.7.16. (3) How is it that Roger Stone could be so prescient about the coming speculation regarding John Podesta’s involvement in Seth Rich’s death, without the emails being released yet? What would cause Roger Stone to want to take a shot at John Podesta specifically? The emails of John Podesta released by Julian Assange and Wikileaks contained what the alt-right deemed a smoking gun against Podesta. This was written in an email by Podesta on 2.22.15: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.” (2)



According to the declassified DNI report released 1.6.17: “We assess with high confidence that Russian military intelligence (General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate or GRU) used the Guccifer 2.0 persona and DCLeaks to release US victims data obtained in cyber operations publicly and in exclusives to media outlets and relayed material to Wikileaks.” (4)

8.06.16  RT Published an English-language video called ‘Julian Assange special: Do wikileaks have the email that will put Hillary Clinton in prison?'” (RT is Russia Today) (4)
8.12.16  Guccifer 2.0 released documents obtained from the DCCC: (5)
8.12.16  Guccifer 2.O tweets to Roger Stone: “@RogerJStoneJr thanks that u believe in the real #Guccifer2.” (6)
8.17.16  Guccifer 2.0 tweets to Roger Stone: “paying u back,” in reply to a tweet from Stone: “how the election can be rigged against Donald Trump.” (7)
8.18.16  Roger Stone stated in a C-SPAN interview that he was in touch with Assange “we communicated through an intermediary, someone who is a mutual friend.” (8)



3.19.16  John Podesta clicked on malicious link contained in an email that looked like an alarm from google, giving hackers access to his gmail account. (9) There has never been any evidence of a “leak,” despite the misleading suggestions of Sean Hannity and Julian Assange, which we will get to later. Podesta’s Gmail account was hacked by Russian military intelligence, and they gave the emails to Julian Assange, although it’s unclear to me when Assange had the emails.

Let’s stop here and think about the possibilities. First, Roger Stone and Julian Assange were genuinely concerned that Podesta was a murderer, and were being helpful by releasing the information in this email to the public, raising awareness to help the public solve the murder. The second possibility is my theory, that Seth Rich was murdered as a false flag operation, which the murderers intended to frame on John Podesta, sullying the reputation of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and thereby reducing Clinton’s chances of winning the election.  Third of course, this is all a big coincidence.
Exploring the possibility that Assange and Stone were good Samaratins, if they were so concerned about Podesta, why wait until October to release the email? Why wouldn’t Assange alert the public on the day after Seth Rich was murdered? Why wait until 1 hour after Clinton’s camp launched their own October Surprise, the Access Hollywood video with Trump bragging about grabbing women’s pussies? (10) I believe that they held this email for effect as their own October Surprise.



The family of Seth Rich hired, or allowed, two people to look into the murder of their son- Jack Burkman and Rod Wheeler.

1.6.17   In an interview by Maggie Howell on the YouTube channel Infowars, Jack Burkman, working for the Rich family, claimed he received calls from 2 callers on 12.26.17 and 12.27.17 who told him that “Seth Rich had uncovered information that the Russians had done the hacking into the DNC, and that therefore Seth was killed by the Russians and specifically the killing was ordered by Putin himself. Both of these callers suggested that Seth had discovered this information first, that he was in possession of this information long before anyone else, and that the Russians wanted him out of the way.” (11)

Jack Burkman seems to me a reasonable, credible Republican who believed Russia was responsible for the murder of Seth Rich. And Burkman strongly believed the calls he received were members of the US intelligence community. But I admit, a few anonymous (at least to us) phone calls is little to go on.

Still, the information the anonymous callers gave to Burkman seem plausible to me.  It seems to me that Seth Rich’s “uncovered information” and Podesta’s “making an example of a suspected leaker” are regarding the same issue. In other words did Seth Rich figure out how the “hacking” of the DNC occurred and tell Podesta (or whoever), to which Podesta in turn informed others in the DNC that we’re going to make an example of this? Or did Seth Rich “leak” something and John Podesta had him murdered? What’s more plausible?

I’ll state something that I think should be obvious here. I think Podesta is more of the “firing” type than the “murdering” type. If you want to see a murderer looks like, look at Vladmir Putin’s face. But these are opinions.

Now I know there’s option 3, that this was just a random mugging. There’s no finding of that. I believe the family was coached to lay low, and the police buried the public comments as the FBI investigated. What this does is limit the effectiveness of the false flag, and it also forces co-conspirators to make more exposing efforts to perpetuate the false flag.


Continuing with the timeline:

2.20.17  GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman finishes his work and writes a letter to Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, US House of Representatives, requesting investigation into Russia’s involvement in Seth Rich’s murder. (12)

Chaffetz does not initiate an investigation and later retires from public office.

3.15.17  James Comey briefs members of Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator Feinstein: “‘This briefing was all on sensitive matters and highly classified, and it’s really not anything that we can answer any questions about,’ Feinstein told reporters, noting that she was speaking on behalf of herself and Grassley.” The ashen looks on the faces of the Senators, the fact that Feinstein was the only one to say a word to the press with Grassley standing beside her, despite Grassley being the Chair of the Committee and Feinstein being in the minority party, and the subsequent facts and circumstances surrounding this briefing, lead me to believe the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed on the murder of Seth Rich on this day. (13)

Yes, that’s what I’m saying, I think Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that agents of the Kremlin murdered Seth Rich.  Watch the video.  (13)  Feinstein also says:  “The Chairman and I had written a letter asking for a briefing on certain topics which I’m not going to go into.”  Again, Burkman wrote a letter to Congress requesting an investigation into the Kremlin’s involvement 23 days earlier.


There is a lull in any activity for awhile, then activity explodes in May.  The reason why speculation in this time period is important will come into sharp focus later.  But let’s just go through what happened in May first.



Brad Bauman, spokesperson for Rich family, said Ed Butowsky contacted the Rich family (unclear on what date) and recommended to the family that Rod Wheeler investigate Seth Rich’s murder. (14) “‘You have a family who can’t afford a PI. Their son was killed. So I offered to help out,’ Butowsky said.” (15)

5.15.17  FOX 5 DC publishes an article: “Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family, suggests there is tangible evidence on Rich’s laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death… ‘The police department nor the FBI have been forthcoming,’ said Wheeler. ‘They haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer, which I believe is either at the police department or either at the FBI. I have been told both.'”
“When we asked Wheeler if his sources have told him there is information that links Rich to Wikileaks, he said, ‘Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.'” (16)


The next day, Wheeler recants.


5.16.17  “I only got that [information] from the reporter at Fox News,” Wheeler told CNN. (15)
Note this closely.  Rod Wheeler sat down to give an interview.  He repeated the information Fox News gave to him, and Fox News attributed it to him.

5.17.17  FOX 5 DC follows up on their previous article: “What he told FOX 5 DC on camera Monday regarding Seth Rich’s murder investigation is in clear contrast to what he has said over the last 48 hours. Rod Wheeler has since backtracked.” (17)

5.23.17  Fox News comments on the 5.15.17 article: “The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed.” (18)

5.23.17  Sean Hannity: “All you in the liberal media — I am not or I retracted nothing.” (19)



5.17.17  Despite Wheeler publicly backtracking and Fox 5 DC changing their story to reflect it, Sean Hannity continues to push the narrative that the DNC is behind the murder of Seth Rich:

HANNITY:  “Explosive developments in the mysterious murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich that could completely shatter the narrative that in fact Wikileaks was working with the Russians, or there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” Hannity said, introducing the Rich story during his opening segment. “Now, if true, this could become one of the biggest scandals in American history, and could mean that Rich could have been murdered under very suspicious circumstances. Now, according to former homicide detective Rod Wheeler, who had been hired by the Rich family to investigate the killing, newly discovered evidence shows that the 27 year-old former DNC employee was, in fact, communicating with Wikileaks before he was gunned down in Washington, D.C.” (20)

5.17.17  Wheeler makes comments on Sean Hannity’s show.

WHEELER:  “I have never seen the emails myself directly, I haven’t seen the computer that Seth Rich used,” he said. “With the totality of everything else I’ve found in this case, it’s very consistent for a person with my experience to begin to think, well, perhaps there were some email communications between Seth and WikiLeaks.” (20)

In other words, Rod Wheeler told Hannity on his own damned show that he knew absolutely nothing.

With Hannity’s source Rod Wheeler being burned, having recused himself because he knew he had been played, Hannity acquires a new source 2 days later.

5.19.17  @KimDotcom tweets to Sean Hannity: “I’m the evidence!!” HANNITY replies: “You are the evidence? Can you explain that in more detail?” (21)

5.20.17  @KimDotcom tweets to Sean Hannity: ” I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the @wikileaks source. I was involved.” (22)

5.21.17  Sean Hannity tweets:   “Stay tuned. Public invitation Kim Dotcom to be a guest on radio and TV. #GameChanger. Buckle up destroy Trump media. Sheep that u all are!!!” (23)

At this point, I’d like to point out that Sean Hannity has pushed so far beyond common sense that he is clearly working at the behest of the Kremlin, whether through intermediaries or directly.  He’s too smart not to understand what’s going on. He’s guilty of not registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Accessory to Murder or some similar charge, and blackmail.



5.24.17  Washington Post reports: “Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from, attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based Internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom… According to experts and Rich’s family, the emailed invitation from appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich’s email… Joel Rich, who monitors his late son’s Gmail account when new emails come in, did not click the link… Dotcom had not worked at Mega itself for years, but he was promising on Twitter to prove that the younger Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks — and Fox News host Sean Hannity was telling his 2.37 million Twitter followers to be ready for a -revelation.” (24)

I’ll make an assumption here. I think that Joel Rich was coached by the FBI to allow some communication with Kim DotCom, who then implicated himself completely when he sent the spear-phishing email to Seth Rich’s Gmail account. I believe New Zealand, a close United States ally, will extradite this man to the United States to face charges one day.



Odds are you already knew about Sean Hannity pushing the theory that the DNC killed Seth Rich. And if you spend much time on the internet boards, twitter, etc., you probably heard plenty of other people speculating about it. One thing you didn’t hear about during that time, none of us did, was what happened the day before Rod Wheeler spoke to Fox.

5.14.17  Peter Smith was found dead in his hotel room. (25)
5.15.17  The media blitz begins.

Coincidence?  Let’s look at what we know about Peter Smith’s death.

5.04.17   Peter Smith meets with Shane Harris of the Wall Street Journal. According to Harris, Peter Smith told him that he had attempted to contact hackers in Russia, who he believed had the 30,000 missing emails of Hillary Clinton, and that Michael Flynn was aware of his efforts. Peter Smith told Harris he had been involved other times in other elections in gathering information before that was useful to discredit political candidates that he didn’t like. (26) Shane Harris said on the Rachel Maddow show later on 6.29.17 that “He was in no way ashamed of what he had done. He was actually quite proud of it and fervently believed that these emails would eventually surface.” (27)

OK, so that’s the background on Peter Smith. The man was talking to Russia and Michael Flynn at the same time, and then he went and told the Wall Street Journal about it.

5.14.17   Peter Smith’s death was ruled a suicide. The cause of death was described as “asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium.” He apparently had a bag over his head connected to a helium tank. There was a note in the hotel room, of which the Chicago Tribune posted at least some of the text (not likely all of the text) ” “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER. RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017. LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING” (25)

5.15.17   Twitter “Bot” Network pushes #SethRich: “Hundreds of accounts with few or no followers began tweeting links to the story. By the next morning, #SethRich was trending nationally on Twitter.” (28)

5.15.17   Following the lead of Fox News and in particular Sean Hannity, many right-leaning websites, in particular Breitbart, push the theory that the DNC is behind the murder of Seth Rich. Just search “Seth Rich” on a search engine in the appropriate dates if you want to see that yourself.

5.15.17  Media and Twitter Bot blitz is successful: “Within a day of the Fox 5 report, Google searches for Rich had overtaken searches for James Comey, even amid continuous news about the former FBI director’s conversations with Trump.” (29)


Sadly, let’s look at the death of Peter Smith in a bigger context that relates him to Russia.

5.04.17  Peter Smith interviews with WSJ.
5.09.17  James Comey, Director of FBI, is fired.
5.14.17  Peter Smith “suicide”
5.15.17  Bot swarm pushes #SethRich
5.15.17  Media blitz, led by Fox News, followed by Breitbart and others, speculates DNC was involved in Seth Rich’s murder

This timeline is suspicious to me even if you believe it’s normal for people talking to Russian hackers to wind up with a bag over their head that leave a note saying “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” in all caps.

I believe this period was a critical time in our nation’s history. The Trump Administration, in concert with Russia, murdered a source of information who was talking to the press, and fired the man investigating them.

This was a “coup” of sorts. First, they committed murder and framed it on a political opponent to gain power. Second, when they were being investigated, they murdered another man who was talking in order to silence him, fired the man investigating them, and ran a media blitz coordinated by the Kremlin to create confusion in the public media and cover their tracks.

And still, the IC laid low, gathering evidence. Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel on 5.17.17.

I’m either crazy as hell and paranoid or this is all going to come out and shock the world.

I believe that twice – twice – elements associated with the Kremlin have murdered Americans on American soil, and that they have used paid American assets in the United States to cover their tracks. I don’t even have to substantiate that the Russians want Trump in office or substantiate any involvement between Trump’s team and Russia. It’s all too painfully obvious at this point.



I don’t know if I discovered a piece of evidence not in the public domain or not. I’ll leave it to others with better technical skills to look into it. But I want to talk about this one piece of shit website I found on the internet during the course of my research. A piece of shit website that has a video of Seth Rich’s family asking for help to solve their son’s murder, when the owners of this website are the very ones complicit in his murder.

It’s a slightly laborious process to establish their importance.

You’ve noticed quite a few sources quoted so far, which means I’ve spent a lot of time in Google Search. It’s one hell of a tool. After I noticed that Roger Stone tweeted about Podesta before his emails were released, I wanted to know who else was talking about both Podesta and Seth Rich before Assange released the emails, as I figured that they might also be complicit. So I did a simple search of +”Seth Rich” and +”John Podesta” in the appropriate time period between Seth Rich’s death and Roger Stone’s tweet about Podesta. It’s a pretty tight window, between 7.10.16 and 8.21.16. Steelmit and Impiousdigest have the same identical text claiming that John Podesta ordered a hit on Seth Rich. The date Google shows for the Steelmit article is first, on 8.10.16. The date Google shows for Impiousdigest is next on 8.11.16. But there’s a catch. The Steelmit article is nothing but plain text, in paragraph form, just like you’re reading now. The Impiousdigest article, however, has words overlaid onto pictures, and in the background you can see “Pentagon Insider Latest Info – August 8, 2016.” So although Google lists the publication date as 8.11.16, I believe the text was prepared on 8.8.16 on Impiousdigest. I believe the date 8.8.16 is important for two reasons. First, because I believe the first website to publish this particular Podesta theory in this timeframe knowingly and intentionally published it in concert with the Kremlin, and it’s hard to say if those who followed later had the same level of guilt, or if they just parroted the first site.
Secondly, if we assume that this was the Kremlin’s message, what they published was essentially a gameplan of what they wanted from False Flag #1 to help them win the 2016 election.


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.58.43 PM.png


“As of this morning, here is the latest information from our Pentagon insider ANON.”

“Seth Rich was murdered by a hitman connected to Mossad and was hired by John Podesta. ANON tells VL that Huma and Hillary are both aware of the hired hit for Seth Rich. This happened because Rich leaked documents to Wikileaks.”

On June 1st, Rich’s email was hacked. Then his Linked in was hacked, as well. The hitman was hired out of Chicago.
Wasserman Schultz is also aware and even Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, knows about the hit. If hackers are able to work as a team to uncover Seth’s tracks, they can receive the $20k reward money offered by Wikileaks, but even more so, they can uncover a number of recent deaths tied to DNC and Hillary.

“People who cross the path to Hillary are dying, the US regime is getting nervous.“

According to ANON, this information goes all the way up:
“Obama himself is getting briefings and wants Assange killed. The administration is in a real pickle. Mossad sent a kid to do the hit and he did a piss poor job.”
This “kid” left many clues, says our ANON. “This murder will be the undoing of the Democratic mafia.
Keep checking back for the latest leaks and REAL NEWS from our insider. (30)


Let me add a few facts about Julian Assange and Wikileaks at this point.

8.9.16  Julian Assange gives a long interview to Dutch television program Nieuswsuur on this day. Assange strongly implied that Seth Rich was a source for Wikileaks. Assange was extremely nervous and deceptive as the reporter challenged him. Assange did not mention John Podesta. (31)

8.9.16  On twitter, @wikileaks: “WikiLeaks Offers $20K Reward for Information in Murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich” (32)


Notice the website impiousdigest mentioned the $20K reward a day before wikileaks tweeted the reward offer. From this timeline I assume that the text of this web page was made by elements working in concert with wikileaks. It’s way too much of a coincidence to assume otherwise. Further they mentioned John Podesta, even before Roger Stone or wikileaks did, which is the reason I found them in the first place.

Back to the gameplan. This text published by Impiousdigest was not written by some 15 year-old “alt-right” kid who is into conspiracy theories. It’s calculated to achieve a goal. It’s extremely specific, not general. Podesta used a Mossad hitman, not just a hitman. He was hired from Chicago. And so on. What this does is build credibility when evidence they released later seems to corroborate the story. To the followers of this website, when the Podesta emails were released on 10.7.16, it made them believe that the rest of the details contained in their “Pentagon Insider” must also be true. It’s a smoking gun, all right, but one that they fired and planted.

Of course everyone chasing the Podesta hitman theory is never going to find any evidence of it because it didn’t happen. But, they don’t have to find it. All they need to do is look and believe and spread the theory, baseless in any fact. That’s the gameplan. The internet is full of allegations against the Clintons, and this new information contributes to it greatly, and has a true impact on the average voter who is inevitably exposed to it.

It’s interesting that the text implies as much: “they can receive the $20k reward money offered by Wikileaks, but even more so, they can uncover a number of recent deaths tied to DNC and Hillary.”

Note to the people on the “right” politically. I am not defending the Clintons. I believe there is plenty of cause to distrust them. What I will tell you is that the Russians played on your preconceived notions. In fact, this False Flag wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if there wasn’t some basis for suspicion. It had at least a slight effect on even the rational elements of our politics. I’m not telling you that the circumstances surrounding Vince Foster’s suicide aren’t questionable. I’m telling you that they used you. And the irrational crowd, talking about 30+ “body bags” and so forth, they took it hook, line and sinker.

Now you’ve probably noticed that my false flag theories involve front organizations, various media outlets, friendly assets, and a few leaps of faith. Yeah, that’s exactly right, and it’s by design.

The DNI said the same thing.
1.6.17 DNI report:  “By their nature, Russian influence campaigns are multifaceted and designed to be deniable because they use a mix of agents of influence, cutouts, front organizations, and false-flag operations.” (4)

Let’s not wait for “false flag” #3 please. #1 and #2 are horrible enough. As the stakes get higher, the false flags may get bigger. Could the Russians “hack” a missile in flight from North Korea, and aim it at South Korea for instance? War would be one hell of a distraction as they fire Robert Mueller and his team, and Jeff Sessions destroys evidence.